Outfit: platform sandals, mom jeans

Outfit: platform sandals, mom jeans

Beauty: Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid review

Hiya! Maybelline recently launched a new range of lip products, seemingly jumping on the matte liquid lipstick bandwagon with their Vivid matte Liquids. I received these three shades to review (there's ten different shades in total), let's take a look.

Travel: Mibaru beach and Ou-Jima, Okinawa

Okinawa travel guide: Mibaru beach

Another instalment in my Japan series: today I'm taking you to Mibaru beach and Ou-jima on the beautiful island of Okinawa!

This particular day, we had actually planned to take the ferry to Tokashiki island to chill out on Aharen beach, which is supposed to be one of the most gorgeous beaches in Japan. The info you find online is kind of unclear at times so in case you're contemplating visiting Tokashiki, here's the deal: only a limited number of tickets are offered for reservation ahead by phone or fax. The people at the ticketing office speak some English, but it's easiest to ask your hotel reception or airbnb host to make the call for you. 

When we asked our host, the tickets that were available for reservation ahead were all spoken for, so they advised us to arrive early (two hours before departure) and that way, there should still be tickets available at the counter (a different set of tickets than the ones you can reserve ahead of time). However, due to traffic we arrived a bit later than we had planned, and in addition one of the ferry lines was down due to maintenance so the one boat that was left was totally booked up. 

We were offered the option of waiting until 15 minutes before departure as some tickets might become available due to reservations not showing up, but Japanese people follow the rules so everyone actually came for their ticket and we were left standing there watching the boat leave for paradise, bummer! However, I had prepared our trip by googling basically every possible googleable thing, and I knew that a bit further down south, there was a gorgeous, quiet, less developed beach that would probably offer something close to what we were looking for on Tokashiki. About half an hour later, we parked our car and walked down to the rosey beige sand and crystal clear waters of Mibaru beach!

Beauty: my 3 HG blushes or searching for a UDxGwen Hush dupe

Hi there! Those that have been following my beauty posts may remember that I fell totally and utterly in love with the Hush pan of the Urban Decay x Gwen Stefani palette. It sounds totally hyperbolical but this blush totally turned my idea of what kind of blushes/highlighters I liked upside down. I always used to go for mostly cool toned pinks with an equally cool highlighter, but since Hush I know that a neutral blush that's quite close to my own skincolour looks best on me, and that I prefer the type of glow-from-within look you get from a blush with a sheen over the "make my cheekbone look like a mirror" type of popping highlight that's so trendy right now. I feel like Hush makes my face look amazing without being so present in my face that it might overpower whatever makeup look I was wearing. In short: the perfect everyday blush. 

However, Hush is limited edition, and nothing upsets a beauty lover more than running out of a limited edition product. In addition, I keep recommending Hush to everyone but the palette is sold out, which is super frustrating. Clearly, I had to start looking for the perfect dupe asap. I found two blushes that are quite similar:  Benefit Coralista and Coffret d'Or 02 Peach.

Outfit: lemon print off shoulder top and culottes

Outfit: lemon print off shoulder top, culottes, platform sandals

Beauty: MAC x Chris Chang review

Beauty: MAC x Chris Chang review

About a week ago, I received a box full of MAC goodies. I know, I freaked out too!! MAC is a huge deal in my mind, and being picked as one of the bloggers that gets to review MAC products is just so incredibly cool. I am very proud right now. And I bet you guys are always ready to take a look at gorgeous beauty products, so this is a total win-win situation. Today I'm reviewing a collab MAC did with Chris Chang, the Shanghai designer behind Poesia, a colourful brand that takes its inspiration from bright folkloric costumes. As you can see, the products are vibrant, but so is that stunning kaleidoscopic packaging! I literally swooned when I unpacked these. I know that this collection was released back in May so I'm not exactly timely with my review, but these products are still available online. And if you feel like you need one of these beauties but can't find them in store/online, there's always Ebay or the Estee Lauder Factory Store to try and score an invite to!

Let's get to it.

Outfit: Zara off-shoulder dress, Zinda platform sandals

Outfit: Zara off-shoulder dress, Zinda platform sandals

Outfit: all white in flatform Teva's

all white outfit with teva flatforms and dutch braids

Travel: Arriving on Okinawa

Okinawa travel guide

So Pokemon Go has taken over my life and I have found zero time to blog between catching Pokemon and my job. Time management is hard, yo. I really want to write a couple of posts on Okinawa, though, so here is my first one, where I talk about arriving and our first impressions of this stunning island.

Rock Werchter 2016 Recap

Last weekend, I attended the Rock Werchter for the first time in years. I mean, I went to Werchter Classic last year to see my boo Robbie Williams, but that's totally not the same thing. I was invited by the organization as a blogger so I was lucky enough to enjoy the festival for free! Prrrrobably at least partly thanks to my sister from another mister Natalia, who has been my bestie for over 10 years, and who has worked her ass off to get an amazing job working for Live Nation Belgium, who are also responsible for Rock Werchter.

I had a bit of trepidation to visit the festival because the news reports had made a big drama about the festival grounds being muddy AF, but after a last minute search for rubber boots finally proved fruitful (sold out everywhere because of the ridiculously rainy Belgian spring weather :/), we were prepared to rock Werchter (HA!). Let me show you my hair, make up and outfit for the day, and tell you about our experience.

Outfit: culottes debut in Fukuoka

Teva sandals, culottes, crop top and wide brim hat

Beauty: Irresistible Me Sapphire 8-in-1 curling wand review

Beauty: Irresistible Me Sapphire 8-in-1 curling wand review

Curling irons, man. I grew up with a mom who wasn't into makeup or hairstyling at all, so curling irons pretty much mystified me for much of my formative years. I was always envious of my curly and wavy haired classmates, though. My hair has always been fine and flat, unless I saturate it with a heavy dose of dry shampoo (ambrosia to my locks!), so any type of texture was good in my book. I even contemplated getting a perm, but I was too scared of incapable hairdressers to trust them with the future texture of my hair. Discovering rag curls, pin curls, hot rollers and curling irons in my 20s opened up a world of previously out of reach hairdos to me. 

After a long time of using my 25mm curling iron in the traditional way, with the clamp keeping the lock of hair in place, reading a blog post somewhere about converting a curling iron with a clamp to a curling wand by removing the clamp inspired me to use my curling iron a different way to create a looser, more natural wave without the kinks you can get from that darn clamp: I just ignored the clamp, wrapping strands of hair around the entire iron. Of course that technique isn't ideal, so I JUMPED at the opportunity when Irresistible Me offered to send me their Sapphire 8-in1 curling wand set for a review. I mean, who wouldn't??

It's not just that this was my first experience with a legit curling wand, I was also moonstruck by the EIGHT different shapes and sizes of wands. I figured that with this wand set, I was pretty much set (PUN INTENDED) for life, and I could finally try those tight curls of the small diameter wands, as well as the loose bouncy blowout result you get from using the largest barrel. Let me share my thoughts and opinions with you.

Travel: biking Fukuoka, Ohori park and Yatai

Fukuoka travel guide: renting a bike, ohori park and Yatai food stalls

Finally I've found some time to write up the third post in my Japan travel series (read the first ones here and here), and today I'm going to tell you about one of my three absolute favourite Japan experiences: biking through Fukuoka. Enjoy!

Outfit: boho in extensions and lace up blouse

boho in floral lace up blouse

Beauty: Urban Decay Vice Lipstick Review - Disturbed and Pandemonium

Urban Decay Vice lipstick review

Although my two weeks in Japan were amazing and I wouldn't trade them for anything (except three weeks in Japan), I did miss one awesome thing while I was away: the Urban Decay Vice lipstick launch. Urban Decay added a whopping 120 new lipstick shades in varying finishes to their permanent collection (some of which will only be available on line). Ex-Girlfriend, the most popular shade from the Gwen Stefani lipstick collab, has also been added to the permanent range, yay!! I didn't get to attend the party but I sent my equally UD obsessed sister, and she brought two lipsticks home for me which I will be reviewing for you today: meet Disturbed and Pandemonium.