Beauty: surviving Werchter with four days of good hair

Festival hair: four days, four styles

You guys! In about a week, I'll be attending Werchter for the first time in agesssss and I'm super psyched. Werchter was the first festival I ever attended back in 2004 when I was 17, and I have many fond memories of going there with friends, dancing and moshpitting, freezing in our rain drenched clothes in the train station waiting for the first train in the early morning to take us home, singing songs and feeling so very grown up. I'm only going Sunday, which has an awesome line up (Florence and the Machine, The Last Shadow Puppets, Macklemore, Iggy Pop and SX), but loads of people I know are going all four days. I figured I'd help a sister (or a long haired brother) out by suggesting some hairstyles to get you through the festival looking hot AF even if your hair is a sweaty, greasy mess.
Supplies needed: two elastic bands, some bobby pins (about 10 should be enough), hair accessories of your choice (I used twist pins), some styling mousse and dry shampoo.

Festival hair: dutch braids

The first day is about the dutch braid (tutorial here). I suggest you do this at home the night before you're scheduled to leave for the festival you're attending, because I always mess up and need a second or third attempt to get everything acceptable-ish. Also, you'll probably need a mirror to get this look right. Best things about the double dutch braids: it keeps your hair out of your way while you're traveling towards the festival and setting everything up, and it gives you awesome second day volume and texture which is the perfect base for all the next hairstyles you will be trying. If you've got straight, fine hair like I do, this is a must, preferably paired with some hairstyling mousse in your hair to give all of it some extra hold. 

Another plus to doing this one at home, is that you can apply some styling mousse and then just leave the can at home instead of dragging it along to the festival camping (or wherever you're crashing). Don't worry about keeping things super neat, you'll look bomb either way.

Festival hair: asymmetric volume

On the second day, you'll use alllll of that lovely wavy, crimped texture you created with the mousse and the braids to get this easy, sexy 'do: asymmetric volume. Or as I'd like to call it: Jessa (Girls) hair. All you have to do is create a deep side part, muss up your hair (if you have some dry shampoo and/or sea salt spray, it will do wonders for your messy volume) and twist one side of your hair up and under to create a sort of faux undercut. Pin the side into place and done! Easy peasy, no mirror needed.

Festival hair: floral spin pins

On the third day, I used bobby pins to messily pin up the top half of my hair, and then I added some haphazardly places flower spin pins. Spin pins aren't easy to find, but stores like Claire's often have them. I got mine from Forever21, and ASOS or Ebay are also great destinations to find some! For hair like this, having some dirt and grime in there is actually a plus because it gives the pins something to hold on to. Dry shampoo is always a plus, though. You can simply take a travelsize can with you on your trip.

Festival hair: double buns

And finally, when your hair is beyond gross on day four and you just want all of it out of your face but still look fly, you put it up into two buns. To get the neatest result, first create two high ponytails, and then twist the tails until you get these puns. I pinned them into place with bobby pins. Again, super easy, and no big deal if it looks a bit messy, that's just cute! This hairstyle would look extra fun with some heavier makeup: time to get out the strange coloured liquid lipsticks, glue on rhinestones, foil tattoos and/or highlighters that make you shine like the stars. Raver style ftw!

Are any of you going to any festivals this summer? Will I be seeing you at Werchter? There's still some tickets available so what are you waiting for!

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