Outfit: funky femme in duster coat, vintage floral circle skirt

outfit: pink trench coat, vintage circle skirt

Outfit: first day in Condado, San Juan

Alright, after being MIA for way too long/not long enough (forever isn't long enough to spend on a tropical island if you ask me), it's high time I shared some content with you guys. We arrived in Belgium this morning after about 24 hours of travel, so I won't write too much (hashtag braindead), but here are some shots from our first day in San Juan. For the first part of our Puerto Rico trip, we stayed at the Condado Plaza Hilton, which was at walking distance from the ICA conference venue. We arrived in the middle of the night, so our first real impression of the place was the next day, when we went out for breakfast. We fell in love with Puerto Rico the second we stepped out to see the Condado Hilton's gorgeous terrace and pool area, because nothing knocks a traveler coming from cold, grey Belgium off their feet like blue skies, sun, palm trees and that perfect blue, blue ocean. The type of paradise you recognize from the TV or postcards, but to actually be there yourself was quite the experience.

The minute you step off a plane in San Juan, the warmth and humidity hit you like a wet towel, but as long as you keep calm (Puerto Rico works on island time!) and bare some skin, you will be fine. Sweaty, probably, but fine. For our first venture outside during the daytime, I wore this dress I bought on sale at Forever21 just before leaving. I'm really into midi and maxi hemlines again, embracing the ultra-feminine look they bring, and dresses like these are airy and keep my back sweat free. I brought my hat because it was a lifesaver last year in France, but San Juan is a beach town, and a steady sea breeze brought some much needed cool to the town throughout our stay. Too much wind to wear a hat, so keep that in mind in case you're thinking of visiting. I finished off the look with these black and white slip on sandals which were total lifesavers during the trip. The heat and the amount of walking exacerbated my plantar fasciitis, and after a while, the only shoes I could wear without wincing were these Coco Bella sandals and my Salina Birkenstocks.

tropical vacation outfit: havana hat, open back sundress

A quick note from paradise

The wifi is patchy around these parts, but who am I to complain, man. Life is good here in San Juan. I'll get back to you guys as soon as possible, in the meanwhile you can see what I'm doing here if you follow my instagram!

Outfits: what to wear to an academic conference in the tropics

I've been putting together the last preparations for my Puerto Rican conference, and one of the most important (and fun!) parts of that process, is putting together a warm weather wardrobe to serve me through my days mixing professional and leisurely activities. I created a collage of the items I will be bringing. This is for the conference part of my trip, I'm obviously also bringing some more casual items: bikinis, sundresses, denim shorts. But you probably don't need help to figure out what to pack for some sunny days of hanging out by the pool or visiting quaint local neighbourhoods. Now, this isn't the most efficient list of items, but we're not travelling with carryon only and summer clothes don't take up a lot of space, so I could afford to bring some extra options. And the more, the merrier!

So, what I'll be bringing:
- a blazer and a cardigan in neutral colours that go with all of my outfits, for chilly airco moments during the conference
- three dresses that are fun, sleeveless and not too skimpy or tight. Air circulation will be a must to survive the +30°C temperatures, but I don't want to bare too much skin on a professional event, so this is the perfect middle ground
- two versatile sleeveless tops - a button up, and a shell top that go with everything
- two mid thigh, airy bottoms - a skirt and some shorts. Both of these go with all of the tops. I wanted to put together tops and bottoms that I could wear untucked, because tucking in tops is a total sweatfest when it's hot outside
- three pairs of sandals - one pair of low gold wedges (dressy), one pair of smart flat sandals (business-casual) and of course my trusty Birkenstocks (casual comfort)

This is what that looks like.

Outfit: Pinstripe shirtdress, duster coat and Nike Rosheruns

outfit: pinstripe shirtdress, dusty rose duster coat, mint Nike Rosheruns

Beauty: Guerlain Terracotta Summer 2015 collection, review and swatches

Time for another beauty post! I was sent over the  Guerlain Terracotta Summer 2015 collection to review (this never gets old, I always freak out when I get a package of reviewable beauty products), so read on for eye candy, honest opinions and some insta-summer feelz.

beauty: Guerlain Terracotta Summer 2015 collection: review and swatches

The products I'll be reviewing today:
- Terracotta Sun  moisturizer tan booster with SPF 30 - 44€*
- Terracotta Sun protection compact foundation SPF 20 water resistant - 61€*
- Terracotta Bronzing powder - 52.5€*
- Terracotta Summer Shadow in Blue Ocean - 32€*
- Terracotta Colour Lacquer in Blue Ocean - 26€*

*Belgian prices, and the collection will hit the shelves on June 1st. All of these products are limited edition.

Outfit: overalls, button down and Converse

outfit: overalls, oversized scarf and Converse

Outfit: floral midi skirt, crop top and Birkenstocks

outfit: crop top, vintage floral midi skirt and Salina Birkenstocks

Outfit: ballet inspired in silk blouse and duster coat

outfit: pink duster coat, silk blouse, loose trousers and ballet flats

Outfit: Vintage paisley circle skirt and a crop top

outfit: vintage crop top and paisley circle skirt with birkenstocks

Outfit: And Other Stories maxi dress

outfit: patchwork print midi dress, Sam Edelman Felicia flats

Beauty: Darphin CC cream review

I have become quite the Darphin convert lately. Reason: every single Darphin product I've tried has been indisputably awesome. Their range is great for sensitive skin and whenever I apply Darphin, I feel like I'm taking good care of what my momma gave me. Today, I'm reviewing their CC cream - a product I have heard lots of good things about, and the first CC cream I have tried until now.

Crash course: CC stands for Colour Correcting, and quoting Vogue: "Like BB creams they boast hydrating properties, SPF protection and semi-sheer coverage, but with the added benefit of colour-correcting technology to improve uneven skin tones." 
Did someone say uneven skin tone? Holla! CC creams are right up my alley, so I'm probably the perfect test subject for a review. The Darphin CC Cream promises to do 5 things:

Illuminate: create a radiant complexion thanks to light-reflecting pearls, caffeine and scutellaria. This minimizes the appearance of fine lines.
Correct imperfection: a medium coverage deals with imperfections and leaves you with a flawless end finish
Hydrate: sodium hyaluronate and trehalose (I have no idea what those are, but sounds legit) are supposed to hydrate the top layers of the skin throughout the day
Unify: laminaria saccharina reduces oiliness and shine, and hexapeptide works against fine lines and pores to create a smooth, even complexion that remains flawless until sundown
Protect: SPF 35 protects skin from UV related ageing.

In short, CC creams even out your complexion just like a foundation, but they also contribute to better skin quality in the long run. Well, that's what CC creams are supposed to do. Not all of them are more than glorified foundations, but this Darphin CC cream absolutely is. I was sent over the 01 light shade to review (this product only comes in 01 light and 02 medium, unfortunately). Read on for a review!

beauty: Darphin CC cream review with swatches

Outfit: casual layers in black, grey and white

outfit: casual layers in black, grey and white with duster coat and converse