Sponsored post: designing phonecases with B2C Telecom

Hey guys! This post is sponsored, but I think it will be interesting to tell you about B2C Telecom nonetheless.

Raise hands if you and your smartphone are inseparable. Yeah, I'm willing to go out on a limb and bet that most of you are - I know I am. I'm as close as one can be to all those dystopian animes where people are living in a limbo state where the boundaries between online and offline start to blur (Serial Experiments Lain, anyone?). It only seems logical that someone who is so into styling and accessorizing herself would also enjoy extending that preening process to her smartphone. Sadly, Samsung phones aren't as well furnished with accessorizing options as, for example, iPhones. Which is why I was happy to hear about B2C telecom, which does offer accessories for all kinds of smartphone models apart from the ubiquitous iPhone. I'm rocking a Samsung S4 since my S3 finally caved after a dunk in the toilet, and the B2C Telecom website offers the opportunity to design affordable cases for my smartphone, in the shape of a flipcover or a regular case. You can upload your own images, clip art, text or just play around with colours. It's really fun, and a super easy way to customize as well as protect your phone.

Here are some covers I designed. I always love a good nature print!

The last one is cheesy as hell, but there's just something so calming about the wind rustling in the palm leaves...

B2C Telecom also sells all kinds of accessories such as screen protectors or Micro SD cards, and they offer a smartphone repair service. Anyway, worth checking out and bookmarking if you ask me. And I might just order a custommade flipcover with some of our holiday pics to gift my boyfriend. Guys dig emotional shit like that, man.

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