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Ripped Boyfriend Jeans, Gold Wedges

Sequined bomber jacket: c/o Tatyana Beloy for Only Belgium - sweater: Oasap - tank top: H&M - ripped denim: DIY - gold wedges: ASOS - sunglasses: Vogue

Remember these mom jeans I wore once ages ago? They were gathering dust in my closet because they were a bit boring to me, not very inspiring. That's how it goes sometimes with gifted items. However, I spotted some distressed boyfriend jeans on pinterest that were only slightly loose fitting (compared to my regular, ultra loose pair of boyfriend jeans). EUREKA, almost like my mom jeans! Except for the lack of shredding, but that was something I could remedy myself. I found some sanding paper and got to it. After about half an hour, this was the result. I'm pretty happy! Probably going to work on these jeans some more, might even lightly bleach them. I'll keep you posted.

This oufit was entirely too chilly for the time of year but I guess I got cocky when I saw the blue skies and the sun. I mean, March means spring, right? Apparently not. It was balls-cold and I was a fool for wearing this. At least it looks nice! If you're somewhere warmer, I hope you're inspired. If not: be more patient than I was, OK. One upside: I'm happy to report that these gold wedges are not nearly as uncomfortable as I initially feared. And I added socks, closed shoes and a wool cardigan the minute I stepped inside again.

PS: this Tatyana Beloy x Only bomber is sure going to get a lot of wear when the weather does finally warm up. Love it!

PPS: I've been obsessing over True Detective aka the best new tv show in ages. It's so moody, intense and intellectually stimulating! Yeah, I'm pretty happy with my Rex&Rio right now. Have you seen the show? What do you think?


Dark Lips, Black Widow

denim jacket, knuckle rings: H&M - skirt: Pimkie - tank top: c/o Only - Koah boots (enkellaarzen): c/o Spartoo

I think clothing with words or (even worse) faces looks crap 99% of the time (except for band Ts). It's just so OBVIOUS, you know? Like the garment in question is trying so hard to show how cool it is by either (a) picturing a cool looking person or (b) semi-literally screaming in your face HEY I'M COOL with actual printed words. Ugh. Actually, I think this "black widow" tank top is lame as hell and I would never have bought it with my own money, but lemme tell you something: the fit is PERFECT and the fabric is deliciously supple. 

I just wish I could remove those stupid letters and wear it as a plain white top because except for those words it is pretty damn perfect. I know you can't really see, with it being tucked into my skirt and all, but just take my word on it. I always wonder why the hell brands insist on screwing up perfectly fine garments with superfluous details (studs! words! shredding! random printed bits! UGH). Which is why I love shopping at COS: no added crap.

Anyway, it looked good with the outfit so I wore it. Anyone have any ideas on what I could do to make this top less lame? Preferably something fool proof and super easy. I'm thinking duct tape. Or maybe I can just wear it inside out? HA

BTW I've rediscovered my dark lipstick (like I do every fall I guess, I'm so lame). I'm contemplating this Bourjois Paris (I think) baby since my sis got it and it is awesome (for real). Purple lipstick is the next big thing, I'm telling ya. Btw if you have any good purple lipstick recommendations, hit me up! 

So remember, I need two tips from you: how to fix my top and good purple lippies. THANKS


Review: Ebay Sneakerwedges

sweater: Pimkie - shorts: c/o Only - coat: Pull&Bear - scarf: c/o Mais Il Est Où Le Soleil - sneakerwedges: Ebay

Remember me obsessing over sneakerwedges a while ago? I even started obsessively reading to find more examples of how to style those ridiculous slash awesome sneakerwedges by Isabel Marant, because I'd gotten so into them. After contemplating all of the different options, trying on sneakerwedges in stores and photoshopping different pairs of sneakerwedges on my feet (yeah, I'm a bit ridiculous), I finally settled on this pair of Ebay sneakers. And they fill all of my criteria: white sole: check, big and puffy: check, very wearable and all black: check. Yeah, I think I found my perfect pair! 

There's two things I'm not crazy about though. First is that the bit of velcro between the flappy bit and your ankle doesn't stay closed as well as I'd like it to, for example it unfastens when I walk down a flight of stairs. Second is that the layered insole and wedge are basically loose inside the shoe, not fastened or finished the way it should be, but I think I'll just glue everything into place. 

If any of you are contemplating ordering these and are curious about the state of the insoles or the velcro, just ask and I can provide you with pictures and more accurate descriptions! I've been wearing them like I received them for two days now and they really are very comfortable, even with the loose insole, so I'd still recommend them for the look and the price. And if these hold up OK, I might just order them in pink as well! SO PRETTY <3 p="p">

I know, these aren't subtle at all and they have that tan sole I dislike so much, but just LOOK at them. I'd feel like a girly superhero in these! PINK POWERRANGER

So, do you like them? Do you LOVE them? I totally do, despite the quality issues I mentioned. I sort of want to wear them forever.
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