Review: L'Oreal Paris Caresse Shine in 402 Milady

I've never been a huge fan of lipgloss. Well, except when I was a teen, because lipgloss seems to be a gateway drug of sorts. Subtle and cute, just a hint of coloured shine for your lips. And you can hardly muck up the application unless you make an effort to get it all over your face! So yeah, there was a time when all I wore make up wise was some tinted balm or gloss. But those days are long gone, and I've since been a true fan of lipstick. Matte or with a satin finish, preferably. I disliked how gloss always seemed to be a stray-hair magnet, how it felt sort of juvenile and dated in a way that wasn't even fun. I failed to see how lipgloss could ever make any sort of impact or contribution to a look.

Until, while checking out every purple toned lip tint in store, I wandered upon the L'Oreal Paris Caresse Shine line. After swatching the no. 402 shade Milady, I was sold. You already feel where this is going, but read on for an in depth review!

The packaging is sleek and chic, with a cool toned gold tube broken up by a clear strip which allows you to see which colour you're dealing with: handy!

The applicator is almond shaped, with a little gap in the middle which scoops up product while the spongy sides spread it out accurately. If you pay attention, it's absolutely possible to get a very neat finish with this little applicator. I found it very easy to work with.

Now, the very best thing about this lipgloss is, without a doubt, the formula. First of all, there's the smell that hits you when you open the tube: a pleasant (to me) sweet smell that reminds me vaguely of baked goods and blueberries without becoming too artificial. Second, the formula feels very light and liquid rather than sticky and goopy when you brush it on your lips because of its unique 30% water and 60% oil balance

This also causes the third thing that's striking about this little gloss: after having brushed on a first layer, wait a few seconds for the formula to set. You can feel it changing as it settles onto your lips: the colour deepens, and the wet stickiness immediately disappears leaving an almost lipstick like feel on the lips. The only difference being the glossy finish, and the slight tacky feel that remains. Completely different from the classic lip gloss sensation, and 100% better. My fourth impression concerned the pigmentation: I got the coverage you see in these pictures with two layers of product, but the first layer already gives plenty coverage.

Finally, there's the completely supreme wear of the L'Oreal Paris Caresse Shine gloss. I can probably describe this best with this little anecdote: I swatched the gloss on the back of my hand yesterday around 3pm, and the colour was still there this morning, even after preparing dinner last night. That, my dear readers, is legit insane. The stain came off in the shower, but the longevity of the formula is unlike anything I've seen from a gloss or a lipstick. Above, you see what happens if you live your life while wearing this lipgloss: the shine wears off a bit even though your lips remain lustrous, and the colour fades slightly but leaves you with a lovely, berry stain. It doesn't smudge or spread around your lips so if you've applied it once, you're good to go for the next couple of hours!

Conclusion: this little stain/gloss defies expectations and is absolutely 100% worth its 13.95€ price tag. I got mine at Di, but it's pretty widely available.

Do you have any lip gloss recommendations to share?


  1. Ooh, leuke review! Altijd handig om te zien hoe het er 4u later uitziet, en dat ziet er goed uit! Ben ook niet zo'n fan van lip gloss, maar ik zal deze toch wel eens proberen als ik in Di of Kruidvat ben. Berry tinten zijn altijd een win!
    En random fact, maar uw nagels zijn zo mooi van vorm :D

  2. Die ga ik ook kopen! Ik hou van dat soort kleuren. Staat je trouwens prachtig!

  3. Top! Graag draag ik nude gloss, gewoon een extra touch. Deze kleurt wel heel mooi, vind ik zeker belangrijk. Gloss is voor mij ook een extra na lippenstift.
    Ik vind persoonlijk dat ik een moeilijke vorm van lippen heb, om alles mooi af te lijnen en er niet uit te zien als pamela anderson opgeblazen. Daarom dat ik meer naar gloss grijp.

    ++ ik hou ervan dat je reviews altijd eerlijk zijn ;) You cannot love every brand!

  4. Leuke review! Normaal ben ik meer een lipstick persoon, maar deze is wel echt mooi :)

  5. I think the berry shade would look totally amazing with your red hair. You should try the gloss!

  6. Echt een mooie kleur! Ik heb ook al jaren lipgloss gemeden, maar deze ziet het er echt waard uit. Zalig dat het zolang mooi opblijft ook!