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Bomber, Platform Boots and Zadig & Voltaire Watch

watch: c/o Zadig & Voltaire Rock 030/FM - dress: H&M - mesh top: Ebay - bomber jacket: Scottsmenswear - boots: Lucky Vintage Seattle
AMAZING pictures by Maya

Hi guys! Today's outfit was inspired by this pretty picture I stumbled upon on pinterest (obviously). Platform boots, girly, fuss-free long hair and a loose black dress. It's still too cold for bare arms and bare legs, so I layered the outfit with a mesh longsleeve, some tights and a bomber. I really like the result, more goth than without the tights and mesh sleeves but it still works. 

Have you noticed the piece of ARMCANDY on my wrist? I can't deny that having a serious grown up watch on my wrist makes me feel like a boss. This Rock 030/FM piece is part of the new Zadig & Voltaire collection, a beautiful line of watches decorated with skulls and/or butterflies in all kinds of different metal shades. I went back and forth between the silver and the rose gold, but I ended up deciding on the silver toned stainless steel because it works best with my colouring and my Diamanti Per Tutti ring.

The older I get, the more I appreciate beautiful basics you carry with you every single day to cute, trendy pieces you wear a couple of times before going on to the next one. I enjoy stability like that and if you have a stunning watch on your arm, you really don't need much else to elevate your look. I definitely see myself wearing this watch for years and years without growing tired of it.

PS: if you want to try on your own Zadig & Voltaire watch, you can find a list of the stores that carry the brand over here! Don't say I never gave you anything. Would you go for the butterfly or for the skull? I think that choice says a lot about a person.


Paper Pom Poms and Decorating

Today's post is about inspiration, but not in the outfit department. I'm talking interior design, yo! But just the amateur kind, I'm not exactly as well versed in the world of interior design as I am in, uhm, getting dressed. But I try! I love adding small touches to make our home just a bit more 'us'. Mostly in the form of decoration, artwork, flowers, table dressing and the like. 

Right now, I'm trying to find a way to fill the space between our dining table and our ceiling. I mean, it probably makes no sense if I describe it like that, but we have a high ceiling and the lights are built into that very ceiling, which makes our dining table and the space above it kind of... lackluster? You could make it minimalist and call it a day, but minimalism isn't our thing. I like a happy home filled with colour and warmth. For an impression of the space I'm working with, check out this pic I took of the decorations I put up for Halloween and imagine all that space sans decorations. Empty, right?

SO! How to fill the space above a table for cheap, investing minimal effort? Three words: paper. pom poms. Not convinced? WELL I DON'T CARE BECAUSE I AM. But let me try to pull you over to the colourful side.

OK so all of these examples are extremely colourful, but just imagine how chic this would look when putting up a mix of neutrals that match your room? Totes chic. Or at least I think so. And who wouldn't want their living room to look like you're hosting a perma-party?

You could easily make these yourself, but I didn't feel like making the effort of getting supplies and spending time making these and ending up not entirely happy with the result because it was my first time (that's what she said!). So, what do you do when you want something awesome and original? OFF TO ETSY.

There's shops all over the place selling these, but this Denmark based Etsy shop PomPomsforParties has them for super cheap, great colour selection AND a Christmas discount code until 31/12/13 so that's where I ordered mine. I went for a 15 pom pom mix of neutrals and brights ranging from ivory to burgundy (should end up looking something like this) and I'm totally psyched to receive my package and start pom pomming it up. I'll be sure to take pics of the end result and share them with you.

SO! Your thoughts on pom poms? Other easy ways to fill empty space? Current design projects you're invested in? Random thoughts on decoration? Shoot!


Crochet Tunic

Crochet tunic: Vero Moda - wedges: Texto - shorts: Levi's via Think Twice - box bag: Zara - bandeau top: Forever21 - necklace: Diamanti per Tutti

Quickie outfit post because I'm too tired to be inspired right now. I love this outfit, how light and airy and Summer of Love it is. Perfect for heatwave weather when you can't bear to have any fabric touching your skin. In fact, this week will be filled with gorgeous summer weather so I'm going to try and enjoy it a bit during my breaks until all of it's gone again. Bare legs all the way.

In case you're wondering, my first day at work was good. I feel like I'm up to the task and I am eager to find out if I am. Thank you for your lovely comments to yesterday's post, it meant the world to me!


Maxi Dress Sunset

dress, sandals: H&M - friendship bracelets: Etsy, DIY (tutorial here) - ring: Diamanti Per Tutti

I wish I could take my outfit pictures in the sunset every time, the golden light just seems to make even the most boring outfits pretty. And I definitely need that, now that the summer heat and my current appreciation of simplicity push me towards increasingly less complicated style. But I can tell ya, not having to try so hard is super refreshing.

I've had this dress for years and years now, and I still like pulling it out when the temperatures rise. The thin cotton is the only thing I can tolerate on my skin during a heatwave. Sometimes I do think I'd fare well as a naturist. But that would render this style blog pretty fucking boring. There's only so many ways one can wear their pubic hair, you know.

Do you wear maxi dresses? And more importantly: would you like to be naked 24/7 during summer heatwaves?



jumpsuit: Ebay - platform pumps: c/o Zalando - bracelet: Etsy - ring: Diamanti Per Tutti

Another VERY simple outfit: I seem to be on a streak here. But what good are warm days when we can't use them to simplify our style? I've blogged this again and again, but I feel like my LIFE is easier when it's warm enough to just grab a dress (or in this case, a jumpsuit), slip on some sandals and run outside.  I wore this outfit on a warm but slightly rainy day, one of those days that really smell like summer. Exactly the kind of weather that makes you want to slip on a jumpsuit and feel all casual-sexified.

I've been messing around with fake tattoos again. I'm thinking of getting a real tattoo later this year, but I'm still not 100% sure on what to get - and more importantly, where. I like tattoos in easily visible places like underarms, hands and collarbones, but I think I'm not "that" kind of girl. Having a visible tattoo really defines your look and makes people make assumptions about you straight away. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but I like to have as much control as I can of other people's first impressions of me. Having a tattoo really limits my freedom in that regard. 

I've been wearing fake ink to experiment with placement and design of tattoos, hoping I'll find something that will just "click" for me as the one. Until now: no luck! If I do get something, my first tattoo will probably be something small and subtle in a more private place. Do you have a tattoo? If so: what and where? And if not: would you ever get one?


LEVI'S 501

sweater: ASOS - boots: H&M - friendship bracelets: Etsy - boyfriend jeans: c/o Levi's

There was a time where I didn't wear denim. Like, never ever ever. Except maybe shorts. Because I felt like I didn't have the figure for it (insane, right?). Yeah, learning to see yourself for who/what you really are/look like can be a lifelong undertaking. Luckily, I've made LEAPS ahead since then. I now know my body is A OK and I can wear whatever the fuck I want. Whatever your body type, you can wear jeans if you want to, and you'll probably look awesome because, you know, wearing something that makes you feel awesome will make you look awesome. It's one of Einstein's laws that gets a lot less exposure than the whole e = mc² thing, but that doesn't make it less relevant. TRUST.

So, I've turned into quite the denim lover over the years. And with experience comes personal preference. I know what I like in a pair of jeans, and what I don't. It's harder to explain those preferences in a few lines than it is for me to say yes or no to a certain pair, but my personal preferences aren't that relevant to you anyway. Because you should find your own niche in denim. Be it tight, light or wide: rock what you want, and have a great time doing it. That's what denim is about. Expressing individuality.

One thing I can say, is that I normally go for skinny jeans. But a few months ago I suddenly got this craving for boyfriend jeans. I mean yes, they make your legs look shorter. And they aren't necessarily super classy or sexy. But what they lack in pretty, they make up for in cool. And they are SO cool. These Levi's 501's make me want to pull out the butterfly clips and crop tops like it's still 1996, in the best way possible. But I wanted to style them a bit more adult and sophisticated so I went with a sleek sweater and heeled boots. The playful 90s vibe is still visible in my friendship bracelets. I would totally wear this to work. Which is quite a feat when it comes to boyfriend jeans.

Where do you stand on denim: classic or street, relaxed or slick? And how SICK are these iconic Levi's 501s? Levi's is actually celebrating the 140th anniversary of these 501s this year, AWESOME! A rightful classic. If you have your own pair, you can upload pictures of you wearing them to the Levi's website. The best pictures will actually be published in the official #501 140th anniversary book. Or you could just go to the website to look at all the ultra cool people rocking their 501s in a plethora of different, individual ways. I'm super excited to have a pair to call my own now.

PS: I should really iron this sweater.


Me and my double chin doing a cripple version of the running man. Nuff said.


Pink Shaggy Faux Fur Coat

UGH guys I am dying over here, no time at all for the blog. I try to find bits of time here and there but I'm stretched so very very thin between two jobs, keeping our home the tiniest bit of presentable, getting dinner on the table and washing my hair (seriously, I need to PLAN that shiz now)... I just hardly find the time (or the energy) to blog these days. 

Of course, this too shall pass, but I just thought I couldn't disappear for 3 days and not say anything about it. Not that I'm trying to apologize, because this is my life and my blog and if I can't find the time, that doesn't make me a bad blogger, it just makes me a human being with only 24 hours in a day... But still, I feel a little bad about this. Like I'm being a quitter by not juggling EVERYTHING to perfection and putting a sweet little cherry on top, just cuz I'm that great. Perfectionism alert, oy vey.

But here I am, finding a bit of time to dedicate to the blog after dinner and before hitting the sack. Outfitpost!

shaggy faux fur coat: c/o OASAP - pleather skirt: Pimkie - t-shirt: Lady Gaga's Born This Way Ball - club kid boots: Lucky Vintage Seattle - watch: c/o Swatch - scarf: H&M

I love this coat SO much. Just looking at it you probably have no idea how incredibly soft it is. Like clouds and bunny rabbits. It's out of stock now, but you can always keep a tab on it here in case they restock! Oasap also sells a slightly more crazy faux fur pink shaggy coat that you can check out here, and you can find a very similar version here, although sadly not in pink. Pink always wins.

But now I'm going to sign off and close my eyes. Hopefully I'll find some time to blog soon! And if not, you can always follow me via tha social media. I'm mostly on instagram (@stylingdutchman), facebook and pinterest these days. Bye!
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