Almost cut my hair + go buy now!

Hey guys! Are you enjoying your thursday? I’m going to spend mine studying in the sun, the perfect way to spend a thursday during exam time. I do wish I could be studying on a mountain in spain for example. I would not mind laying next to a pool there, in the shade of an olive tree, drinking freshly squeezed orange juice and jumping in the pool now and then to cool off. Fact is I would just really like to go on a holiday. I haven’t been on a real vacation since I was 16. I come from a large family with 4 kids and going on a holiday together is a costly affair. And once I moved in with my boyfriend, my family stopped financial support because my dad had a stroke and couldn’t work anymore. So I’ve been getting by, working myself and with financial support from the state for kids who study. But living and studying costs quite some money so I never really have a lot of spare cash lying arond, especially not when it comes to things that aren’t really “necessary” like going abroad on vacation. We need a new refridgerator, for instance, and that is something that immediately becomes a priority.
It is kind of mind boggling to think that we in our western, wealthy society already feel sorry for ourselves when we don’t get to go on holiday. I mean, we live in a nice house, we have all the comforts we could possibly need, but because other people can abroad several times a year I should feel sorry for myself because I don’t? F that. I should kick myself in the ass! :D

Being happy with what you have is something we rarely think of. I encourage all of you to do just that right now! And I have a simple outfit to accompany this message of simplicity. Enjoy the simple things in life! The sunshine, the grass between your toes, a kiss from your loved one before he leaves the bed to go to work, the smell of butter on warm toast, brightcolored nailpolish on your nails, the cat welcomes you back home with a “mrrrow?”, rolling on its back. Life is beautiful, even with less!

 dress: pimkie
belt: vintage

Forget about the little black dress, THE dress you should have is the little white dress. There is nothing quite as dreamy, delicate, feminine, fresh and crisp as a white dress. It can be sexy - but still angelic. And it brings out the slightest bit of tan you've acquired during those few hours of spring/summersun! Keep the accessories simple, because the white dress has this innocent country girl/vintage girl vibe to it that looks best with minimal make up, messy hair (preferably in a non-haircut like long tresses with a parting in the middle: it should look like no effort went into it, even if that wasn't the case!), and muted accessories. I always love tan with white. Light fabrics like a thin cotton/linnen are perfect. I always feel so feminine in white dresses! Just remember to wear an apron when you get to cooking/eating. And be careful where you sit.
Some inspiration:

sources: google, liebemarlenevintage, strawberrykoi, sea of shoes, une americaine in nice

and now some key items to get the look!

 1, 2, 3, 4 from Pimkie
 1, 2, 3 from Asos
1, 2 at h&m

All fabulous and under fourty!


  1. I love your little white dress! It's a classy look, much more fresh and summery than a black dress but just as timeless. Lovely!

  2. Hi

    I love your style and your messages even more...I don't remember were I got this quote from but I look at if often to remind my self of how lucky I am (even If I dont have extra money for all the thing I want)

    "Happiness is not having what you want.

    It's wanting what you have."

  3. And if you can't be with the one you love, honey, love the one you're with! I love quotes like that, thanks!

  4. I too am so thankful for the "mrrrow..?" That and kisses, what more could a girl want?!


  5. I too am so thankful for the "mrrrow..?" That and kisses, what more could a girl want?!