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Royal Blue Dress and White Waistcoat

professional outfit white waistcoat slingbacks zinda
zinda shoes pointy silver toe blue snakeskin
fashion blogger professional outfit
blue tom tailor dress
fashion blogger professional dressing
zinda shoes slingbacks
style blogger professional outfit waistcoat

white waistcoat: c/o OASAP - royal blue dress: Tom Tailor c/o Sojeans (also available in black/white)- pointy toe slingbacks: Zinda - watch: Zadig&Voltaire - statement necklace: OASAP

First I'd like to thank you guys for the incredibly sweet feedback on yesterday's post and my facebook. It means so much to hear that you guys are still inspired by my blog, because seriously, blogging is totally irrelevant if you don't have some sort of audience. Truly.

Back to regular programming! An outfit I'd wear to a professional event. I've been looking for a longline white waistcoat for months now and I never found one I really liked. This one from Oasap turned out to be a surprise hit because the back flares out nicely, which makes for a very feminine silhouette that works well with dresses as well as trousers. I could have gone with a smaller size, though, but that's sort of the risk you take when ordering from a foreign webshop.

I love the contrast of the crisp white against the rich blue. One of the most beautiful colour combinations in my opinion, because it makes a statement while still being very elegant and classic. Unlike, say, black and pink. So if you have a more conservative dress code, I bet you can still get away with white+royal blue. I'm a bit miffed about my necklace being inside of my dress neckline in ALL of these pictures (things my photographer/boyfriend never notices :/) but eh, what are ya gonna do.

PS: it looks like I forgot to fake-tan my feet, and I have to admit that that might have happened. The contrast isn't as harsh irl though. 


Yellow Floral and Feminazi Tote

feminazi tote professional style
professional style floral summeroasap yellow floral blouse name necklace
feminazi tote
yellow floral blouse name necklace
professional style summer

Floral blouse: c/o OASAP - pencil skirt, sandals: H&M - feminazi totebag: birthday gift from my friend Natalia - cat eye sunglasses: ASOS - name necklace: Onecklace

pictures by Charlotte

When one of your closest friends (ten years and going strong!) gets you a surprise birthday gift in the form of a perfectly bright pink "college educated liberal feminazi xoxo" printed tote bag, you know you should be counting your lucky stars for having such a great pal. THANKS BABE I'LL BE TOTING THE SHIT OUT OF THIS THING! Now that I've stopped wearing crazy outfits (mostly) and dyeing my hair unnatural colours (for now), this tote is the perfect non-committal way to incorporate some statement rebelliousness in my look.

tl;dr: This tote is a great piece to spice up any elegant professional outfit with some serious attitude (and a side of passive aggressiveness, xoxo). 

The rest of my outfit is vibrant (the beautiful blouse) and comfortable (the stretchy, double layered jersey pencil skirt) and perfect for summer days at the office. Also yeay, the sun is back! I'll just credit my sunshine/lemon yellow blouse for that. My blouse's response:


COS Dress, Clarks Amulet Charm Flats

cat eye sunglasses leather jacket box bag
cat eye sunglasses COS dress clarks amulet charm flats
silver name necklace
clarks flats amulet charm patent pointy toe
layered brunette haircut
cat eye sunglasses leather jacket box bag

dress: COS - leather jacket, wicker box bag: Zara - Amulet Charm patent flats: c/o Clarks via - sunglasses: ASOS

Breaking out one of my favourite dresses again, this COS piece. I wore it a lot last summer and I'm looking forward to doing just that this season. The weather has been incredibly nice lately. I don't think I can remember a year where we'd enter july with two months of bare leg weather under our belts. Something I'm very thankful for! I was going for a sort of modern Audrey Hepburn vibe with the midi hemline and the flats, but I'm still not convinced about the combination. I usually pair longer skirts and dresses with sandals or heels. Oh well, doesn't hurt to try something new once in a while!

You know I'm always on the lookout for a good pair of comfortable yet chic and versatile pair of shoes, right? Well, one website I've found that is PERFECT if you're looking for a wide range options is I admit that I didn't discover them myself - they contacted me - but just take a quick look yourself and be convinced. A brand that I wanted to recommend especially is Clarks. One of those British brands that I had no prior experience with (apart from knowing they were famous for their Desert Boot), but I've seen them being recommended to people with difficult feet before. I ended up picking the Amulet Charm patent flats (marked down now btw), but here are some other pairs I contemplated getting.

clockwise starting at upper left: Romantic Moon - Moonlit Cool - Ornate Jewel - Hotel Image

All of these are marked down, and quite affordable for quality footwear. Do you guys have any idea which Belgian shops sell Clarks? I might have to pay them a visit in the upcoming sales.


How to Dress for a Conference with just 9 Pieces

I promised you guys I'd do another post on relaxed professional dressing for conferences as I'm leaving on my first conference this Thursday, so here I am! I always make good on my promises.

I guess I'm not the only one who finds it challenging to style outfits that are at once

- feminine
- not too sexy
- youthful
- professional
- and comfortable

But I did my best, and here are the nine pieces that will accompany me on my trip to the Royal Holloway university this week.

easy conference style nine pieces professional dressing

  1. printed Selected Shila t-shirt
  2. Zign sandals
  3. pink sleeveless H&M blouse
  4. Nike Roshe Runs
  5. printed Selected Shila pencil skirt
  6. Pimkie blazer
  7. white sleeveless H&M blouse
  8. Pimkie trousers
  9. snakeskin H&M flats

You have to keep in mind that I focused on finding outfits that would work with the 22-23°C weather forecast. I'm definitely not the type of person who can comfortably wear tights or denim when the temperatures are summery, so I had to accommodate myself by picking light fabrics and sleeveless tops that still covered me enough to feel professional. Secondly, I wanted to make sure that every piece could be paired with everything else. 

Also, I had to work with the fact that I'd be doing a lot of walking on my first and final day as these would include travelling towards the conference and of course back home. I really do have very sensitive feet, and even if I find comfortable ballet flats, they are never comfortable enough to see me through a full day of travel without killing my feet (plantar fasciitis right here :(). This basically meant I had to incorporate my Nike Roshe Runs, even though they would not be my number one pick for a professional event. 

The sandals are a safe plan B option for when I do wear my snakeskin flats, because the sandals are light and thin and don't rub my skin anywhere. I'll be carrying them in my bag to whip out in case of emergency.

Less talk, more pictures! This is how I'd wear my mini wardrobe. I included some pics with the on and off blazer to demonstrate how much of a difference a blazer can make to professionalize an outfit.

easy conference style professional dressing

Since two out of my three footwear options are rather casual, I compensated by styling my hair a bit more conservatively (half up, will be neater during the actual conference) and by wearing a blazer. A lot of my older, serious female colleagues wear sandals to our office, so I sort of feel like they are acceptable in my field of work. The thing is, I think you can often get away with wearing casual-feeling pieces as long as your whole outfit looks like you take the situation seriously, like you made an effort and like you respect your conversational partner. 

A pair of sandals makes a very different statement if they are made from a nice material and if you pair them with a sheath dress versus when they are rubber flip-flops with a band t-shirt and denim shorts. Also, make sure your toenails are clean and well maintained! I painted them nude because I like how finished yet understated that looks. I don't want people to be staring at my (lack of) pedicure.

Not pictured, but I'm also bringing some accessories to finish these outfits since a necklace and a watch wouldn't go amiss here, and of course I'm taking a scarf and some kind of cardigan or long sleeve shirt in case the air conditioning is kicking my ass.

So! What do you think? I feel like I succeeded at bringing a sort of youthful, feminine, European minimalist sort of conference-wear here.


How to Dress for a Conference: Printed Two Piece

professional dressing printed two piece Selected
diamanti per tutti ring circle of life moonpeeptoes leather duffel bag printed pencil skirt
professional dressing printed two piece Selectedpeeptoes printed pencil skirt

Shila top, skirt: c/o Selected - duffel bag: GM Z - peep toes: Wonders - necklace: Lobogato

As I'm attending my first conference next week, I've been putting together a list of items that I Must.Not.Forget.

Stuff like my daily make up and a hairbrush (so easy to leave at home!) but also earplugs, safety pins, a list of phone numbers in case of emergency, an itinerary and a map of the location. However, the most challenging part of preparing is, without a doubt, planning the right outfits. I'm only gone for three days and I want to pack lightly, but it's a professional event so I can't exactly wear the same thing three days in a row as I want to make a good impression.

One thing (OK two things) that I'm definitely taking with me is this t-shirt and pencilskirt combination. They work together as well as separates, and the print is abstract enough to be work appropriate for a less conservative professional setting (I think). I wouldn't wear cutesy florals or polkadots all over for a professional event myself, but this print is acceptable to me. Prints like these also hide stains incredibly well, which is great if you're out of things to wear. The t-shirt is a relaxed piece, but the fit makes me think it could look professional enough if I paired it with neat trousers or a solid coloured skirt in a less casual fabric. To top it all off, the top and the skirt are both made of a thick, stretchy jersey aka no wrinkles and ultra comfort!

I'll probably put together a blogpost with the outfits and accessories I selected for my trip. Professional dressing is a totally underestimated challenge, especially if you suck at wearing heels (like me). Is that something you'd be interested in?


Professional look in Red Blazer and Nikes

 Blazer: Gloria blazer by Selected - textured pencil skirt: Selected - The Doors t-shirt: Pimkie - necklace: - sneakers: Nike Air Max - tote bag: JuliaJune

pictures: Naomi

It was high time I wore this beautiful Gloria blazer in an outfit. It's such a perfect piece to wear if you want to feel polished. I especially love the collar, how it drapes softly around my neck, and how the relaxed draping contrasts against the structured shoulders. A real winner.

Red, white and black is a combo I don't wear a lot since it's such a "typical" combination for people who want to make a statement or look, uhm, sassy. What I'm trying to say is: red/white/black has bad vibes for me. But I think this outfit comes together nicely because there's a lot of depth created by the details: subtle print on the Nikes, subtle textured print on the skirt, and all of the colours are pulled together by the tote bag and the t-shirt.

Let me tell you, I am SO ready for the weekend. I'm going to watch Frozen with my mom and sis tomorrow and I'm pretty psyched for it. What can I say, Let It Go is an amazing song. And it's a movie about the love between two sisters! I love a good feminist friendly plot line.

What are your weekend plans?


Selected Showrooms

You probably noticed that I have a thing for the brand Selected. I bought some of my own items over the last few months, but you might have also seen some gifted items pop up. Let me explain: after my earnest love for the brand and its aesthetic had reached their Belgian PR HQ, I was invited over to the showroom to check out what they'll be offering next. Pretty awesome, right??

I photographed some of the pieces that caught my eye. Some of it is current season, but items like the leopard dress and banana leaves print sweatshirt will hit the stores later this year so keep an eye on the webshop if you like what you see. ASOS sells a lot of their garments as well.

Some of these items came home with me! More specifically, the gorgeous red Gloria jacket in the last pic and the baroque printed skirt you can see in a close up next to the leather jacket. The Gloria blazer actually comes in new colours each season, it's a bit of a Selected trademark piece and if you try it on, you'll see why. The draping is super flattering and kicks the blazer up from a classic to a statement piece. And those coats. Gosh. I don't have anything to say about them except: yes, Selected does some pretty amazing classic, elegant coats.

Thing I love most about this brand is their ability to combine trendiness with an effortless chic feel, which translates perfectly to office wear. An eye for detail in the form of nice materials (something that's been getting more and more important to me) at a price point that's still affordable for a working woman early in her career. In short: I'm pretty sure my love for Selected was born 100% out of the brand being so compatible with me now that my style is maturing towards a more adult life. Not convinced yet? Just look at these pieces, some minimalist chic favourites of the winter 2013-14, spring 2014 and summer 2014 collections.

GOSH that marble print tote! I especially like how Selected's style is so understated, which makes the winter, spring and summer collections totally inter-stylable. Because actual people don't have the money or the space to have completely different wardrobes each season, you know. It's high time Selected opened a store in Belgium.

Do you have any go-to favourites when it comes to work appropriate, professional style?


Sales Wishlist FW 13/14

I promised you guys I'd tell you about my sales wishlist, so here I am with some pics and links. The mix of items might seem a bit random at first sight, but I assure you there is method to the madness. Clean shapes and classy silhouettes, topped off with a healthy dose of quirk. I might be a grown op working woman, but that doesn't mean I've lost my individuality. 

Less talk, more pics!

I've been slightly obsessed with finding the perfect basic cotton t-shirt lately. I found two tees that suited all of my needs (no cleavage but not neck-choking, flecked colour, thin fabric, loose and boxy) at H&M a few months ago, but one of them sprouted random holes near the bottom after one wash. I was SO pissed off when that happened, especially since before acquiring those two shirts I'd never realized how AWESOME a perfect tee can be. I wear one of them (yes, even with the holes, that's how much I love them) almost every other day underneath my sweaters because they are literally effortless and work just as well with a pencil skirt as with some jeans. But holes simply won't do, so I'm in the market for some slightly higher quality basic tees. Let's hope these COS t-shirts won't let me down! (nude // grey)

Another recent realization of mine is that I'd be perfectly happy if I could wear some leggings as pants every day for the rest of my life. I mean: they always fit like a dream, they are as comfortable as pyjamas (although I doubt those PVC ones won't be every bit as uncomfortable as I remember my old PVC pants to be) and they just make you look like a total cool chick. If I'm perfectly honest, I like them mostly because during winter time, they are the closest to feeling like you're going bare legged. Jeans and nylons are just too clingy, give me some velvet leggings any day of the week. (Velvet // PVC)

I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who feels more professional when I'm wearing something polished. And I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who likes comfortable clothing either. 'Fitted' and 'structured' are my sartorial arch-enemies. SO, meet the best of both worlds: relaxed, work appropriate dresses! I usually gravitate towards either sleeveless or short sleeved frocks with a high neckline, a short to mid-thigh hemline and a loose fit. I'd advise you to pay attention to fabric as well: no thin, stretchy fabrics here, because those fabrics cling to your nylons (creeping up and up) and show all the lines of your bra and panties. And that NEVER makes me feel professional. (Navy with draped back// sleeveless // cocoon // drop waist)

Finally, these statement sandals. For no practical reason except me really, REALLY wanting them. But just imagine that draped back dress styled with the gold disco platforms! Or if you really want to make a statement: cocoon dress + PVC leggings + gladiator sandals. Am I making sense yet? These pieces tell a story that starts with basics that you can grab and go in the morning, and ends with those items that allow you to show your personality while remaining understated. (Gladiators // disco platforms)

I always strive for some kind of logic. Logic brings calm to my frazzled mind. SO, what's your sales-logic this time around?


Black Skinnies and Floaty COS Top.

top: COS - skinnies/jeggings: H&M (similar at Garage) - mirrored sunglasses: Ebay - pumps: c/o Wonders - ring: Diamanti Per Tutti - watch: c/o Swatch

Just LOOKING at this outfit makes me break out a sweat. Just to set the scene: I'm writing this post wearing nothing but my underwear, with an electrical fan pointed right at my face. And if you think 'underwear' includes a bra in this instance, you are obviously in denial about the sweat-mongering powers of the brassiere. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining, I'm loving every second of this heatwave (going swimming tomorrow!), but pants are just NOT an option right now, not even pants as fab as these babies. I've had them for about half a year now, bought them when I realized I didn't own ANY black or grey skinnies/pants, and they are definitely the perfect staple. BUT WAY TOO HOT RIGHT NAO.

I've been wearing the top a lot though, the front is in silky cupro fabric (feels just like silk but more affordable) and the back is simple stretchy jersey. Very chic but still comfortable, sooo airy and light. I picked it up at COS for 50% off and I've been wearing it all the time, best sales buy of the summer! Yeah, I'm all about COS these days. Tops are not my favorite thing to buy, but this baby is a success for sure! Great for both casual and professional dressing (which I've been really into).

PS: mirrored sunglasses, definitely my number one favourite thing this summer. They just make you look SO COOL. Like the Terminator. This Chicnova pair is the most recent addition to my collection, works quite well for both men and women if you ask me! I actually think my boyfriend is rocking them harder than I am. Get them here, and while you're there check out the rest of their offer because they have some truly awesome sunglasses for cheapies, and they ship for free!

Ugh too warm to type anymore, Ima grab a popsicle and think cool thoughts! 

POOLS, SNOW, SLUSHIES, MILKSHAKE. How do you stay cool these days?

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