Beauty: Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Grand Cru and Nude-ist

Let's start this beautiful sunny weekend with a make up review. Today, I'm going to talk about the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet lipcreams in Grand Cru and Nude-ist, two of my current favourite lip products.

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet lipcream in Grand Cru and Nude-ist review

Outfit: double denim and neckscarf

outfit: 70s inspired in denim shirt, denim skirt, neckscarf and boots

Night out: DKZ sur L'O launch

Last week, I was invited to the ceremonial launch of DKZ sur l'O. This is the new business venture of De Kleine Zavel, an established value in Antwerp's restaurant scene. After the recent relaunch of De Kleine Zavel, the restaurant continued to grow, and when one night DKZ owner Jeremie Landweer had to turn down a big group of potential customers, he started looking for a way to expand his restaurant's capacity. Since Antwerp is a city that has grown around the Scheldt river, it seems only logical that his thoughts wandered towards the water. After meeting with shipping company Greenstarline's François Bouvard, the two came up with the idea to use the renovated Antverpia boat to host DKZ-catered events. A super cool idea, because who doesn't want to eat good food while floating on the Scheldt river, taking in the sights, the soft rocking of the boat, the "Lichtjes van de Schelde"? 

The invitation also offered a great opportunity to spend some quality T.I.M.E. with my dude. A proper date night, something we don't get to enjoy too often with work and life getting in the way. We had an absolutely lovely time, and our night on DKZ sur l'O was a unique experience that I would recommend to anyone. A perfect setting for a small-to-medium sized event. I can only imagine how cool it would be to do this in the summertime, to sip wine on deck while the sun sets over the Scheldt. I took loads of pictures to illustrate the atmosphere to you, so enjoy!

Outfit: lace up top, a-line button down skirt

outfit: burgundy hat, lace up top, button down skirt

Opposites and harmony: WE Fashion's HE and SHE perfume

I don't now about you, but I'm really sensitive to smells. Nothing takes me back to a beautiful memory, gives me an instand headache or makes my heart beat faster than the right scent. I like being very involved when my boyfriend is in the market for a new perfume, for example. Currently, he's using Dior Homme Intense which smells amaaaaazing - I'm a sucker for that sweet spot where nuances of wood, floral and gourmand scents meet. I don't like sporty fragrances on men, give me those incense type sweet and cozy scents all day errrday. 

On myself, my preferences are similar. I like white florals and gourmand type fragrances, which has brought me to love perfumes like Lolita Lempicka's Lolita Lempicka, Viktor and Rolf's Flowerbomb, Prada's Candy and YSL's Black Opium (you can search all of those on Fragrantica btw, I love that website for being so good at predicting which perfumes I'll like).

Anyhoo, to cut the introduction short: I was contacted to review WE Fashion's first line of fragrances: one for women, and one for men, retailing at €24.99 for 50ml. The fragrances are marketed as "opposites attract": two very different yet complementary scents that you can wear on their own or even mixed together. I thought that was a really cute, novel concept to symbolize the dynamics of couples, and I was curious to see (smell) how that would work out in reality.


Beauty: applying foundation with buffing brush vs beautyblender

Beauty review: comparing buffing brush with beautyblender

From fingers during my early years of dabbling with make up, to brushes after I started caring about hygiene and flawless finishes, and now sponges: when it comes to applying foundation, I've tried it all. To me, fingers will always be an inferior method because it's just impossible to avoid patchiness. I only use them when on the road and in need of a quick touch up, but if you use a very light foundation (more like a tinted moisturizer), fingers can do the trick. However, there is a reason why most make up artists use utensils to apply products. Today I'm going to compare two beautyblogger favourites (buffing brush and a dupe for the beautyblender) so you can see which one would work best for you.

Outfit: burgundy hat with shearling biker coat

70s inspired: burgundy wide brim hat, shearling coat, burgundy flares

Beauty: L'Oréal collection exclusive Laetitia's pure red review

Hi guys, recently I was invited to review Kruidvat's webshop, and this is one of the products I ordered. L'Oréal launched the collection exclusive pure reds somewhere in 2014, but these are still available (or again?) in shades of perfect reds developed for iconic beauties Julianne Moore, Doutzen Kroes, Blake Lively and Laetitia Casta.

Beauty: L'Oréal collection exclusive Laetitia's pure red review
Beauty: L'Oréal collection exclusive Laetitia's pure red review

Outfit: wide brim hat and thigh high boots

Outfit: wide brim hat, floral skirt, thigh high boots

Beauty: Urban Decay Antwerp launch

Hi guys! You might know that I attended the Brussels Urban Decay x Ici Paris XL launch, where all attendees received a flyer that said Urban Decay would be coming to Antwerp in october, and other cities in Belgium after that. And now the time is here! Earlier this week I received a last minute invitation to check out the new UD counters at the Meir Ici Paris XL store before the crowds got in, and obviously I was PSYCHED. Since the shop is at walking distance from my office, I just popped in before I had to be at work, eager to check out the UD counter in pristine condition and to have my make up done by the Urban Decay make up artists. I was happy to have an invitation, because there was already quite a line in front of the store an hour before opening!

Beauty: Urban Decay Antwerp launch

Outfit: burgundy plaid with lace slip skirt

Outfit: burgundy plaid with lace slip skirt

Review: Kruidvat webshop

Review: Kruidvat webshop
Time for a webshop review!

A couple of weeks ago, I got a newsletter in my mailbox informing me that Kruidvat, probably Belgium's and the Netherlands' biggest drugstore, had finally launched a Belgian webshop. I was immediately into the idea, because I love spending (way too much) time in my local Kruidvat, and because Belgium is still sadly lagging behind when it comes to online shopping. I'm happy to say we're catching up, though, and Kruidvat taking the plunge is a big one. 

After expressing my enthousiasm on my personal FB page, I was contacted by Kruidvat's PR people who offered some store credit in return for an honest review. As I am a fervent online shopper and have actually helped launch a webshop myself some time ago, before I started working on my PhD (I used to be a social media manager at Meubelen Jonckheere), I was quite excited to get into reviewing so here we are!

Outfit: leather jacket, plaid scarf and striped top

Outfit: leather jacket, plaid scarf, striped top and denim a-line skirt

Outfit: pink duster coat, white Nike roshe runs

Outfit: pink duster coat, oversized scarf, white Nike roshe runs

Outfit: Floral babydoll dress and over knee boots

Outfit: Floral babydoll dress, oversized knit cardigan and over knee boots

Outfit: burgundy cardigan and oversized scarf

Outfit: longline cardigan, denim cutoffs, motor boots and oversized scarf

Review: Hunkemöller Sexy Shapes and Favourite Fits

Review: Hunkemoller's sexy shapes and favourite fits 
I'm taking you guys bra shopping today!

Outfit: autumnal Stevie Nicks vibes in boots, hat and midi dress

outfit: Stevie Nicks inspired in button through midi dress, boots and wide brimmed hat

Beauty: H&M beauty haul, review and swatches

I think I mentioned the H&M beauty department launch on this little blog before, but I haven't gone into it in detail. When I checked out the collection for the first time just after the launch, I tried to control my urge to buy everything and only took home Precious, the gold/pink duochrome nailpolish. I fell in love with the colour and the quality of that one product, and the rest is history. I've gone back multiple times and acquired quite a selection of H&M beauty items, so I figured I might as well do a review so you get an overview of the collection.

H&M beauty haul: reviews and swatches

Outfit: silk kaftan in Juan Les Pins harbor

outfit; silk kaftan in Juan Les Pins harbor

Outfit: bundled up in teddy coat and plaid scarf

outfit: teddy coat, plaid scarf, skinnies and chelsea boots