Event: Eleonora Carisi for Zalando Launch

Hey guys, I hope your weekend has been relaxing. I have been sleeping 'til noon (always plan to get up early on Sunday, never do) and enjoying my free time. You really don't appreciate how awesome weekends are until you work full time.

Last Thursday, I attended the Eleonora Carisi for Zalando launch event. I hardly ever go to PR events anymore as I'm busy during the weeks and just want to lay low on the weekends, and I don't think events are the most stimulating blog content anyway. I can deal with them sparingly on other blogs, but if a blogger seems to attend every possible event I just get event burnout as a reader. If I don't want to read something, I assume my own readers won't enjoy it either. However, I felt eager to meet some of my co-bloggers again, and the first images I had spotted of the collection appealed to me. So off I went!

picture by Woodmonkey

We were invited at Nomad, which is a stone's throw away from the MAS museum which is one of Antwerp's biggest eye catchers. Let me just say: the venue was cozy and stylish, with a big open kitchen, and the food was delicious. Sadly, Nomad isn't a place you can just walk into and order lunch/dinner at, but it's available for catering, small parties and events. I'd recommend it for all of your event-hosting needs! Nomad was stuffed with plants and palm trees which worked perfectly with the 9 piece jungle print collection Eleonora Carisi (who is a blogger herself) designed for Zalando.

After stuffing our faces, we got to check out the collection. As I said, the entire collection is produced in jungle print organza, cotton, silk and neoprene. The maxi dress is my favourite piece, I can only imagine how the cool silk would feel swishing around my legs on a hot summer's day.

Last two pictures by Woodmonkey

I tried on the organza bomber which is super chic albeit a bit big on me. I think it would look perfect on someone taller. It did work well with my stylish cheerleader style outfit though!

The Eleonora Carisi for Zalando collection will be available from March on Zalando Luxe with prices going from 130€ to 400€. More expensive than Zalando's regular offering, but they don't call it luxe for nothing!

I guess jungle prints are super in for spring/summer 2014 huh? Are you into jungle prints?


  1. Seemed like a great event. Everything looks so beautiful. And that long skirt is just awesome!

    x Aurélie

  2. "I tried on the organza bomber which is super chic albeit a bit big on me." JE HEBT 'M ACHTERSTEVOREN AAN HOOR

  3. ik wou JUNGLE2DAMAX effect brengen yo

  4. die bomber staat je echt leuk :D

  5. Zag er een superleuk event out! Toffe collectie :)

    X Sara

  6. Zag er een leuk event uit! Zo cozy :D leuke collectie ook, had hem al eens gezien op de Zalando pop-up store