Open Back Floral Dress, Denim Jacket

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open back sundress vintage purse
open back sundress vintage purse slingbacks

 Dress: &OtherStories - snakeskin slingback pumps: H&M - purse: vintage - dotted denim jacket: French Connection (marked down 40% on Sojeans)

HOLY SHIT I had no idea it had been like five days since I last blogged. I guess I really had an extremely busy week. I've also been sort of sick for like three weeks, so in the evenings I just eat and hang and go to bed early. Sorry!

I had a very limited sales wishlist this year, keeping my upcoming French holiday in mind: mostly beautiful, printed, airy summer dresses, and possibly another pair of nice sandals since I've been wearing my Zign pair (which is marked down to just 30€ at Zalando by the way!) to death. I wear sandals basically half of the year, so a good pair of sandals is not a luxury to me. This dress is one of those new summer dresses. It's made from a crêpe fabric, it has a beautiful painterly fruit/flower print, pockets (!) and an open back: perfect. I've been trying to only buy things that I love 100% instead of giving in to urges, and I think I've been doing pretty well. 

The jacket was a gift from Sojeans, but I had been looking for a replacement of my old denim jacket that had just gotten too small to fit comfortably. This French Connection one is a bit more expensive than what I would have bought myself, but the fit is great, the denim is soft and stretchy (which I love for fitted jackets) and the added detail of the tiny dots is just darling. I always struggle with what kind of jacket to wear during the warmer months, and a good denim jacket is just the sort of basic almost anyone should have in their closet.

I always feel so vapid when I'm talking about nothing but clothes and sales and buying, but that's kind of what you come here for, right? I have this big, rich life filled with experiences and thoughts and feelings, and I only share a tiny fragment of all of that on my blog. I should make an effort to change it up once in a while though, I hate it when bloggers sort of fade away into being nothing but pretty pictures and empty words. I've been having great conversations about adult life, work and relationships that I should edit and put out here. And I will, soon.


  1. mooi jurkje! De achterkant is zoooo mooi

  2. A lot of the time I don't feel like I have much to say on my blog when I'm writing about my clothes. I figure it's just part of myself out there on the blog so if people think that's all I am, that's their problem! I never feel like your blog comes across as vapid!

    But anyway, this dress is the perfect summer piece. The open back is fantastic and I love the bold colors. I think that jean jacket looks great with it.

    Jamie |

  3. yeah you're totally right, but I do understand people who feel like blogs get dull and superficial when it's all just about clothes all the time. I just second guess myself too much!

  4. Supermooie jurk! Ik ben nog altijd niet naar & Other Stories geweest in Antwerpen of Brussel, mss maar best haha :D

    en post zeker maar eens wat interessante conversaties hoor!

  5. "great conversations about adult life, work and relationships" - yes!

  6. Love the dress. The photos are gorgeous, too, I mean: how beautiful is that light? And I agree, buying things that you love a 100% instead of giving in to all those urges keeps your bank account happy and your closet filled with things you actually wear.