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My 9 favorite Samsung Galaxy S3 Phone Cases

You probably know that my boyfriend gifted me a smartphone (Samsung Galaxy S3) for Christmas which finally allowed me to go along with all the smartphone awesomeness which is instagram, being online ALWAYS and having a touch screen. I have been loving my phone a little more each day which is saying a lot since I already was head over heels from the very first moment I held that baby in my hands. But with great love comes great responsibility: I want to protect and serve my S3, and also treat it with a sexy little outfit. I have no phone case or protective cover at the moment since most stores only sell iPhone covers and when they DO stock Samsung Galaxy S3 covers, they are overpriced and kinda lame. 

BUT then I remembered: Ebay. 

Ebay YES EBAY I LOVE YOU SO MUCHOS!!! Within five minutes I had already accumulated an armful of potential phone covers I wouldn't mind owning, and all of them were super affordable! I haven't decided yet, but I'm probably going for one of the first two in my collaggggge. I listed 9 of my favorites because who knows, some of you might be in the market for a cute non-iPhone cover as well! Lemme tell you, Ebay is your friend. TRUST. Everyone knows the Chinese and Korean have superb taste when it comes to anything bling and/or cutesy.


What's your fave? Or are you THE GRINCH and coincidentally hate cute phone cases? And what case graces your phone?

PS: if you're still apprehensive about Ebay, check out this post I wrote with my tips on how to WIN at Ebay.

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