Beauty: MakeupRevolution Flawless palette review + two looks.

If I could wear one colour family of eyeshadow for the rest of my life, it would be made up of red/pink neutrals. I don't know why, but I have a huge soft spot for red toned eyemakeup, but I seem to be one of the only red-fans out there because red based eyeshadow palettes are hard to come by. I know Limecrime's Venus palette is red based and gorgeous (and on my wishlist), but apart from that, my many google searches yielded no results. Until I happened upon MakeupRevolution's Flawless palette.

The Flawless palette boasts a stunning mix of neutrals, muted pinks, coppery golds, reds and smokey dark shades: anything a girl like me could ever wish for. To make the deal even sweeter, this palette only costs €10. And if I can trust my fellow beautybloggers' reviews, the quality is actually top notch. Let's see ifI agree!

The packaging is simple but perfectly nice for that price: the black, plastic palette comes in a rosegold box, and it contains 32 eyeshadows and a big ass mirror. No applicator or brush, but that's no issue for me. I prefer using my own brushes anyway. The case closes neatly and is easy to open and sturdy enough. I wouldn't drop it on the ground from a height, though.

And just look at that shade selection! I see colours that remind me of Urban Decay Naked 3, but the coppery and cool red shades definitely take this palette to the next level. Not just wearable neutrals, but some rich, punchy tones as well.


Paper - Softglow - Buff - Highlite - Angel - Unlimited - Brew- Silver Smoke

 Almost There - Uncover - Barely Pink - Lowlite - Golden Night - Gold Digger - Cheerless - Blue Stars

 Smudge - Shimmer Heart - Universal - Copper Shimmer - Medal - Darkest Shimmer - Tarnish - Black Tie

 Pure Chocolate - Raw - Red Night - Molton Chocolate - Burgandy Nights - GreenStars - Café Noir - Night

As you can see, the pigmentation ranges from pretty damn decent to amazing (DAYUM, dat Molton Chocolate - yes, the typo is theirs, not mine, just like with Burgandy Nights :'D), but I wouldn't say any of these eyeshadows is a real dud. What I love as well is that some of the colours look quite different in the pan vs when you swatch them - Buff and Lowlite, I'm looking at you two. I don't know why that's a plus for me, but it excites me when a makeup product surprises me. 

Some of the lighter, more shimmery shades seem more sheer than they are in real life, because of how close they are to my skintone, and because of the way they reflect the light. Barely Pink for example is beautifully pigmented, even though it fails to impress in this pic. In short, I'm very happy with the overall pigmentation for the price I paid. I would have liked it if the two red shades in the bottom row were even more pigmented though. 

I've been using this palette quite a lot, and here are two looks I love recreating time and time again.

Beauty: MakeupRevolution Flawless palette soft red smokey eye

For this soft, red toned smokey eye, I applied Uncover and Raw in the crease, Barely Pink inner to middle eyelid, Red Nights middle to outer eyelid, Burgandy nights in the outer v and along the lower lashline. I could wear this makeup look every day and not get sick of it, the red tones are super flattering and surprisingly wearable on my colouring.

Beauty: MakeupRevolution Flawless palette bronze makeup look

Ugh, look at that beautiful rosey brown. I applied Universal and Darkest Shimmer all over the lid and Pure Chocolate in the outer v and along the lower lashline.

I love the colour selection in the Flawless palette, and the pigmentation is amazing for its price point - not perfect, but very, very decent, and with some work and a good primer you can get stunning makeup looks out of the palette. The only flaw (pun not intended) I see, is the lasting power of the eyeshadows. If I apply these in the morning, my eyemakeup has faded and creased considerably by the time I get home from work. Even if I use a great primer underneath. Another thing I'd like to signal, is that it's easy to overblend these shades, leaving you with a muddy mess of eyeshadow. In short, to get good looks out of this palette, you need some care, skill and experimentation.

The fading is a pity, really, but on the other hand I'm happy to see that brands like Urban Decay really do offer something that cheaper brands do not. Better pigmentation, and definitely superior lasting power. If anyone has any tips on how to make these more long lasting, clue me in, because I'd love to get as much wear out of those beautiful colours. I might try layering over a cream eyeshadow base, or applying the shadows with a damp brush. I'll keep you posted!

The Flawless palette is available at several webshops, and the most affordable option for Belgians is

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