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Pale Pastels and My Bunny

coat: c/o Oasap - cashmere sweater: thrifted - denim: Lee - earrings: Topshop - platform sneakers: Ebay

Hi! Like I told you guys yesterday, my desire for spring and sunshine seems to translate into a love for soft pastels these days. I picked up this pale pink floral sweater (cashmere!!) for merely 3€ at the thrift shop: one of those treasures that make all of the rooting through crap worthwhile. I'm not only in love with the print and colour, but it's super thin yet very warm so those euros were well spent indeed. I'm also wearing my Barry M dazzle dust again! I love the softness that blue eyeshadow always seems to bring to a face.

BTW did you notice those bright pink bunny ears peaking out of my coat pocket in the first picture? It's my Samsung S3 bunny phone cover I ordered off Ebay! It's the cutest thing EVER and it keeps my phone safe and sound, which is just common sense if you have an expensive phone really. My smartphone was a present from the boyfriend for my birthday + Christmas, so it's even more valuable to me than its monetary worth. Anyway, look at how adorable my cover is!!




PINK, Leggings and Platforms

sweater: Forever21 - leggings, earrings: H&M - platforms - Ebay - watch: c/o Swatch 

 I'm into Lana Del Rey again. I mean, did you see her Ride videoclip? I love mostly everything about it, apart from the bit with the dude combing her hair (that shit be cray). The monologue intro could have been written by my teenage self. Aching for love and desire and searching for it in places many people would deem unworthy, but how could it be wrong if it felt so good? And what can make you feel more beautiful or more desirable than the look in an older man's eyes, who realizes your 16 year old ass is the forbidden fruit of his dreams? 

Basically, one could describe Lana's work as an ode to daddy issues, and if you're a girl who's had to deal with those, I bet her lyrics will go straight to your heart. I know that's what they do to me. Read Lana Del Rey's Ride monologue here. And you can watch the video below.

You're probably wondering why the hell I'm talking about Lana all of a sudden, or maybe you're not because you recognized my leggings: yes, they are from the H&M collection that featured Lana in the ads. You all know I am a bit of a fool for printed leggings, ESPECIALLY when I can wear them as pants (which is always, in my book).

Of course I wore them my own way, all sillified with a pink jumber and flatforms. But I'd like to believe I give them the same slightly tacky little-girl-dressing-like-a-sexpuss vibe as Lana would. WHADAYASAY?
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