Alors on danse

Another day out for my cute little bustier! I did a post on bustiers a little while ago and I am still totally into them. I love the nineties vibe, the romantic feel and how fun and retro it looks. A bit sexy but in an innocent way if you ask me. This seems to be a recurring theme in my outfitposts: I like to be feminine and sexy, but not in a too “serious” or “grown up” way. I prefer things to be light and fun.
bustier: zara
skirt: altered dress, h&m
shoes: sac d'anvers
ring: Alex Monroe
nailpolish, sunglasses: claire's

I told you guys before, but this skirt is actually a dress that I cut the top part off and it was the best decision ever. At the time I bought the dress both in a dusty pink and this ice blue because I just couldn’t choose, and the pink one I kept as a dress. I thought I wouldn’t be getting much wear out of the blue one because I didn’t wear a lot of blue at the time, but blue has proven to be my number one colorchoice this spring. I wonder why people seem to have such fluctuating preferences? Why do I suddenly love blue? Am I just fickle or do you guys experience the same thing?

Oh well, I guess that our inconsistencies keep things interesting! :D


  1. Your photo of you kneeling on the ground looks like it from a magazine!! Wonderful!! :D

    I wish it were warm and sunny here :(

    I love the white dress from yesterday, I have been so busy with work its been jeans... jeans and more jeans :(

    I am going to go shopping tomorrow and see what COS and H&M have, I need some flippy summery dresses and would love to find a maxi dress too... the way its been lately I wont find a thing!! :)


  2. Ooooooe! Die tweede foto is moooooooooooooooooi! =D

    Heel leuk gecombineerd! =D

    Haha nu zit ik heel de dag met 'Alors on danse' in mijn hoofd =D


  3. anastasia: dankjewel! :D en veel plezier ermee, haha

    kim: Thank you! I haven't been to COS in ages, I really need to check them out, especially with the sales coming up. There are so many pretty summerdresses in stores right now but h&m seems to be lacking. Only very simple printless dresses which I like from time to time, but you can't KEEP buying white romantic printless dresses! :D hope you find nice stuff! Zara has GORGEOUS romantic stuff right now and as far as I know you love romantic, go check it out and also check their TRF (youth) section, lots of cute dresses there!

  4. lovely! the dress/skirt is gorgeous, i really like the chiffon flowers. and the bustier fits you perfectly!

  5. Romantic... for sure 100% :D Is it that obvious??? I will look tomorrow, I have run out of time today. :D

  6. ugh gosh I followed your here from chictopia, and also those shoes are wonderful too! You remind me of a chic-er katy perry in these.

  7. Kim: yes it IS that obvious :D have fun!
    veronika: thanks so much! I helped the bustier a bit by wearing a strapless bra underneath, lol
    out of order: thank you so much, I love your style and it is always awesome if the love is returned! And a chic-er katy perry is an awesome compliment :D

  8. That outfit is absolutely adorable!