White Crochet Dress, Gold Geox Wedges

white crochet dress somedays lovin straw hat
white crochet dress somedays lovin geox wedges
white crochet dress somedays lovin
white dress straw box bag
straw hat
white crochet dress somedays lovin geox wedges

white dress with crochet detail: c/o Somedays Lovin via Sojeans - gold wedges: Geox - hat: H&M - box bag: Zara

Last outfit post before leaving for France! I can't wait to take ALL the pictures and eat ALL the things and visit ALL the places. The outfit is definitely something I'd wear on our trip. Comfortable but elegant wedge sandals for an evening on the town, a crisp white dress that airs out my back and the hat to keep my cranium from cooking. Seriously, having almost black hair is no fun when the sun is beaming down. I need to protect my head from the worst heat.

I did well during the sales and steered clear of impulse buys, by the way. I bought three dresses (two from Zara, one from &Other Stories), which was the number one item on my to-buy list, and the above pair of Geox wedges. I already spotted them in the first week of the sales, but I didn't close the deal because they were still 70€ (coming from 100€) and that's kind of a lot for summer shoes in my book. However, I couldn't forget about their perfect fit over the next few weeks, and I just knew I'd wear them all the time since they're basically the more comfortable version of my favourite pair of Wonders heels, which are my go-to fancy shoes. So even though they didn't get marked down any further, I still ended up buying them last week.

My boyfriend was looking super stylish on this particular day, so I couldn't help but snap a pic of his and photoshop a shot of the two of us together like last time. POSTMODERN HYPERREALITY.

couple outfit white summer hawaiian shirt

Don't mind my boyfriend's angry face, that's just his regular visage. Always on the lookout for something to go awry. His shirt was another sales buy at Zara, the perfect classy version of a Hawaiian shirt! I love the open collar and the way it fits him just right.

I'll try to blog during my holiday, but don't be disappointed if I don't!

Food for Friday: Potato Salad with Smoked Trout

OK guys, it's been a while since I posted a recipe - check out my Food for Friday or Recipe tag for more nomspiration (omg kill me now) - but since cooking is one of my favourite pass times, I obviously have some good stuff to share. This particular recipe is a triple threat: flavourful, ready less than 30 minutes and healthy

My favourite recipes are inspired by in-season produce or ingredients that I'm suddenly into, and this particular salad is no exception. I absolutely L.O.V.E. smoked trout, and when my father in law dropped of some beautiful new potatoes from his garden I was like heyyyyy this could work. The combination just needed some greens (I chose lamb's lettuce but uncooked spinach works just as well) and some extra creamy-tangy-saltiness to complement the two base ingredients. I chose capers, spring onions, pickles, sour cream and a squeeze of lime juice. Btw after some googling, turns out I'm not the most original person in the world as Jamie Oliver already blogged basically the exact same dish. But I'm looking at the bright side here: I'm practically as good at cooking as Jamie Oliver. Obviously.

MOVING ON, tl;dr the ingredients:

- smoked trout
- new potatoes (diced and cooked)
- lamb's lettuce
- spring onions
- capers
- pickles (tangy rather than sweet)
- two big tablespoons of sour cream
- lime juice
- sea salt
- pepper

recipe easy potato salad smoked trout

Let's go in for a close-up (wishing you could smell it huh?)

recipe easy potato salad smoked trout

Well, the recipe is super straight forward since you basically just dice the potatoes and cook em while you wash and dry the lettuce, shred the trout into smaller pieces, cut up the pickles and throw all the ingredients together. Et voila!

recipe easy potato salad smoked trout

Trust me, it's worth a try. Enjoy!

Heatwave Style in Minkpink Wild Flower Patch

minkpink wild flower patch oakley frogskins
minkpink wild flower patch white converse
minkpink wild flower patch oakley frogskins
minkpink wild flower patch zadig and voltaire watch
minkpink wild flower patch oakley frogskins
minkpink wild flower patch white converse
minkpink wild flower patch oakley frogskins white converse

dress: Minkpink Wild Flower Patch via Sojeans - sneakers: Converse - sunglasses: Oakley Frogskins - layering bra: Forever21 - watch: Zadig&Voltaire - name necklace: Onecklace

I remember when florals suddenly weren't just the predictable print for spring anymore, but became an IT-item. This was specifically linked to floral tea dresses and their prominence in the wardrobes of style icons such as Kate Moss and Alexa Chung a few years ago.

Obviously I was into it because GIRLY and COLOUR and me and my fellow adepts wore them year-round, with bare legs and sandals in summer or tights, boots and leather jackets in winter. But then the trend sort of fizzled out and I moved on to a slightly more mature style (sometimes). Floral dresses are now just one of the available options for summer rather than a staple wardrobe piece, and after years of surviving perfectly fine without new floral dresses, here I am wearing this beautiful piece from Minkpink.

The wild flower patch dress is currently on sale for just 29.40€ - it fits rather large, so I'd size down when you order. It has been on heavy rotation now that summer is back in full force slapping us down with heatwaves since the dress is so airy, light and fun. I'm wearing it with my absolute favourite item of the last few months: my Forever21 layering bra which I have in different colours to get me through the week. I'm so done with real bras, yo, and this one provides some extra coverage (nice for work) without looking like your underwear is on show.

Remember floral dresses, man? We're getting so old. Are you still into them?

Outfit Plans for France

Uhm, so, I don't know if you've heard or anything, but I'M GOING TO FRANCE WITH MY BOO. For a week. No work, no stress, no cleaning or cooking, no rain, not a care in the world but him and I enjoying each other and the beautiful environment. I'm excited as FUCK, and I've been preparing myself mentally and sartorially for a while now. I mean yeah, I have more than enough clothes already, but having a big thing coming up like a wedding, a work event or a holiday can be quite inspiring. To me, thinking up outfits for future important occasions is like pre-drinking or getting ready with your girlfriends before a night out: almost more fun than the actual event.

ANYHOO, I found a lot of cute things on Sheinside last time I put together a wishlist, so I thought I'd check them out again. Here ya go!

sunflower dress floral midi skirt white converse

And just because I'm enjoying myself so much, this is where I'd wear these outfits.

sunflower dress bed and breakfast france

Airy cotton dresses in sunny prints are literally THE best thing to wear when you're chilling in a beautiful garden in the south of France. The colour blocked espadrille wedges were just too cute to pass up on.

floral skirt off shoulder blouse van gogh

Obviously I want to enjoy the romance of walking under a starlit sky holding hands with my boyfriend, on our way to a delicious dinner at some cute bistro. Off the shoulder tops and full skirts always remind me of French icon Brigitte Bardot, so this was a no brainer.

crop top denim shorts converse ardeche

When you go road trippin' in France to take in all the prettiness, comfort is my number one concern. Shorts are like, my favourite garment (if it were possible I would wear a sports bra and shorts every day of my life), and every single piece here is comfortable but the combination still looks very cute. Tourist chic!

Source of mood-setting pics: 1//2//3

I only have a week of work to go before we leave. I'M SO READY YO. Feeling inspired yet?

Wearable Vintage in Crop Top and Vintage Maxi Skirt

crop top vintage maxi skirt sunset
crop top vintage maxi skirt
vintage maxy skirt strappy sandals
crop top vintage maxi skirt
cat eye sunglasses snake earring
crop top vintage maxi skirt
crop top vintage maxi skirt

crop top: ASOS - maxi skirt: vintage via Think Twice - strappy sandals: H&M - cat eye sunglasses: c/o OASAP - snake earring: bornpretty.com

Told you I wear this crop top a lot! It's just the perfect minimalist, sporty, sexy piece to pair with floaty vintage skirts. 90s retro in all the right ways if you ask me, and a very wearable take on vintage. The skirt was a 2€ buy at Think Twice, and it strikes the perfect balance between elegant and dowdy. OK, that sounds very unattractive, but when I think of the stylish babes of the 90s I see a totally weird, eclectic mix of casual and dressy pieces that comes together looking slightly dowdy considering our contemporary style. However, because the character still reads as 'attractive' through the coding of the program, the dowdy outfit has a sexy, glamorized connotation. If that makes any sense.

buffy vampire slayer i know what you did summer 90210 90s style

 Buffy the Vampire Slayer, I Know What You Did Last Summer, Beverly Hills 90210: a veritable smorgasbord of 90s fashion

Lots of layering, spaghetti strap evening tops and dresses layered over casual t-shirts, dress pants and blazers worn to school. Jennifer Love Hewitt in I Know What You Did Last Summer (middle pic on the right) is probably the best example in her white socks, sensible footwear, maxi skirt and cardigan. In other scenes she dressed like this, so she was definitely meant to be coded as 'hot girl' despite her dowdy outfit. That's what I mean. Like, your aesthetic eye is saying one thing, but your awareness of the character's position in the context of the series/movie is saying another thing.

And that's my long winded explanation of why dowdy pieces are appealing to my 90s fashion indoctrinated mind. Basically, me watching Dawson's Creek as a 13 year old has led to this penultimate moment, fourteen years later, of wearing a  dowdy, vintage maxi skirt. MEDIA EFFECTS RIGHT THURR.

Over thinking things, moi?

Yellow Floral and Feminazi Tote

feminazi tote professional style
professional style floral summeroasap yellow floral blouse name necklace
feminazi tote
yellow floral blouse name necklace
professional style summer

Floral blouse: c/o OASAP - pencil skirt, sandals: H&M - feminazi totebag: birthday gift from my friend Natalia - cat eye sunglasses: ASOS - name necklace: Onecklace

pictures by Charlotte

When one of your closest friends (ten years and going strong!) gets you a surprise birthday gift in the form of a perfectly bright pink "college educated liberal feminazi xoxo" printed tote bag, you know you should be counting your lucky stars for having such a great pal. THANKS BABE I'LL BE TOTING THE SHIT OUT OF THIS THING! Now that I've stopped wearing crazy outfits (mostly) and dyeing my hair unnatural colours (for now), this tote is the perfect non-committal way to incorporate some statement rebelliousness in my look.

tl;dr: This tote is a great piece to spice up any elegant professional outfit with some serious attitude (and a side of passive aggressiveness, xoxo). 

The rest of my outfit is vibrant (the beautiful blouse) and comfortable (the stretchy, double layered jersey pencil skirt) and perfect for summer days at the office. Also yeay, the sun is back! I'll just credit my sunshine/lemon yellow blouse for that. My blouse's response:

Hawaiian Floral Dress, Lucite Heels and Heritage

hawaiian print retro dress trenchcoat
white purse emmy wieleman hawaiian print
hawaiian print retro dress quartz necklace lobogato
white purse emmy wieleman hawaiian print dress
brunette loose curls hairdo
hawaiian print retro dress pointy toe pumps
zinda shoes lucite heels
trenchcoat zinda shoes lucite heels hawaiian print

Man, if you get as much rain as we have been getting the past week or so, it can get quite challenging to find any opportunity to take outfit pictures. We actually drove all the way to our local train station (like, FIVE MINUTES you guyz) to take pictures underneath the bicycle storage facility thingy since that was basically the only dry spot in my entire town. I felt a bit ridiculous asking my boyfriend to drive me somewhere dry for outfit pictures, but I've been taking very little pictures the past few months anyway. I don't feel like I ask too much of him when I do. Sometimes I wonder how long this blog thing will last for me, but right now I'm just enjoying it for what it is: something light and fun and pretty I enjoy creating that I can take a break from whenever I want. I would definitely miss my blog if I stopped, so you don't have to worry about that happening anytime soon.

I look so ladylike today! I've probably said this at least twenty times in one way or another on this blog, but summertime -> feminine style for me. It's like the summer brings out my inner Mediterranean babe. I mean, I'm officially Dutch and all, but my great-grandfather was unknown and family legend says he was the Jewish doctor my great-grandmother worked for as a maid, so I supposedly have some Mediterranean blood in my lineage somewhere. Which you definitely see if you look at me and my siblings.

ANYWAY, long story short: yeay dresses and heels!

Do you have any family secrets you'd like to spill? :-D

Monochromatic White and Double Pearl Earrings

all white outfit leopard slip ons
vintage embroidered blouse
vintage embroidered blouse
double pearl earrings gold choker
leopard slip ons
double pearl earrings gold choker
white blouse white shorts leopard slip ons

embroidered blouse: vintage - shorts, straw bag: Pimkie - leopard print slip-ons: H&M - choker: &Other Stories - double pearl earrings: Ebay

I found this blouse when I randomly dropped by my local thrift shop after months of not checking out their gear. I haven't been as into the vintage aesthetic for quite some time, but during the summer I always revert to my more feminine style, enjoying midi hemlines and dresses the most. So in a way, I have summer to thank for this lovely embroidered blouse! The neckline and sleeves are adjustable thanks to the ribbon threaded throughout, so I can wear it like this or more like a relaxed off the shoulder top. I love the airy 100% cotton fabric and the boxy fit, so this was definitely a catch for 2€!

On one hand I wanted to keep the styling simple by pairing it with white shorts, but I'm never very good at pure minimalism so obviously I grabbed some statement jewelry and my leopard slip ons. In retrospect, maybe it was a bit much. The choker has made its appearance before, but the earrings are new: super cheap, ordered from Ebay, but so very cool! An edgy spin on classy pearl earrings. If you want your own, search for double pearl earrings et voila. H&M has them right now as well btw!

SO! You ready for the weekend? Of course you are.