Current Favourite: Smokey Kohl Cat Eye

Hey! I've just finished watching the The Voice UK finale and dayum that was emotional! I was so sure Christina Marie was going to win since she's a babe with a voice that could easily rival Christina Aguilera's, but in the end it was Jermain who took the gold. And that last performance, mentioning his mother, crying thick tears, dedicating his career to bettering the community he came from... That was some television gold right there. I love moments like that.

ANYWAY! I haven't blogged in days because of life being busy, and I felt like I needed to remedy that asap. So I'm presenting a new make up look I tried today, inspired by this beautiful picture I saw on pinterest. A soft, smudged cat eye of sorts, using eyeshadow or kohl pencil, or both.

tutorial simple easy how to smokey eye

One thing I always look for when considering a new look is whether the face in the inspirational picture resembles mine. I mean, as much as I'd like to try everything and anything: I have deep set eyes and fine lips, which means that make up looks a certain way on me. This inspiration pic however had deep set eyes very similar to mine, and I immediately saw that this would be the perfect kind of look to swipe on in the morning before work when you're in a hurry but still want to add some oomph. I never go to work without make up. I don't think you should always wear make up, but it's a huge confidence booster for me. What can I say, I like looking at my own face now and then and seeing that it looks good.

For my own version, these are the main products I used. Not pictured: my usual lick of (Maybelline Volum' Express) mascara.

I thought I'd show the products I used in a yoonique way

On the left, we have one of my fave products: the Catrice precision eye pencil. I love it because it's supremely creamy (great for smudging) and you don't have to sharpen it because you can just twist the tube like lipstick to get the pencil out. Also, it costs just 2,99€. Score! I smudged the pencil on one of my smallest brushes (from The Body Shop) and then I used the brush to apply a first layer in the desired shape. Starting thick from the outside corner, thinning inwards, finishing off with a light drag along my lower lash line. I didn't take pictures because it's really a one step procedure, so easy there's no reason to show every detail. 

I added a small amount of slightly shimmery anthracite coloured eyeshadow over the kohl pencil, because in my experience building products always gives the nicest end result. My version looks a bit lighter than the example from pinterest, but as you can see in the full pictures below I felt like the look packed enough punch without making it darker. Very sultry, and really extremely easy to do! Much simpler than the classic cat eye (CURSE YOU, for being so alluring and never getting easier to master) so I can't recommend it enough for you make up beginners out there. Thumbs up!

And here it is on my full face.

Sometimes the simplest things are the bestest things. You like?


  1. So pretty Annabeth! Thank you so much for sharing this makeup trick!

  2. Super mooi resultaat! Subtiel, maar het doet wat met de ogen ;)

  3. Amai, de voorlaatste foto, ZO mooi. Ik ga dit alleszins proberen!


  4. Echt mooie look :) ik gebruik deze smudgy variant van de cat eye bijna dagelijks (sinds ik totaal niet kan werken met een liquid eyeliner). Deze werkt inderdaad zo gemakkelijk!

  5. Ziet er mooi uit, moet ik zeker ook eens uitproberen.
    Naomi, x