Dorothy Perkins Mules

blazer, skirt: Pimkie - off shoulder blouse: Zara - mules: Dorothy Perkins via Zalando - watch: Zadig & Voltaire - rings: Diamanti Per Tutti
pictures by Nathalie

And the beautiful fall weather continues! I got to wear this flirty little get-up to the office last week. Not exactly very professional with the short skirt and the bare legs and toes, but it's black and white and it has a BLAZER, yo. It's not like I'm Donald Trump, after all. I'm just a PhD researcher. I could show up at the office in a tracksuit with JUICY in big fat letters over my ass and it'd still be totally OK, so this absolutely qualifies as professional in my context.

I love these shoes. They were only 30€, the heel height is super comfortable, and they are both retro 90s and quite modern. I'd been looking for a pair of mules for ages, so I'm really glad I found an affordable option that doesn't kill my feet. 

And they make my legs look about a mile long.

Boho Amsterdam Cardigan, Levi's Shorts

outfit casual levis shorts boho cardigan
outfit casual levis shorts boho cardigan
outfit casual levis shorts boho cardigan
outfit casual levis shorts boho cardigan
outfit casual levis shorts boho cardigan

cardigan: c/o Boho Amsterdam - t-shirt: COS - denim shorts: Levi's - boots: Koah - necklace: Lobogato

I didn't visit ANY festival this summer (kinda bummed out about missing Neil Young and The Pet Shop Boys at the Lokerse Feesten though), but that doesn't mean my outfits can't ROCK OUT RIGHT????

Lulz so corny. Still, who doesn't love a good bohemian piece? This cardigan was kindly gifted to me by the people behind Boho Amsterdam, a new webshop that specializes in trendy, boho garments - the sort of stuff that the free spirited cool girl in a teen drama series would wear. I quite like the loose knit and the mix of colours: warm and neutral, but still vibrant. Perfect paired with a simple jeans & tee outfit. If you see anything you like, you can order it using the code they made especially for you: THESTYLINGDUTCHMAN15. My favourite piece is this burgundy pleather skirt, gooorgeous colour. My own cardigan has sadly already sold out - it is a very nice piece after all.

I'm going back to watching House of Cards and drinking wine. Ah, weekend, how I love thee.

Kylie Jenner Lips - Best Rose-Brown Lipstick Shades for Fall

As I promised you earlier, I still owed you a post on this season's prettiest lip-colour which is obviously inspired by Ms. Kylie Jenner. A shade that is just a bit darker and more "done" than a classic "my lips but better" shade. I spent some time browsing the internet and my local drugstore for the best rosey-brown lipsticks for my particular colouring, and I'm happy to tell you that there really are loads of options depending on your preference for undertone, finish and price point! Today I'm reviewing five lipsticks. No lip glosses or stains or whatever, because I personally just prefer lipstick.

I'm going to swatch, review and show you guys the following products: Rimmel London x Kate Moss 03 as well as 08, Essence Barely There, Catrice Maroon 020, and Mac Velvet Teddy.

kylie jenner lipsticks velvet teddy rose brown review

kylie jenner lipsticks velvet teddy rose brown review

All of the lipsticks come in minimalist black tubes, and except for Velvet Teddy, all of them have a sticker on the bottom showing the colour. Which is quite handy when you're rummaging in your purse or make up drawer looking for that one particular shade. Right now, Velvet Teddy is my only MAC lipstick, so it's quite easy to pick out from my other lipsticks, but if I were to amass a huge MAC collection it could become a hassle to look for a certain shade. I think I like the Rimmel London tubes the best, because of the red Kate signature and the slanted top.

In the tube, Rimmel London x Kate Moss 03 looks very similar to Velvet Teddy, but it is definitely not a dupe. On the lips, both feel and look completely different.

kylie jenner lipstick velvet teddy review

I tried to get a good price range within my selection so there would be an option for every budget. Ironically, the most expensive and most affordable shades are my favourites.

kylie jenner lipstick velvet teddy review

As you can see, these shades are definitely within the same range of rose-browns. Rimmel London x Kate Moss 03 and Velvet Teddy look very similar in close up, but take my word for it: when you see them from a distance, the two are very different. Rimmel London 03 is lighter and a lot glossier, while Velvet Teddy is entirely matte and settles into a lovely medium brown-brick red sort of shade on my lips. The two are also the most brown out of the bunch: the lipsticks themselves don't really have any pink in them, that dimension is added by your own lip colour.

Rimmel London x Kate Moss 08 and Essence Barely There, on the other hand, are the most pink, but still very neutral and natural. Catrice maroon 020 is probably closest to my own natural lipcolour, and can be described as a medium brick red.

Velvet Teddy is the only matte shade, I'd describe Essence Barely There and the Rimmel London shades as satin, with the Essence lipstick being slightly less glossy and noticably more durable which means you won't have to reapply as often. The Catrice lipstick is very glossy and not high on longevity - it's almost a glorified lipgloss, so you will be reapplying all the time. Velvet Teddy lasts ages on me unless I eat greasy foods, and while it doesn't leave your lips feeling smooth and supple like a gloss or a satin lipstick might, I don't find it dries out my lips. And I really do have dry lips, so that's saying a lot!

I added some pictures of me wearing the lipsticks, because a close up always looks very different for some reason.

kylie jenner lipstick velvet teddy review
kylie jenner lipstick velvet teddy review

As you can see, Rimmel London 03 is a lighter, glossier shade than Velvet Teddy, and it leans much peachier. Velvet Teddy is my ultimate favourite because I'm quite a big fan of the matte look. In my opinion, Essence Barely There comes closest in finish and feel. Which might be a nice surprise for you because Barely There is actually the most affordable out of the bunch, and a whopping 16€ cheaper than Velvet Teddy. So if you're on a budget and you want a look similar to Velvet Teddy, check out Essence. If your natural lipcolour is lighter than mine, you might want to try Essence's Dare to be Nude, which is similar to Barely There but lighter and more brown-leaning, making it potentially even more like Velvet Teddy.

Which one of these is your favourite? Are you as into rose-browns as I am?

Shirt, Skinnies and Slingbacks

outfit oversized shirt skinnies slingbacks
zadig and voltaire butterfly watch
velvet teddy MAC and other stories choker necklace
snake print skinnies lotus shoes slingbacksoutfit oversized shirt choker skinnies
outfit oversized shirt skinnies slingbacks

shirt: boyfriend's - snake print skinnies: H&M - gold choker necklace: & Other Stories - ring: Diamanti Per Tutti - watch: Zadig&Voltaire - slingback peep toe - c/o Lotus Shoes

Sometimes you just want to go for the classics, right? And few things are so clasically sexy as tight cropped pants, showing some dainty ankle and foot. Paired with a menswear shirt, this outfit evokes 50s rockabilly, but in a classic rather than kitschy way. No cherry prints and bandanas, but skinnies worn as cigarette pants and an oversized shirt with rolled up sleeves.

The shoes I'm wearing are a gracious gift from Lotus Shoes by the way! They are a perfect pair of basic heels, and the proportions of the heel height and the front platform are the perfect balance between elegant and comfortable. Lotus Shoes is a great destination if you, like me, have grown tired of most high street stores only offering either the flattest of ballet flats, or 10cm pumps. You usually have to check out more expensive brands to find mid height heels that don't look like they'd belong to your grandma, but Lotus Shoes has plenty of options if you're looking for an affordable pair of basic heels that you can actually wear to work or to a party without killing your back and feet. I can attest for their comfort level - these are definitely higher quality than your regular pair of New Look pumps.

I've been rediscovering heels lately - perhaps the pendulum swings back after a year of quasi-exclusively wearing sneakers and Birkenstocks? Either way, I've been enjoying the grown up elegance that always comes with wearing heels.

Floral Dress, Leather Jacket and Gold Wedges

outfit leather jacket floral dress
leather jacket floral dress gold wedges
outfit leather jacket floral dress
leather jacket outfit
gold wedges floral midi dress
leather jacket floral dress gold wedges

floral dress with split: c/o OASAP - leather jacket: Zara - gold glitter wedges, cat eye sunglasses: ASOS - name necklace: Onecklace

I feel like every season has a designated decade. Winter is the '80s: bold colours and shapes, structure, powerdressing. Spring is the '60s with an emphasis on clean lines and girly silhouettes, and summer is the '90s defined by fun and comfort. And then there's fall, which is obviously the season of the '70s. Layers, flowy fabrics, autumnal colours and the triumphant return of boots: every year, without a fail. That probably explains why I dress a little bit more like a witchy rockstar during autumn. If the weather wasn't so nice, I'd have paired this with some platform boots for ultimate Heart (Wilson sisters!) rock-awesomeness, but gold platform wedges are pretty kick-ass too.

I've had another incredibly busy and stressful week, and I'm running a slight fever (yeay for getting sick when you have loads of work to do!) but the weather has been gorgeous so I guess it evens out. Sorta. This was obviously not an office outfit btw. I mean, did you see the mesh? :-D ANYWAY enjoy your weekend!

Lace Cami Top, Boyfriend Jeans and Birkenstocks

lace cami boyfriend jeans outfit
birkenstock salina lace cami boyfriend jeans outfit
lace cami boyfriend jeans outfitboyfriend jeans birkenstock salina outfit
lace cami oversized cardigan
lace cami boyfriend jeans birkenstocks salina outfit

oversized cardigan: Zara - lace cami top: Forever21 - boyfriend jeans: H&M - sandals: Birkenstock Salina

This cardigan has proven to be the most perfect item to easy my style from summer over indian summer to fall. A couple of years ago, I threw out almost all of my cardigans because I was sick of how frumpy and twee they made me look and feel. But recently I realized that nice cardigans are actually a great basic for any wardrobe, and that I would just need to stay away from form fitting, classical button up cardigans (the kind of cardigan you'd see in a twin-set). 
THIS particular oversized cardigan? Love at first sight. I spotted it on the Zara website and headed over to the store during my next lunch break. It was just as nice as I'd imagined it to be, so I bought it as my first fall piece and I have been wearing it literally everyday since for the past three weeks. I wear it as a coat slash cardigan, and the oatmeal-esque colour is incredibly versatile.

For this look, I paired it with my trusty birkenstocks, boyfriend jeans and this lace cami I found among the last sales deals at Forever21. My boyfriend quite likes it. It works really well with the type of relaxed trousers I've been wearing a lot at work lately. And it makes me feel really sexy. Which is always a good thing.

Simple Natural Make Up Look for Brunettes

Hey there! As you might have noticed, since you have eyes, I'm a brunette. My cool skintone fluctuates from very fair in the winter, to medium during the summer (yeay fake tan!). And even though I love experimenting with make up in statement colours and special techniques when I have the time, during the work week it's really nice to have a routine down that makes you look your best with minimal effort and minimal risk of your make up not matching your outfit or the occasion.

The products and colours I'll be using are specifically suited to light-medium skinned brunettes, but the basic ideas and techniques featured in this post will be of value to anyone who is looking for the kind of make up that enhances their natural features. A subtle "done"look, perfect for the office or, say, presenting the news.

On the left, you see me wearing nothing but foundation - a mix of Bourjois Healthy Mix in Light Vanilla, and Lancôme Teint Miracle in Bisque. On the left, you have the full look: contouring powder, blush, highlighter, brow powder, eyeshadow, mascara, lipstick. I can go from left to right in about three minutes if I'm rushing, but practice makes perfect so this might take you a bit longer if you're not accustomed to some of the products I'll be using.

velvet teddy simple natural make up brunette

The most important new products I'll be talking about are this eyeshadow mono from Catrice in 790 I Wear My Plum Glasses at Night (love the name) and MAC lipstick in Velvet Teddy.

velvet teddy mac catrice i wear my plum glasses at night

Velvet Teddy is my first ever MAC purchase and I am totally 100% in love. None of the others measure up! This shade looks amazing on basically everyone: just browse google or instagram for #velvetteddy and be wowed (and also, be prepared to want to order it straight away). I'll be reviewing it more thoroughly in an upcoming post where I compare it to other similar shades from more affordable brands, but today I'm just sticking to simple application. To get the nicest result, I've found that using some foundation underneath my lip colour helps me get a cleaner lip shape, and a colour that's more true to the product. My lips are fairly pigmented, so lipsticks tend to turn darker and more red when I use them without layering them over foundation.

mac velvet teddy

Oh, such a beautiful velvety texture, and very close to my natural lip colour. Moving on, I'm taking you from left to right once again. On the left, you see me wearing nothing but foundation and Velvet Teddy. On the right, I've added contouring, blush, highlighter, eyebrow powder, eyeshadow and mascara. Big difference but still very natural, right? I've decided against using any type of pencil or liner to emphasize my eyes because this look is all about the brows, the healthy glow and the lips. Which is a departure from my usual make up look, but one I quite like.

velvet teddy simple natural make up brunette

Let's start with the eyes. Products are Catrice mono in 080 Go, Charlie Brown and Catrice in 790 I Wear My Plum Glasses at Night. Both are matte brown shades, though Go, Charlie Brown has a hint of gloss to it now that I see them compared up close. Go, Charlie Brown is a cool dark brown, while I Wear My Plum Glasses at Night is a tiny bit lighter and leans purple.

catrice plum glasses at night go charlie brown
catrice plum glasses at night go charlie brown

I use my trusty Catrice mono in 080 Go, Charlie Brown on my eyebrows (for a more detailed eyebrow tutorial, check this post out), while I lightly blend Catrice in 790 I Wear My Plum Glasses at Night over my eyelids up to the crease, with more colour in the outer corners than the inner corners. I also brush a little bit on the outer corners of my lower eyelids. I picked I Wear My Plum Glasses at Night up a couple of weeks ago and have been wearing it a lot because the colour is so natural and beautifully complements my eye colour. I normally wouldn't recommend using just one shade of eyeshadow all over the eyelid, but this really doesn't need anything more and actually looks like you're not really wearing make up. I finish off with a coat of my all time favourite mascara: Maybelline Volum' Express.

catrice i wear my plum glasses at night

Simple but effective! And like I said, no pencil or liner, because the eyes are not the focal point (lulz) of this look. All the different components are supposed to balance each other out. Next step: contouring, blushing and highlighting. If you want step by step instructions of contouring, I did a post on that earlier so click on over! I'm still using my Sleek Face Form kit in Light, but I have changed brushes and right now I'm using this fan brush that's part of this Oasap brush set. Any fan shaped brush will do, but I do find it gives a nicer result when contouring cheekbones compared to regular brushes.

sleek face form in lightcontouring before after

BAM. And as you can see in the pic below, all the different components really work with each other to keep the look subtle and put-together. Velvet Teddy wouldn't look nearly as sophisticated if I'd wear it without doing my eyes and cheeks (BECAUSE THAT WOULD BE TERRIFYING), but at the same time, because the colour is so flattering, it doesn't need much else.

velvet teddy simple make up brunette

And here's the full end result from the sides and the front. I added picture we took outside for good measure, because lighting really influences colours and how obvious your make up is.

velvet teddy simple make up brunette
velvet teddy simple make up brunette

Subtle, perfect for my colouring, easy and pretty. Definitely the perfect basic make up look for me.

Hope you enjoyed this, and if you have any suggestions or questions: shoot!