Halloween: inspiration + giveaway

Everyone knows Halloween is pretty much my favourite holiday - I'm a horror buff, and who doesn't love a good chance to pull out all of the less wearable shit in your closet and MAKE IT WORK? 

Over the years I've shared some Halloween costumes and decorations with you guys, and while I skipped Halloween last year, I'm already planning this year's party with my girlfriends. The theme is "slutty", btw. I mean, you can't get more meta than being a feminist aware of the bullshit surrounding Halloween costumes always having to be sexy for women, and then actually throwing a slutty Halloween party, right? 

I already know what I'm going to dress up as (not telling you yet!), but in case you're still in need of inspiration, here are some easy (and cheap) Halloween costume ideas:

Halloween: inspiration + giveaway

On the left, I dressed up as a Victorian ghost bride, but any type of bride will do. Just drop by your local thrift shop and pick up any obviously retro wedding dress, and add horror styling to fit your theme. You could go zombie, vampire, witchy, ghost or whatever, wedding dresses are always a good dramatic base. Btw if you want to try and recreate the picture I took, all you need is a camera with a flash and adjustable shutter time. Take a picture with flash and have the shutter stay open for a long time, while you move frantically, and this is what you'll get!

On the right, I went witchy, inspired by American Horror Story; Coven. I just bought a cheap, pointy witch hat in our Halloween store (I think it must have been €10 max) and paired it with goth makeup and a black dress- broom optional. Super easy but I still felt fab.

Halloween: inspiration + giveaway

On the left I'm wearing a Black Swan costume. The makeup is suuuper easy to do (I just painted squiggly black lines around my eyes staying within the outlines I drew on first), and the costume was cheap as well. White tights, a big pair of black granny panties, black ballet flats + ribbons, a black corset + tutu costume I bought on Ebay for something around €25, and a feather boa as a finishing touch.

On the right, I'm dressed up as Daenerys Stormborn from Game of Thrones. Only thing I bought here was the platinum wig, which I found for about €17 via Amazon, but if I were you I'd be checking our Aliexpress these days because they have awesome deals and a lot of choice on all that party/costume stuff. This one looks great, and this one is pretty too. I finished the look by layering a spaghetti strap dress over another dress which I wore as a skirt, and adding very minimal makeup, some statement jewelry and a dragon action figure.

Still not sure what to wear? That's cool, because I've teamed up with Shein to offer you a 45% discount code, and a gift card of 30$ for one lucky winner. 

Halloween: inspiration + giveaway

Asian webshops are THE best place to go for affordable party/dress up clothes, and I've had so many positive experiences with Shein so I feel comfortable recommending them to you. Not convinced? you can browse the Shein stuff I've worn over the years here.  Shein has already pre-picked a bunch of Halloween themed items for you to browse, but there's cute stuff that will work for Halloween as well as regular life all over the website.

The 45% discount is activated by entering HAL45 when ordering, there is no minimum order amount for it to work and the code will be available until the 10th of November, 2016.

To enter the giveaway for an additional $30 discount, all you have to do is:

- Register on Shein using this link (don't worry if you've already registered)
- and leave a comment here or send me an email (thestylingdutchman@hotmail.com) to notify me that you're entering the giveaway, plus a way for me to contact you. 

That's it! 

The giveaway winner will be picked on the 23rd of October. Probably too late to use it for a Halloween costume, but Shein has plenty of cute normal people clothes as well.

Oh, and be sure to check out the pre-order section, everything is marked down 50% here for the first 20 orders, pretty good deal. Happy Halloween!

Halloween: inspiration + giveaway

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