Beauty: Guerlain Beaugrenelle ecrin 6 couleurs palette review

Let's look at some more eyecandy, shall we? Today I'm reviewing Guerlain's Beaugrenelle Ecrin 6 Couleurs palette, and I think that this little product probably has the prettiest packaging I've ever seen. Not just the filigree on the outside, but also the flip-out mirror on the inside. And I haven't even mentioned the actual eyeshadows yet.

Guerlain Beaugrenelle ecrin 6 couleurs palette review

Outfit: summer professional in tropical dress animal print sandals

professional outfit: palm leaf print dress, white blazer

Travel: beach, bikini and bathing suit at Juan Les Pins

Ugh, the weather today is atrocious, seems more like November than like August. You know what that makes me feel like? Like I need to forget about all of the stress of work and traffic and bills and all that ish and just zone out, dreaming of summer at the Côte d'Azur. Take me back, plz.

& Other Stories fruit print one piece bathing suit

Beauty: Orly Epix 2 step flexible colour in Special Effects

Ugh I've been snowed under at work and unable to keep up my blog duties, but here I am, finding some time to share some content with you guys! And it's good content: today I'm going to show you the only nail polish that has ever stayed impeccable on my nails for multiple days. Say hello to the Orly EPIX 2 step flexible colour. I ordered it in Special Effects for reviewing purposes, and it's been my go-to nail colour ever since. I mean, it's a pretty colour that goes with everything (kind of like a nude with a little extra), AND it lasts and lasts. Check it out!

Orly Epix 2 step flexible colour in Special Effects: review

Outfit: watercolour print maxi dress in Orange

outfit: watercolour maxi dress, Birkenstocks

Travel: Nice

Now that we've been home for two weeks, I feel like it's time to share some more pictures of our French Riviera holiday. Just as a little pick me up at the end of a demanding work week, here are my impressions of Nice. Nice was just a half an hour drive away from the place we were staying at, and it was well worth the visit. The city is big, offering everything from beautiful, grand architecture, lively squares filled with amazing restaurants, winding little streets, and beaches, as it stretches along the mediterranean. In other words, Nice has everything you might want on a whirlwind trip. I was especially enamored with the old town, which is always my number one destination when I visit a city abroad. We were there on an overcast day, but that was just as well: it shielded us from the glare of the sun, and made for some beautiful photographs. Hope you like the pictures!

Old town in Nice

Beauty: Dior 5 Couleurs Designer palettes in Navy and Amber

Hi guys! When we got back from France, one thing that definitely helped softening the blow of being back in dreary Belgium was finding some parcels waiting for me. One of those packages turned out to be from Dior - oooooh. I don't think it ever gets old to receive make up collections for the purpose of reviewing, but it gets another layer of awesomeness when that collection is from an upscale brand like Dior. I mean, Charlize Theron/Furiosa models for them, man. That's some classy shit. I received a whole range of goodies which I will be reviewing asap, but there was so much that I couldn't do it all in one post. Last week I reviewed the new formula Diorshow mascara which instantly became a new favourite, and today I'm showing you the two eyeshadow palettes: 5 Couleurs Navy Design 208, and 5 Couleurs Amber Design 708. First up, Navy!

Diorshow 5 couleurs designer palette review
Diorshow 5 couleurs designer palette review

The palette consists of five shades: a matte primer, a light all over colour, a darker colour for the crease, a glittery highlighter and a gel liner. In addition, it comes with two applicators: a double sponge applicator (ugh, never use those please, sponge applicators suck), and a two sided brush that is usable but not on par with my regular brushes. A plastic cover illustrates where every colour should go on the lid, making it easy for make up newbies. Of course, you can experiment with placement to suit your preferences and your eye shape, but this is what the palette was designed for.

Let's go in for a closer look.

Outfit: off the shoulder top and finding your perfect strapless bra

outfit: off the shoulder top, relaxed trousers

Outfit: off shoulder dress in the sunset

outfit: white off shoulder dress with embroidered hem and havana hat

Beauty: Diorshow mascara's new formula with fiber and airlock

A short but sweet post today, telling you about my experiences with this fancy little Dior mascara I received in the mail last week. This Diorshow mascara is a classic, apparently, having been part of the main collection since 2002, but this season brings some interesting innovations. First, the tube now has airlock technology, keeping the formula from drying out. Since the formula is already on the dry side, that will definitely come in handy to make sure your tube will last you as long as possible. Second, microfibers were added that work to build volume and length for your lashes. I was especially interested in that second feature, as I had never tried a fiber mascara before despite having read about them on the web for about at least a year now. Fiber mascaras can make for some crazy before and after shots (go google!), but on the flipside, overzealous use can bring you dangerously close to tarantula leg lash territory. Either way, I was buzzed to try it.

Diorshow mascara with new fiber formula and airlock tube: review

Outfit: off shoulder top, flared skirt

off shoulder top, flared skirt

Outfit: pastel professional with Nike Rosheruns

Nike roshe runs with professional outfit

Outfit: banana leaf print blouse

casual summer outfit in banana leaf print blouse

Outfit: silk kaftan in Biot

Outfit: silk kaftan, straw tote bag