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Review and Tutorial: Batiste Dry Shampoo

Oi peeps! I have told you a couple of times before that dry shampoo is a literal life-saver. It saves lives! I only wash my hair once every five days, and dry shampoo is used at least twice on the in-between day to keep the roots around my face and hair-parting fresh and non-greasy. Ever since discovering dry shampoo about 6 years ago I have experimented with brands and natural options. Schwarzkopf was OK, but left my hair with a very noticable grey cast. Baby powder didn't work. Cocoa powder was too much of a warm brown colour to work on my ash brown hair. Translucent mineral powder worked in a pinch but is way too expensive to use on the regular. Syoss was a favourite for years because of how shiny it left my hair (no grey cast!), but I got sick of how soon the bottles ran out. 

And then there was Batiste. I spotted the bottles when they were launched at my local drugstore and since I'd seen the brand be mentioned time and time again online, I knew I had to try it.

I got three of the five available options: Clean & Classic original, Dark & Brunette and Blush with a floral scent. Other options were the volumizing version which I ignored since dry shampoo does that job perfectly anyway, and the can with a coconut-type scent. Did not tickle my fancy. Until now, the Clean and Classic is my favourite because of how neutral the scent is.

The Dark & Brunette dry shampoo is a bit of a hit and miss: on one hand I love the smell (a light version of vanilla) and the way it leaves my hair ultra shiny without even the tiniest bit of greyness.

On the other hand the darker powder is kind of gross. I mean, it gets everywhere (on my forehead, scalp and bathroom). It's not that hard to clean off but it does defeat the purpose of spritzing and running out the door, which is the main reason to use dry shampoo in the first place. Also, it makes my hair feel like I dumped a shitload of texturizing powder in there. Great if you want to create an updo or need loads of volume, not great when you just want the feeling of clean hair. Conclusion: I wouldn't go so far as to call it a ruiner of lives. The Dark & Brunette Batiste is acceptable depending on what you're looking for, but nowhere near as versatile as the Clean & Classic original.

SO. I've noticed that loads of people don't know or use dry shampoo, and that might just be because they don't know how to use it. Allow me to demonstrate.

Before: start with greasy hair. Duh.

Part your hair the way you usually do and spray some dry shampoo along the part. Create new parts on both sides of your natural part and spray some shampoo there as well, until most of the top of your head has been dealt with. Don't forget the back as the back of your head can show grease really easily. And be sure to include the hair most near the top of your forehead since that hair gets greasy and stringy the soonest.

It should look something like this now!

Now, get your hands in there and start massaging the dry shampoo into your scalp and roots just like you would if you were washing your hair the normal way. After this step, turn your head upside down over the bathtub, in the shower or outside (otherwise the powder will get everywhere) and muss up your hair, shaking the powder out by ruffling your fingers through it.

You'll look something like this now, but don't worry! Everything will work out in the end.

Get yourself together and just brush your ends out, parting your hair the way you usually would and moving all the hair to the spots where it should be.

The End! Perfectly volumised, so-fresh-and-so-clean hair. THANK YOU BATISTE YOU ARE GOD'S GIFT TO LAZY CHICKS.

Anyway, time to get to my main point: here are my reasons why the Clean & Classic Original Batiste dry shampoo is the best one I've tried yet:

- the bottle lasts for ages and can be used right until the last drops have been sprayed out (unlike the Syoss version)
- a very acceptable price point at about 4-5€ a can, which seriously lasts me weeks even though I use it all the time
- very easy to brush/shake out of your hair: none of that flaky look!
- nice scent selection
- very cute bottle design. Oh don't look at me like that.

Points on how Batiste dry shampoo could be improved:

- it still leaves a bit of a grey cast on my hair, but nothing too noticeable
- leaves my ends rather dry

Do you use dry shampoo? Have you tried Batiste's dry shampoo yet?


Faux Fur Jacket, Dark Purple Lipstick

faux fur jacket, sweater, scarf: H&M - skinny jeans: c/o G-star - Koah Oria ankle boots (enkellaarzen): c/o Spartoo - watch: c/o ISMY

Ah, the debut of two awesome things: that one jacket I was contemplating returning (like hell, this shit's way too pretty), and my new dark purple lipstick! Kate Moss x Rimmel London #04, a very cool toned, almost grey-tinged purple. The perfect way to give any outfit a proverbial kick up the ass, right? Very striking. I mean, just remember wearing jeans and a simple t-shirt and finishing off with a tight ponytail, neutral shimmery eyelids + mascara and a perfectly painted dark purple mouth. WINNING.

Sabina took these pictures right outside my work building. Her amazing ombre dye job has me contemplating a new hair colour. I'm thinking of getting it professionally coloured, something between ombre and highlights. I'm over ombre myself, but I do love having brighter hair, especially during the winter. I like wearing black during the colder months and brown hair just looks so drab with black outfits. I'm thinking of something like this, this or this. Subtle, classy but a bit more interesting than plain brown hair. But if I'm really honest, I just wish I could go back to the way my hair was here. Ugh, haircuts. BIGGEST MISTAKE OF MY LIFE RIGHT THERE.

Do you have any hair-plans lined up to cope with the changing seasons?


Kimono Robe and Cut Offs

kimono robe: H&M - denim shorts: vintage Levi's - sandals: Fibi & Clo - wicker box bag: Zara - sunglasses: ASOS - tank top: Zeeman

So, after being BADGERED by SCORES of fans to share the outfit my banner picture was chosen from (okay, one person asked politely), here ya go! As you can see, the type of outfit that almost makes it seem as if you left the house in your pajamas (if you were the sort of weirdo who thinks denim is comfortable enough to sleep in). The past few days I've been all about that. Slippers, shorts, tank top or oversized t-shirt. WAY CLASSY.

Also, this was the day I finally felt my hair was long enough to wear center-parted again. Yeay! Because, let's be honest, I really didn't like my hair when it was shorter. Like, I really didn't like it. It just didn't feel like me, way too neat and mumsy and just ugh. I'm never cutting my hair again, can't wait for it to be all mermaidy. People keep telling me they think I look best with shorter hair but they don't know shit OK. I was meant to have this hair. But for now, I can deal with this medium length because it does look quite nice.

So, have I got you sold on kimonos yet?


Bare Legs and Clogs

coat, t-shirt, clogs: H&M - skirt: vintage - sunglasses: ASOS

Yes, one day, a long time ago, it was actually warm enough to walk around in bare legs and sandals /dramaqueen. This outfit dates back an entire THREE WEEKS so it was about time I got it on here. Time seems to fly these days, feels like last week I snapped these. Once you get to that stage of life where you work fulltime, going from bed to work to couch to bed to work to couch to weekend... every week starts to feel the same. But in a good way! I know I make it sound like my life is a boring routine, but I'm actually loving every minute of it right now. I'm juggling a lot of plates, but I've found my rhythm. And I secretly really enjoy a bit of routine.

SO! This was my outfit on a particularly lovely day a few weeks ago. I bet some of you will be glad to see me in one of my more retro-feminine outfits again. So if you're sick of me wearing pants and leggings: rest assured, I revert to dresses and skirts every summer. And then you'll be sick of that again and pants will feel refreshing when fall swings by. AH I KNOW MYSELF SO WELL.

I curled my hair with my new curling iron (duh) in these pictures, just like in my last outfitpost. Curling irons are THE BOMB. I'm planning on breaking it out again on Saturday (along with my extensions): I'm attending a wedding. I love a good opportunity to dress up as much as the next person, but Saturday is a special day. More precisely, EUROSONG DAY. And I'm going to miss out on watching my FAVORITE televised event of the year because I'm going to a wedding :( I'm not even kidding, I love Eurosong. My boyfriend and me are going to tape the show, try to stay away from any type of spoilers the entire night (don't expect to see me on social media) and we're going to watch Eurosong Sunday afternoon. Not the same, but the next best thing!

You gonna watch Eurosong? I'm actually quite liking the Belgian entry! :-D


Spring Dressing in Mother of Pearl Skinnies

blazer: c/o Eva Daeleman for Vila - t-shirt, skinnies: H&M - peace sign necklace: c/o Diamanti Per Tutti - wedges: Sac d'Anvers - mirrored sunglasses: c/o sunglassesshop

Hiya! You ready for the workweek to start? I am! So let me end the weekend with a fresh, professional spring outfit. I wore this outfit last Friday for work and going out to dinner afterwards. I love everything about this look. The funky skinnies, the sharp blazer, the casual t-shirt and the elegant shoes: it all works to create an outfit that is both professional and young. Definitely the type of look I feel like rocking this spring.

Did you notice my hair? OF COURSE YOU DID. I'm wearing clip in extensions again! Different ones now, some cheapo set I got off of Ebay. 15inch, somewhat more wearable for everyday use (and easier to blend in) for everyday than the 20inch ones from Zascha. But the difference in quality is definitely noticeable. These ones are more stringy and not as silky soft. However, I only paid about 30€ for these, so I'll get my money's worth out of them! I think they look quite nice here.

BY THE BY: my birthday is coming up! Expect a wishlist post one of these dayzzzz. Bye!


Review: Zascha Clip In Hair Extensions

You guys. I know you're probably sick and tired of me nagging about my short hair. But look at it this way: you haven't heard me bitching about it NEARLY as often as my boyfriend or my sis, who already start rolling their eyes when I open my mouth right now. YES I know my hair doesn't look awful at all, it's quite alright, but it wasn't cut the way I wanted it to be, and I just preferred my long hair. I feel like a moron for setting myself back hairgrowth-progress-wise, you know?

ANYWAY! Let's look at the positives here. At least NOW I'm able to review awesome clip in extensions, like the ones offered to me by Zascha. In a fit of desperateness brought on by my haircut (OK I'll shut up!), I started googling clip in extensions. One of the first results that caught my eye (because: PINK) was the Holland based Zascha webshop, and when I sent an email to Marlieke, the businesswoman behind the enterprise, she was excited about collaborating in the form of sending me a pair of gorgeous 50cm exclusives to review on my blog. SICK, right??

And it didn't end there: Marlieke first sent me two samples so I could see for myself which set would work best with my own haircolour. And after that, she suggested she'd come by to cut my new extensions to frame my face and work with my short, layered hair. I mean, seriously. If you are thinking of buying some extra (amazing) oomph for your hair, I strongly suggest you shop at Zascha. Great service, BEAUTIFUL quality and very fair prices for the silky soft hair you'll get. Marlieke ended up actually dyeing my set of extensions to perfectly match my own hair, which made ALL the difference.

Let me first argue to you WHY Zascha exclusives are the clip in extensions you want:
  • Marlieke carefully guards the quality of the extensions she sells. A first batch of extensions by a new supplier ended up not being up to par according to her demands, and she simply refused to send them out to buyers even though this cost her profit. I love that so much.
  • You are pretty much guaranteed to get the right colour, through comparing samples to your own hair and through Marlieke's personalized advice.
  • These extensions come with clips that have combs going both up and down, thus inevitably fixating the extensions tightly into your hair. Also, the clips are lined with strips of plastic to prevent hurting and breaking your own hair.
  • Zascha's Exclusives are beautifully silky and just as thick in the ends as on top. This really is the secret to beautiful, natural looking extensions that don't look cheap and stringy (the nightmare of extension-wearers everywhere). I mean, I don't want to be bitchy, but I think we can all agree that ideally we would like to have extensions look a bit better than this, right?


And if my words didn't convince you, here are some pictures to get you over to the dark side.

The extensions come in a sturdy, clear plastic package with openings on both sides, so you can easily slip your pieces in and out without getting the hair all knotted up.

A close up picture of the clips I told you about. I was a bit apprehensive about wearing 100 grams of hair clipped into my own hair but this seriously feels just as uncomfortable as your regular bun or pony tail, which is really nothing to whine about.

Full set of hair! LUSH

Getting clipped in, cut, advised and styled by Marlieke. As you can see, the extensions (dark brown) are just a bit too light for my own hair, but the darker set (natural black) were too dark. It's easier and better for the extensions to dye light ones darker than it is to bleach dark ones lighter, so I went for the dark brown ones. Marlieke offered to take these back home and dye them to match my hair perfectly, which she did! She ended up using Kruidvat's own brand in shade 4.0, dark brown.

And this is the (intermediate) end result: after cutting and styling, before dyeing them. Already pretty, but the colour difference still makes these stand out from my own hair.

Curious to see the ACTUAL end result? I know I was!! Scroll on!

There is still the tiniest bit of colour difference between my old highlights and my darker natural hair + extensions, but I'm thinking about dyeing my own hair to get rid of the highlights anyway. I opted to have the extensions match my natural haircolour, because the red and highlights will wash/grow out and I want to keep wearing these FOREVER. 

I think the result is amazing for having short hair like mine, and for doing nothing but straightening my own hair to blend the extensions in. Extensions are even less noticeable if you put some curls or waves in there, so there's that. If you're extra paranoid about your extensions showing, you can put your hair in a half updo, side ponytail or a braid as well. Another great tip is to pin the bottom layer of your own hair (the first layer you'll clip your extensions into) back with some bobby pins, because those shorter bits tend to stick out along your neck, like you can see here:

For the sake of clarity, this is about as noticeable as my extensions get (sunlight, movement, my remaining highlights). But I doubt many people will look at my hair and declare it fake if they'd see me walking down the street.

Now, if you're looking for some step by step markers on how to put in clip in extensions, I'd recommend these tutorials: 1, 2, 3 and 4, the explanation on the Zascha website

Now, I think I've told/shown you guys everything I needed to (except maybe that I am OVER THE FUCKING MOON with how gorgeous these are), but if there are any questions/tips/pointers: fire away!!

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