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Hawaiian Floral Dress, Lucite Heels and Heritage

hawaiian print retro dress trenchcoat
white purse emmy wieleman hawaiian print
hawaiian print retro dress quartz necklace lobogato
white purse emmy wieleman hawaiian print dress
brunette loose curls hairdo
hawaiian print retro dress pointy toe pumps
zinda shoes lucite heels
trenchcoat zinda shoes lucite heels hawaiian print

Man, if you get as much rain as we have been getting the past week or so, it can get quite challenging to find any opportunity to take outfit pictures. We actually drove all the way to our local train station (like, FIVE MINUTES you guyz) to take pictures underneath the bicycle storage facility thingy since that was basically the only dry spot in my entire town. I felt a bit ridiculous asking my boyfriend to drive me somewhere dry for outfit pictures, but I've been taking very little pictures the past few months anyway. I don't feel like I ask too much of him when I do. Sometimes I wonder how long this blog thing will last for me, but right now I'm just enjoying it for what it is: something light and fun and pretty I enjoy creating that I can take a break from whenever I want. I would definitely miss my blog if I stopped, so you don't have to worry about that happening anytime soon.

I look so ladylike today! I've probably said this at least twenty times in one way or another on this blog, but summertime -> feminine style for me. It's like the summer brings out my inner Mediterranean babe. I mean, I'm officially Dutch and all, but my great-grandfather was unknown and family legend says he was the Jewish doctor my great-grandmother worked for as a maid, so I supposedly have some Mediterranean blood in my lineage somewhere. Which you definitely see if you look at me and my siblings.

ANYWAY, long story short: yeay dresses and heels!

Do you have any family secrets you'd like to spill? :-D


Zinda Shoes and Pink Coat

zinda shoes lucite heels slingbacks
pink coat zinda shoes
pink coat
pink coat zinda shoes
skater skirt vintage floral blouse zinda shoes
menswear white suit pink coat outfit couple matching

on me // coat: - blouse: vintage - sunglasses: H&M - skater skirt: ASOS - slingbacks: c/o Zinda
on him // blazer, waistcoat and trousers: H&M - shirt: Zara - shoes: vintage

There's two things I'd like to talk to you guys about today: first is the fact that my boyfriend and me aren't dressed to the nines just because we are some kind of flawless Don and Megan Draper clones. My boyfriend's youngest son actually had his Catholic confirmation a little while ago, and of course that is a reason to show dress up nicely. I'm not religious at all, but I go with the motions. I even took the pictures for his confirmation card!

Whenever I dress up, I tend to go for a slightly retro-inspired look as is evidenced by this late 60's get-up. I love the distinctive long lapels of the vintage blouse I'm wearing, and the pastel coat is perfect for slightly chilly spring weather, but the shoes are really what make this look (amaga I love them so muchhh).

Which brings me to my second point: These. Shoes. When you throw together lucite heels, baby-blue snakeskin and a silver pointy toe, that doesn't sound very classy, does it? In fact, it sounds wack. However, these Zinda shoes are just absolutely perfect. I love every crazy detail about them (THOSE HEELS), but most of all I love how they create a light, classy balance between retro and modern while still remaining comfortable. I have developed a rather big love for the mid-height heel (5-8cm) since that's something I can work with if I don't have a lot of walking ahead, and because the silhouette always reminds me of the 60's. People didn't do 10cm stilettos back then, you know.

Back to the point: I feel like Zinda deserves extra special praise for succeeding at bringing top quality footwear that is practical AND fashion forward at a very reasonable price point. Definitely the sort of brand I'm glad to align myself with now that I'm in my late twenties and working full-time. Here are some of my favourites of the SS14 collection.

comfortable trendy heels zinda shoes

Can I add all of these to my wardrobe, please? OK no, no need to be greedy, but I'm definitely keeping my eye on this brand. If you like what you see, you can order the shoes online - I'd say the sizing runs slightly on the bigger side so if you're in between sizes: size down - but Zinda is also sold in selected stores in Belgium. I know of three stores that carry the brand, so get your ass over there!


PHONE: +3216617171

PHONE: +32050334714

(there is also a Giraldo in Ghent, but it doesn't sell Zinda shoes. However, I talked to the owner and they told me it is possible to have a certain Zinda pair you love delivered at the Ghent location, if you can't make it to Bruges)

You as in love with Zinda as I am?

PS: yeah, that picture of me and the boyfriend is totally photoshopped (just look at the crappy shades :D) because we had no one to take our picture at that moment and because I thought our outfits were too nice together not to make them into one picture. It started out as a joke, but now my boyfriend wants to print it and hang it on one of our walls. And I might be vain enough to have an online blog filled with pictures of myself looking pretty, but I am not into huge pictures of myself in my living spaces. That's just weird yo. I'd feel like I was being watched by myself all the time. NOPE


Spring/Summer 2014 Inspiration and JAM Family Jewels

Hiya! On the eve of this day that started out lovely and sunny but turned wet and grey during late afternoon, I am in the mood for some escapism. Sure, it will probably be at least two months until it's warm enough to go out in bare legs and sandals, but IF YOU CAN DREAM IT YOU CAN DO IT. It's true, Disney/eurovision/pinterest told me so.

So, what am I dreaming of for spring? Colour and prints! I'm pretty sure I'll stick to the rather neutral colour scheme I've adopted during winter when the warmer months finally come around. But in my dream world where I have all the time I'd ever want to style myself up in the mornings, I wear prints and colour. Here is some inspiration I've put together with my trusty friend polyvore.

The first look is totally late 60s-early 70s inspired, like a modern version of a vintage party outfit. The shirt dress is a total dream boat, but so is the turquoise jewelry, the holographic sandals and that adorable clutch. WHY IS THERE SO MUCH BEAUTIFUL STUFF EVERY NEW SEASON :(

And how about this swaggy interpretation of the classic pantsuit? OK it has basically nothing to do with the pantsuit anymore, it's way too funky for conservative workplaces. But I'm still pretty sure I'd feel like a BOSS wearing it. I love sunny gold jewelry against tropical greens, and the fresh, minty accents in the Nike Air Pegasus sneakers remind me of blue shores and cloudless skies. Seriously, vacation in outfit form.

You probably noticed I used jewelry from in both of my collages. I was contacted by Tinneke, one of my readers, last week. She told me about the online jewelry shop she'd just started with her dad and asked me if I wanted to check out her merchandise. After hearing the beautiful story of a father and daughter starting an enterprise together after the father's retirement, my heart did a little *pang*. 

My father used to own a store as well, and I would have LOVED to grow into the business, work together with my parents and take over the shop eventually. Unfortunately, life throws you curveballs. It's what you do when life gives you lemons that defines who you are as a person. Dad Mark using the end of one career to start a new one at his daughter Tinneke's side is definitely one of those life defining moments.

So if you want to support a young business with a big heart, go check out! There are some total gems (pun intended) to be found there, and at different price points so you're bound to find something that suits your wallet.

What items are you dreaming of for spring/summer? And would you ever start a business with your parents?


Valentine's Day: My Love

I have mentioned my boyfriend a couple of times before on the blog. What can I say, when you have shared basically every day for the last ten years with someone, they tend to leave an impression on your life. But I don't think I've ever written a post specifically about him, and it's about time I did. Because if you don't know my boyfriend, you only know part of me.

We met online. Which shouldn't come as a surprise, since I've spent most of my free time online ever since I was allowed to. I lived in a tiny village, far from like minded (equally weird) peers. People often say they're weird when they actually want to say they were cooler and more *special snowflake* than other people, but I was just really weird. 

My parents were commune-like hippies, I skipped school a lot, I was a fan of metal and punk music in a time and place where dance music was the only thing teens listened to, and I was really into playing Pokemon on my Gameboy. To say I didn't really "mesh" with my classmates would be an understatement. Add to that a healthy dose of conflict with my parents (them being an explosive mix of unstable and overbearing) and you have a pretty unhappy teen, desperate for a connection that wouldn't feel like hard work.

Enter the internet. I finally found my people, I could be cool somewhere. Internet was full of individuals who obsessed over the same pop culture as I did and laughed at my jokes. I found the perfect form of escapism on an internet forum that mainly focused on tv-shows. And that's where I met him. He was a gentlemanly eloquent weirdo. I fancied myself a rebellious eloquent weirdo. He liked movies and music, I got a lot of my self worth out of having broad cultural knowledge. We immediately hit it off, enjoying one another's sense of humour.  He was 33, I was 16.


People actually ask me about the age difference a lot, and while I don't feel like I owe anyone an explanation, I do think my story might be relevant to others who might be in a similar position. To make you think twice about judging an unusual couple. Yes, age differences aren't the easiest route to take. But if it fits, it fits. Neither of us were eager to act on the attraction. In fact, it took half a year after meeting each other until it became "more". On my initiative, by the way. I often joke that my boyfriend is actually a better feminist than I've ever been, and he would never have taken advantage of me or pressured me into anything.

Questions like "but what if he's old, and you're, like, less old! What if he gets sick! What if you have to take care of him!!!??!!!". Yeah, as if those things don't happen if you don't have an age difference in your relationship. Take my parents, for example. My mom is two years older than my dad, and my dad ended up straight up dying before even reaching his mid 60s. How stupid would it be to give up decades of happiness out of the fear that something might someday happen? Very stupid, if you ask me.

Now here we are. I'm 26, he's 43. I'm just a bit younger than he was when we met, and it almost feels as if I'm closing in on him by finally getting to the age where I got to know him. And damn, during those ten years we've been through a lot. Radical job switches, unemployment, financial worries, family feuds, finishing high school and subsequently university, my dad dying. 

It's not even just him and I braving all of this on our own: my boyfriend has two (awesome) kids. I don't mention them on the blog because I feel like children have a right to their privacy. But 50% of the time they are with us, and 100% of the time they are an important part of our lives. We've all grown together. I've made all of them love Pokemon, for starters. And apart from my boyfriend, I've taught all of them to tie their shoelaces. Luckily my boyfriend already had that skill when we met.

Valentine's day is obviously a marketing ploy designed to make us buy more shit. But I'm an optimist, and I like to focus on the fact that a day like Valentine's gives us an excuse to ponder on the love in our lives. For me, love is the feeling of home. I come from a difficult home situation. The fact that I'm part of this little family unit is incredibly important to me. It's the stability that has allowed me to achieve the things that I have achieved up until now. I would literally not be where I am today if it weren't for my boyfriend.

And he's amazing. He's smart, so very smart. He's kind, funny, sensitive, passionate, caring, nuanced, empathic, generous, selfless, handsome and stylish. He's also stubborn, tempestuous, a bit of a loner and more of a pessimist than I am. But I still see the boy he once was in his eyes, and I'm so proud of sharing my life with such a beautiful human being. I love him with all my heart. Even more so than ten years ago. Every year we grow thanks to each other, every year we get to know each other better still, and every year our love becomes deeper.

Thanks, babe!

I hope you have someone like that in your life. And if not, I hope you'll meet them when the time is right. Now, tell me what you love most about your significant other. Let's share the love :)


Family Christmas Party at Casa Dutchman

Another holiday party down, two more to go! Yesterday my mom, sis, her boyfriend, my brother and his family came over to spend the day together and eat some lovely food. We had a great time as I hope these pictures will illustrate :)

I finally got my pom poms up (after messing around with the strings and height and placement for AN HOUR)! Sorry for the crappy smartphone picture, I'll be sharing some better shots (and tips if you're contemplating this yourself) soon! They added a great, cozy, festive atmosphere to our living room. SUCCESS

My awesome brother, sister and me. My relatives bring some eyebrow A-game as you can see.

Skyping with our eldest brother over in the US of A, making fun of each other (I think this was taken right after my sister's one eyed penis impression) and feeling like he's part of the celebrations despite being separated from us by an ocean.

Kitty wants to be a baby.

Proud parents with my strong willed nephew.

Most beautiful picture of my sis and me EVER, taken with flash in very dark conditions, believe it or not! Naomi taught me to dim the flash on my camera which totally makes indoor flash photography acceptable. Stop the anti-flash prejudice, people.

PS both of us are wearing Selected jewelry. The gold looks uh-mazing against my sister's blue hair, and the Pia necklace has been on my neck non stop ever since I got it so expect to see a lot more of it.

Me, my dude and the snazzy red patent faux-snakeskin phonecase I got him ages ago. Boyfriends with tacky flipcovers = best thing ever.

Annnnd another one of my and my sis because my hair looks great in this shot and I am not above shameless self promotion.

Concluding with foodporn because everyone loves food, right? And a main course of butternut squash/spinach lasagna + pavlova for dessert = major droolage. I literally licked my plate after finishing my serving of pavlova and I wish I could eat it everyday.

Do you get together with your family over the holidays?


Merry Christmas: Decorations

Hi everyone! I know, it's barely still boxing day and here I am with some very late merry Christmas wishes. However, you shouldn't look a gifted horse in the mouth, ye ungrateful brats (lulz just kidding)! Here are some pictures of the decorations that are showering us in holiday spirit these days. My fave is the mega hyper multicolour Christmas wreath. Oh, and of course the Christmas tree that looks like a vintage toy store barfed all over it.

I have been enjoying downtime with my family, watching Robbie Williams' One Night at the Palladium, eating any food featuring truffles and playing games. Everything I wish I could do 24/7 all year round, so it's safe to say I'm feeling very content and happy. However, there's still the tiniest inkling of disquiet in the back of my mind because of deadlines looming over my head soon as my break from work ends, but I'm trying my hardest to nip those in the bud. I also still have three(!) holiday parties coming up and I will be hosting + cooking on all of those occasions, so I am both excited and stressed out. But I'm sure everything will work out fine, I do love hosting a party.

This is me in Antwerp on Christmas Eve wearing velvet leggings as pants (still going strong) in front of a huge ass Christmas tree right before eating all of this (and then some):

Heaven. How have your holidays been so far?


Christmassy Outfit in Red and Tinsel

dress: COS - bomber: c/o boohoo - boots: c/o Kell via Zalando - ring: Diamanti Per Tutti

A lot of people asked me about the specific texture of the bomber I'm wearing here when I showed it the first time, so I made sure to include some close ups for you to see. Kind of like shredded tape (from audio tapes for instance) or, well, tinsel

This outfit is what I wore to go out to dinner with my family to celebrate my sister's 20th birthday (curled my hair especially for the occasion). But it's pretty perfect for any holiday party, what with the tinsel and bright orange tinged red and all. I think I'd wear this to a more casual family holiday get together or an office shindig, because it's only subtly festive, not that big a step away from what I'd wear on a regular day.

I don't wear red that often (I'm more of a pink kind of girl) because I always feel like it makes my skin look ruddy, and because it reminds me of my mom. I mean, my mom has always been a stylish woman, but she has these periods of wearing a certain colour all the time (she's into teal right now) and we have very different skin tones so most of what she loves doesn't work on me, and doesn't feel "me" either. Because I associate the colours so firmly with my mom.

This tomato soup orange-red feels like such a modern statement colour, which is a lot more "me" and also feels more flattering. So for all of you out there who aren't into true red for clothes: just take one step away from red but stay in the same colour family if you want to give it a whirl for Christmas. A red that veers towards either pink, orange, purple or burgundy can work for practically anyone.
I'm going out to dinner with my boyfriend on this Christmas eve. What will you be doing tonight? And are there some colours that just don't feel "you"?

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