The Nutcracker

Ola chicas! Don’t expect a supermegalong post from me today, I’m not sure what I have to tell. First things first: I’m going to the hairdresser’s today! I’m going to get this haircut. Very much like what I have right now, but I have been cutting it myself since october and it needs to be “professionalized”. So that’s part one of my day. Aside from that, my boy and I went to the mall yesterdaynight to check out if they had already started the sales, as those sales officially start July 1st, but stores always try and push that limit. H&m was having this deal of buy two, get 50% off on both that we couldn’t pass up on and I bought sandals, sunglasses, a pair of aqua shorts, two pairs of knickers and a white dress, to replace my old white dresses if I ever have a laundry accident again. That shit yesterday traumatized me for life, my friend.

Tomorrow is the official start of the sales, so I’m going to Antwerp early in the morning so I won’t have to shop in the sweltering heat that has been predicted, and hopefully the crowd won’t be as horrible in the morning. Oh well, we’ll see. Today’s outfit was very girly and quirky: tutu skirt and oversized tank from h&m, and my sacha wedges. Hope you like it!

PS the chili con carne that I made yesterday was AWESOME. I hadn't eaten it since I was a kid and it tasted so good yesterday, serious soul food.

Edit: I just remembered my childhood love for tutus. As you can see, we don't change that much as we grow up. Some of us don't change at all. Same clothes, same haircut?
That thing on my head is a curtain btw, but to me it was a princess’ veil. I was creative like that.

He's a magic man

Ok, today is the day my luck finally returned! Some of you may remember last week’s shittiness with the anthropology professor not having read my paper, and me breaking my camera, and a lot of other things I can’t remember because I’m a positive person, but today! My luck! Has changed!
I just got an email that the tripod I ordered because I vowed never to make my poor camera balance on uneven grounds ANYMORE would be delivered one of these days, and 30 seconds later that dude was in fact at the door! One might argue that my luck hadn’t changed yet, because when he rang the doorbell I was in my pajama, in the bathroom (no details needed, I’m sure), so I got up, ran down, got my keys and accepted that cute little pink gorillapod and I’m so HAPPY now!

And that wasn’t the only thing: yesterday, when my luck was still bad, I had a laundry accident which caused 3 of my favorite white dresses to have yellow bleach stains all over them. WHY GOD WHY?? I ransacked the internet for tips on removing them and came across the only thing that might work: decoloring the garments. I ran to my local supermarket to check if they had decolorization stuffzz but they didn’t, so in a moment of despair I just grabbed some NUCLEAR WHITE powder thing that promised to make your grey/yellow whites white again, and let my dresses stew in that shiz for a while. Before I went to bed, I rinsed them and hung them to dry, so this morning I got out of bed filled with hope and excitement and then the absolute proof of my luck was there before my eyes: the dresses were perfectly white again, whiter than they had ever been! SO HAPPY
But just in case something happens to them again, I’ll be buying another white dress in a few days at the sales. One can never know when one’s luck will change again.
On yesterday’s cooking: we decided to postpone the chili con carne and just make a pimped version of guacamole. It was delicious, this is what I ended up putting in there:

three ripe avocados
2 big diced tomatoes (removed skin and seeds)
quite some sliced spring onions
two cans of tuna (the expensive kind, the cheaper just tastes like cardboard)
two radishes, cut up into fine bits
some crispy corn
one tablespoon mayo, one teaspoon ketchup
limejuice from one lime
paprika powder
cayenne pepper (the powder)
curry powder

you end up with this delicious summery tuna spread that goes wonderful with some french bread.

On the outfit: I love the color of this dress as it sits somewhere in between red, pink and orange. Coral pink is what I’d call it. Very lightweight cotton again, and the little bow detail is just so cute. You probably know the rest already. Hope your day is as lucky as mine!
dress: pimkie
hat: h&m
shoes: texto
necklace: gift

Daisy Dukes

shirt, bustier : h&m
shorts: misssixty
shoes: ash

I do wish these shorts were higher-waisted. I’d prefer them to cover my belly button, but it is seriously hard to find comfortable high waisted shorts or pants. They always feel like a girdle and ride up your woohoo (to quote xtina), so it should be a stretchy pair with side zippers as front buttons/zippers only add bulk to your stomach. Not hot. Oh well, the quest continues. These shorts are actually really really old. My mom bought them for me when I was like 14 to wear around the house when it was hot. And boy, is it hot. Temperatures of 35° celsius are predicted for the end of this week. We only get temperatures that high once every few years! HEATWAVE

People are complaining, but since I have summer break, I don’t care. Hot temperatures just require a different lifestyle: instead of walking swiftly, you strolllllllll. Everything should happen slower, enjoying every second of the warmth and how much more beautiful everything and everyone is when it is this hot.
I won’t wear these shorts out to go anywhere though, they are just a tad too tiny. But for lounging around the house and tanning in the backyard, this is ideal. The combination of the high waisted shorts with the bustierbra reminds me of retro bikinis or underwear. I always contemplate buying one of those retro styles, but I probably wouldn’t wear them anyway as the lesser fabric, the better when you are laying in the sweltering heat. I love one piece swimmingsuits too, but I never wear them because I like my stomach tan! :D
I’m way excited for the sales, girls! When you grow up and you don’t get presents all the time anymore, the sales feel like your birthday, christmas and newyear’s all wrapped in one! I’m going to try and work up a wish list. I already know I want a cute summer cardi or two as the ones I have ar cooe all very dark colored and quite heavy too. I’d like a crocheted cardi or one with white/blue stripes. Shoes are always on the wishlist ofcourse, and I always buy my underwear in the sales as those things are way too expensive for something you hardly ever see.

Do you have a summer wishlist?

I’m cooking up chili con carne tonight. It’s been ages since I made it, does anyone have any tips? I’d like to make quacamole to go with it but I have no experience whatsoever with guacamole: what are you supposed to do with it? :D what does it even TASTE like? Hahaha, please help me out!

Oh and one last thing: I’ve ordered a tripod over the mail some days ago and I can’t wait for it to be delivered: excitiiiiiiing!


Oh yes the cheetah dress

How can you NOT love a dress that has jungle animals all over it? Perfect for when the summer reminds you of exotic destinations. I love how the print kind of makes this dress “upscale” while it’s just a simple cotton tube with two straps :D Still not in the biggest writing mood, but I promise I’ll type a longer post one of these days. I just made my signature strawberrymousse again, nom nom. And we might take a little trip this afternoon to frolic in the sun, and my boyfriend and I bought a new tv as the old one was REALLY old, like 13 years old. And you know how boys are, they want every screen to be big. Unless it’s a cellphone, then they want it to be as small as possible. Silly, right? And in no possible way comparable to girls and their need for the most shoes, the highest heels/platforms and the brightest red lipstick.
Oh no.
 dress, belt: h&m
shoes: sac d'anvers

We will never be here again

Yeay, maxi time! I’m picking up my new camera today! Same as my last one that broke. We have a busy weekend ahead of us with all the “last days of school” events that my boyfriend’s kids have going on. Perfect weather for those kind of activities!
That’s really all I have to tell you guys, it’s too hot to think!

dress, jacket, ring: h&m
headband: bershka

Armenia city in the sky

Another lovely day of summer. Lemme tell ya, I could get used to this. I was never made for the colder weather we get to “enjoy” here in Belgium. I’m at my happiest when temperatures rise: life is just so much more beautiful when the sun shines! Ofcourse I’d miss layering after a while, but I’ll take the bad with the good. Getting up in the morning with the sun shining and just having to slip on a dress is HEAVEN.

 dress: pimkie

This is my grecian dress. I love coral, and I love the braided detail of the strap. It’s a really simple, comfortable dress in jersey fabric, which plays down the “formal” cut of the dress and makes it perfect for hotter than hot summer days. Every girl should have a simple, comfy, bright colored dress for days like these!
Thanks for the sweet comments every day, people. You rock!

You shall own a cambric shirt

Yes, my camera is still kaput. I’m taking these with my infinitely more crappy camera which also takes about 80/100 pictures in this blurred out purple stalactite mode. I have no idea what is wrong with it, but it is SO annoying as I have to try for twenty minutes to get like 5 semi decent shots. It gets me SO pissed OFF

 shirt: zara
skirt, hat: h&m
shoes: texto

Oh well, at least I have this glorious denim shirt from Zara to keep my spirits up. The fabric is soooo supple and soft and pretty blue. Seriously girls and boys, if there is one thing you should buy this summer, it is the denim/chambray shirt. Go for the lightest fabrics and for a slightly oversized fit, as it is absolutely perfect for layering when a real denim jacket is too hot/too rigid. Oversized and flowy = perfect. Also, the blue of denim looks absolutely stunning over all your romantic floral/white/lace dresses, SO versatile. And it gives any girly look a slightly menswear feel. You all know I love that. I played up the menswear feel of denim shirts by wearing mine with my flat lace up shoes (I still adore them so). Yet another summer look that reminds me of my alltime favorite fashion icon Diane Kruger.

As for the boys: wear a denim shirt (not too tight but not oversized either, and if your chest isn’t too hairy: don’t button it all the way up! rrrr) with some cuffed pants in any light color and fabric, and combine this with some stylish sandals or any chic shoe without socks, and a fedora hat.

I think I’m going to the library this afternoon: I LOVE reading books in the summertime as I don’t have time during the year with all my courses and assignments and studying. I used to read two books every week when I was younger. When I was about 13, I had read all the books in the youth section of our small village library, and some of the adult books too! Any recommendations? To give you an idea: my favorite books include Lolita and Catcher in the rye. Writing style is the ultimate priority when choosing a book.

I realize this outfit looks relatively shitty

and meet my new shoes

 (OFCOURSE the picture that has the best jump also has the worst face)
dress: h&m
shoes: sac d'anvers

Wohow black Betty, bamalam

No, your eyes are not deceiving you, I am indeed sitting on a bright pink bucket. Because if you ever were to sit on a bucket, it would be a pink one, right? And this is the last picture my camera took before taking a tumble and getting its lense stuck. Yesterday was seriously progressively getting worse: first that professor didn’t read my paper (btw she still hasn’t called for the oral exam…), then my camera fell and broke, and as if yesterday hadn’t already been as much fun as it could possibly be, my windows broke down again so I can’t practice SPSS while I have an SPSS exam tomorrow.
Yes, my day sucked. So I had to get up extra early today to go to the library to practice SPSS there, but I don’t want to stay in the library for an entire day so I couldn’t possible get as much work done if I would have if my windows hadn’t broken down.
Ofcourse I cheered myself up by buying 10 euro shoes and a new h&m ring. Oh, and a stapler, but that didn’t necessarily cheer me up.
6 down, 1 to go and then it’s SUMMER BREAK OHYEAH

Oh, and about the outfit: I haven’t worn torn stockings in AGES. It always looks a bit poser-y to me, but when these stockings got torn accidentally after just one wear, I couldn’t just chuck em in the bin so I messed them up even more and wore em with my new favorite dress, the one I’m wearing here. I told my boyfriend it was my most favoritest dress of the entire world and he gave it a 9,95/10. I trained him to like what I like.
 dress, boots, tights: h&m
headband: pimkie

From Station to Station

My exam went great, apart from the fact that the professor FORGOT to read my PAPER so we couldn’t do the oral part of the exam, and now she is going to PHONE me tonight so I’ll have to explain my paper BY PHONE. This is so not fair, she’d better be a bit forgiving when giving me my grade.
AAAaaaaaaeaAAAEaA last one wednesday. I’ve SO had it with exams. Good thing is that the summer really seems to start this week: starting at 14° celsius this weekend en steadily climbing to 26° celsius next weekend: OHYEAH
btw this is my outfit

 dress: pimkie
blazer, shoes, socks: h&m