Outfit: silk and tweed

Outfit: silk blouse, tweed skirt, stiletto boots

Beauty: l'Occitane melting honey and Pierre Hermé Christmas collections

l'Occitane Christmas collection review

I don't generally review bodylotions and scrubs, because there isn't much to review about them. They smell of x, they are colour y, and they moisturize/exfoliate your skin. Not much to show or tell you about them, and I never use google to look for reviews of these products either, so you probably don't either. However, sometimes a line so completely wins your heart that you just want to tell everyone about it. The latest offerings by l'Occitane did just that: the limited edition honey + shea butter Melting Honey line, and their collaboration with patisserie chef Pierre Hermé which resulted in, among others, a stunning Jasmin themed Christmas collection.

Outfit: date night in red lace up dress

Outfit: date night in red lace up dress and knee high boots

Outfit: fall bohémienne in polkadot dress, wide brim hat

Outfit: French bohémienne in polkadot dress, wide brim hat

Beauty: which Urban Decay Naked palette is right for you?

Beauty: which Urban Decay Naked palette is right for you?

Hi guys! I promised you to do a post where I advise you on what Urban Decay Naked palette is right for you, or how to choose between the four currently available options. I am lucky enough to own all four (one of the best things blogging has brought me yet!), so I think I'm pretty perfectly placed to lend a word of advise to you. And now is the time to do your research, because the holidays are coming up and you've got a wishlist to make!

Beauty: which Urban Decay Naked palette is right for you?

Outfit: plaid mini skirt, patent brogues

Outfit: cashmere cardigan, vintage plaid mini skirt, patent brogues

Home: sprucing up our living room with MADE.com

About two years ago, I gave you guys a mini-tour around my living room, right after putting up my pretty tissue paper pom poms. One corner that was conspicuously missing in that post, was the sitting area, and that omittance was entirely on purpose. You see, up until about a week ago, we still had this awful little crappy coffee table as the center piece of our seating arrangement. To be precise, it was Ikea's famous LACK table, which we bought years and years ago because we had no money and they practically give you those suckers for free. 

The table itself is harmless enough, but it really showed its years of heavy duty use in a household with four cats, two small kids and plenty of TV dinners. The past year or two I could barely look at it without being frustrated. When you get to your late twenties, you start feeling like you should be at the place in your life where you can surround yourself with relatively pretty stuff, you know? But furniture that is beautiful and durable is expensive, man. In addition, I found it hard to find something that went with everything already present in the living room. As a reminder, this is pretty much still what our home looks like, minus the Christmas tree.

midcentury modern living room, tissue paper pom poms

I didn't want anything too modern, too minimalist, too small, no shiny surfaces (a bitch to keep clean) nor too expensive. Yeah, I'm pretty much a real life version of Goldilocks. But in the end, I found a coffee table that was just right!

Beauty: finding the right base for duochrome eyeshadow

Review and swatches: Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy, Shiro Cosmetics Mother of Dragons and Largest Moon of Still not a Planet

As a self-professed beauty lover, I go through stages of being obsessed with finding the holy grail this or that to perfect a look I have stuck in my head, be it from spontaneous inspiration, or from prowling instagram beauty feeds and pinterest. Recently, I struck up a fancy for duochrome eyeshadows. 

For those less obsessed with make up than I am: duochrome means that a product has two colours. Usually, this is one primary colour, and one second colour that comes alive when the light hits it just right, or when you use the proper base coat. I think it all started with Urban Decay's Moondust in Solstice, which the UD make up artist applied for me when I attended the Urban Decay x Ici Paris XL Antwerp shop opening (click to see the make up look). Basically, no make up product is as magical as holographic or duochrome stuff, if you ask me.

After googling some and reading reviews, I figured that there were two things I needed: first, a good duochrome/glitter eyeshadow base, and then some affordable duochrome eyeshadows to play around with. Reviews of indie make up brands pointed me towards Fyrinnae, where I picked up Pixie Epoxy, and Shiro Cosmetics, where I bought Mother of Dragons and Largest Moon of Still Not a Planet. Btw, for my fellow pop culture geeks out there, Shiro Cosmetics does stunning themed collections based on stuff like Game of Thrones, Zelda, Pokemon or Harry Potter. I mean, how awesome is this Felix Felicis lipgloss?

You really have to start with a good base when using these products, so I'll review Pixie Epoxy first.

Review: Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy for duochrome eyeshadow

Outfit: shaggy faux fur coat, wide brim hat

Outfit: fall casual in Uggs and plaid

Beauty: Orly Turn it Up and Midnight Show review

Hi guys, a quick beauty post today. I received two Orly nail polishes, both part of the In the Mix fall collection. And since I've become a fan of this less well-known brand recently (I'm a sucker for that patented bottle cap in hand-gripped rubber that makes opening old bottles so much easier), I figured I'd post a review for you guys. I put the two together for a simple yet fun manicure: two coats of Midnight Show on all fingers except my ringfinger, and three layers of Turn it Up on the remaining finger as a fun accent. I finished with the topcoat from the Orly Epix collection I reviewed here, which gave the polishes a lovely shiny gel-like finish.

Orly Midnight Show review and swatches

Outfit: Lace up blouse, shaggy faux fur vest

Outfit: wide brim hat, lace up top, shaggy faux fur

Outfit: wide brim hat, plaid shirt layering

outfit: wide brim hat, plaid shirt layered over turtleneck, buttont hrough skirt, patent chelsea boots

Beauty: Naked 3 palette review, swatches and 4 looks

Why yes, I am a lucky, lucky girl. After finally cracking down and asking Urban Decay's Naked 2 palette (click for review) for my birthday this summer, I suddenly find myself owning all three Naked palettes (click here for my Naked Original review), as well as the Smoky palette (review here)! An incredibly lucky turn of events, thanks to promo surrounding Urban Decay coming to Belgium. 

I've had the pleasure of trying a wide range of their products, and while I have my favourites, the overall quality is just consistently amazing. While some might say that UD is milking their Naked palette formula by creating new variations of the same theme, but I have to say that with each palette I add to my collection, my love for the Urban Decay brand grows. These palettes are not interchangeable, and I will soon do a post on how to pick the right palette for you. But today, I'm just going to review this little rose gold beauty: Naked 3.

Beauty: Naked 3 palette review and swatches
Beauty: Naked 3 palette review and swatches

Outfit: professional with a twist in s.Oliver

outfit: creative professional in cashmere cardigan, faux leather pencilskirt, croc ankle boots