Rules of Engagement Rings

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Now don't get excited: I haven't gotten engaged. Not that I would never want to be engaged. I think it's incredibly elegant to be able to refer to your significant other as 'fiancé', and the internet has shown me many beautiful examples of proposal scenes (just try not to cry at this one). That moment where you go out on a limb (literally in this case: the knee) by basically saying "hey babe, I want to spend the rest of my life with you"... I mean seriously, who wouldn't want to experience that?

I would wear a red wedding dress. This one is by Vera Wang.

The best wedding I've been to was my brother's. Or at least it was the wedding that most suited my own preferences. You can read about it here, includes lots of pictures. I loved how casual and happy the entire day was, and the setting was completely perfect. I don't even really want a 'real' wedding. I'd like a dress and a party with great food, but I don't need to be officially wed. I think I see myself as doing some sort of individualized hippie ceremony sooner than getting a marriage license and making it official in a city hall. Besides, my boyfriend is Belgian and I'm Dutch, and he's told me that I'll get a Belgian passport if we were to wed. And I'm sort of ridiculously sentimental about my Dutch nationality.

ANYWAY, if I were to get married, I'd want a ring. It doesn't have to be expensive, but it has to be pretty so that every time I look down at my hand, I can fully soak up the beauty of the love me and my fiancé share. You know? And since the ring I wear right now is a circle, it probably doesn't surprise you that I have a thing for halo rings. Halo rings basically have one centre stone that is surrounded by a circle of smaller stones. It's a bit like "I heard you like bling, so I put your bling in some bling so you can bling while you bling". You know? To make my weird explanation a bit clearer: these are all halo rings.

 Aaaaah, the bling! 
From left to right: Rondel's, designed by Natalie K//Uneekjewelry//Coronetdiamonds

Did you know pink diamonds are not only gorgeous but also very rare? Yeah, unless I win the lottery, I probably won't be able to afford a pink diamond. If I ever were to get a big rock I'd get the best bang for my buck by going for a coronet diamond, apparently. During my latest round of getting lost in google, I read that coronet diamonds actually give you the look of big stone but for a much lower price, because a coronet diamond is basically a couple of smaller diamonds placed together to mimic the look of a larger rock. If you look at the rightmost ring close enough, you can notice it. PROTIP, something to remember!

After looking at some pictures I actually think I like rounded square centre stones the best, but if I ever were to pick out a ring I'd definitely go try it on. In my experience (like when I picked out my Diamanti Per Tutti ring), trying on a ring and seeing it on your actual hand can make a huge difference. Don't ask me to explain, but if I were to wear a ring for the rest of my life, it would have to make my hand look hella elegant. It doesn't need a big stone -  I think I'd much rather eat sushi every week for a year rather than paying big bucks for a rock - but I would want something that I'm head over heels with. Maybe a vintage piece? Not sure. After all, the actual act of tying your future another individual is more important than having a piece of shiny stone on your finger.

This post isn't really going anywhere, is it? What can I say, sometimes after a long day at work and some frustrating hours spent on trying to properly install a dishwasher, you waste a lot of time on the internet. And it ends in putting together a little wedding inspiration. Or, you know, pinning recipes that include a lot of cheese.

PS Stéphanie, when are you picking up your awesome wedding blog again? THE PEOPLE NEED THEIR INSPIRATION!

I don't even need to ask this, just be honest: you have a wedding pinterest board, don't you?

Work Outfit in Pencil Skirt and Vintage Kneeboots

Pencil skirt, t-shirt: ASOS - socks, fishnets: H&M - knee high boots: ASOS - maxi coat: Choies - Pia necklace: Selected

Hey there! Dropping by to share a typical work day outfit with you guys. OK, not typical, this is definitely one of my more chic work looks. Usually I just wear my Nikes, jeans and a sweater, because my workplace literally has no requirements when it comes to style. But sometimes I still want to dress Xtra Profesh, and this was one of those instances.

I've been wearing so much black lately! It's high time spring comes around to shake me out of my easy black rut. I mean, I don't mind per se, but if you take pictures of your outfit quite often it really rubs your face in certain 'habits' you develop. Like the way you pose, mistakes you make in your make up routine, or the fact that you've worn a mostly black outfit for approx. 80% of the time for the past weeks.


But seriously, do you mind?

Spring/Summer 2014 Inspiration and JAM Family Jewels

Hiya! On the eve of this day that started out lovely and sunny but turned wet and grey during late afternoon, I am in the mood for some escapism. Sure, it will probably be at least two months until it's warm enough to go out in bare legs and sandals, but IF YOU CAN DREAM IT YOU CAN DO IT. It's true, Disney/eurovision/pinterest told me so.

So, what am I dreaming of for spring? Colour and prints! I'm pretty sure I'll stick to the rather neutral colour scheme I've adopted during winter when the warmer months finally come around. But in my dream world where I have all the time I'd ever want to style myself up in the mornings, I wear prints and colour. Here is some inspiration I've put together with my trusty friend polyvore.

The first look is totally late 60s-early 70s inspired, like a modern version of a vintage party outfit. The shirt dress is a total dream boat, but so is the turquoise jewelry, the holographic sandals and that adorable clutch. WHY IS THERE SO MUCH BEAUTIFUL STUFF EVERY NEW SEASON :(

And how about this swaggy interpretation of the classic pantsuit? OK it has basically nothing to do with the pantsuit anymore, it's way too funky for conservative workplaces. But I'm still pretty sure I'd feel like a BOSS wearing it. I love sunny gold jewelry against tropical greens, and the fresh, minty accents in the Nike Air Pegasus sneakers remind me of blue shores and cloudless skies. Seriously, vacation in outfit form.

You probably noticed I used jewelry from in both of my collages. I was contacted by Tinneke, one of my readers, last week. She told me about the online jewelry shop she'd just started with her dad and asked me if I wanted to check out her merchandise. After hearing the beautiful story of a father and daughter starting an enterprise together after the father's retirement, my heart did a little *pang*. 

My father used to own a store as well, and I would have LOVED to grow into the business, work together with my parents and take over the shop eventually. Unfortunately, life throws you curveballs. It's what you do when life gives you lemons that defines who you are as a person. Dad Mark using the end of one career to start a new one at his daughter Tinneke's side is definitely one of those life defining moments.

So if you want to support a young business with a big heart, go check out! There are some total gems (pun intended) to be found there, and at different price points so you're bound to find something that suits your wallet.

What items are you dreaming of for spring/summer? And would you ever start a business with your parents?

Bomber, Platform Boots and Zadig & Voltaire Watch

watch: c/o Zadig & Voltaire Rock 030/FM - dress: H&M - mesh top: Ebay - bomber jacket: Scottsmenswear - boots: Lucky Vintage Seattle
AMAZING pictures by Maya

Hi guys! Today's outfit was inspired by this pretty picture I stumbled upon on pinterest (obviously). Platform boots, girly, fuss-free long hair and a loose black dress. It's still too cold for bare arms and bare legs, so I layered the outfit with a mesh longsleeve, some tights and a bomber. I really like the result, more goth than without the tights and mesh sleeves but it still works. 

Have you noticed the piece of ARMCANDY on my wrist? I can't deny that having a serious grown up watch on my wrist makes me feel like a boss. This Rock 030/FM piece is part of the new Zadig & Voltaire collection, a beautiful line of watches decorated with skulls and/or butterflies in all kinds of different metal shades. I went back and forth between the silver and the rose gold, but I ended up deciding on the silver toned stainless steel because it works best with my colouring and my Diamanti Per Tutti ring.

The older I get, the more I appreciate beautiful basics you carry with you every single day to cute, trendy pieces you wear a couple of times before going on to the next one. I enjoy stability like that and if you have a stunning watch on your arm, you really don't need much else to elevate your look. I definitely see myself wearing this watch for years and years without growing tired of it.

PS: if you want to try on your own Zadig & Voltaire watch, you can find a list of the stores that carry the brand over here! Don't say I never gave you anything. Would you go for the butterfly or for the skull? I think that choice says a lot about a person.

Review + Tutorial: Gosh Plum Smokey Eye Palette & Catrice Prime and Fine Eyeshadow Base

Hey guys, I picked up two beauty products last week. As I've told you earlier, I've really been into day-appropriate smokey eyes lately, and I wanted to get a slightly better quality palette (preferably with a metallic, shimmery finish) to up my smokey eye game. Enter this Gosh smokey eye palette in Plum, and this Catrice Prime and Fine eyeshadow base. I reviewed them for you and did a neat little smokey eye tutorial as well which I hope you'll enjoy.

I've had very good experiences with Gosh cosmetics in the past and this particular palette had some purple-ish undertones, which brings out the green in my eyes, so that influenced my decision. I think I paid about 11-13€ for it, which I think is a very OK price for the quality and pigmentation. I also brought a pot of Catrice's Prime and Fine eyeshadow base, because I'd read some good reviews of it. Plus, my last tube of eyeshadow primer was dried out and really didn't do a good job even before it was dried out.

This is the plum palette. As you can see, it comes with a handy little stencil you can use to figure out where to put each shade. It doesn't come with an applicator, but who actually uses those awful sponge thingies anyway? I actually prefer using my finger to using the sponge applicator.

Shade no. 1 is a really pale, lilac leaning white. It probably has the least shimmers of all three shades, but it's a perfectly fine highlighter to use on the inner corner of your eye or on the brow bone. Shade no. 2 could be described as a subtle duochrome shadow, shifting from a mauve pink to a light gold depending on how the light hits it. Very shimmery, very lovely. Shade no. 3 is a cool toned champagne/truffle shade (sounds so luxe), and shade no. 4 is a very pigmented, plum leaning dark brown.

In general I can say that the powders are finely milled and creamy which allows for great blending and makes the colour stick to your eyelids rather than fall all over your under eye area. The pigmentation isn't amazing (except for the brown), but if you use a primer you can definitely get some very nice looks out of this palette.

The Catrice Prime and Fine eyeshadow base is a total winner. I paid about 4€ for it, and it does everything it should do. It's not super creamy or fluffy so I sort of swirl my finger around in the pot a bit to make the product soften up with body heat (so sexy), and then I apply it to my eyelids by tapping it all over. To illustrate its merits I applied it to my right eye (your left) in my smokey eye tutorial. Eyeshadow primers basically make your make up more pigmented, more blendable  and longer lasting.

Just to be clear: the eye on the LEFT has primer on it, serving as a clean canvas for my make up.

These are the brushes I used. The bigger one (from Hema) for the light colours and for blending, the smaller one (from the Body Shop) for the darkest brown.

First, I apply shade 2 over my eyelid. I think you can already see how the colour is much more evenly applied on the left eyelid, but it becomes even clearer during the next steps.

Second step: lightly apply shade no.1 from the brow bone down to the eyelid crease, and shade no.3 in the crease. The three shades I've used up until now are quite close together, so don't be surprised if the look still lacks punch now. Addition of the dark brown and mascara makes ALL the difference.

Third step: apply the dark brown shade no.4 in the outer corner of your eye, blending inward and through the crease. See how much better the left eye looks compared to the right? That's the primer doing its magic. I promise I didn't intentionally make the right eye messy!

I like to finish off my smokey eyes with a bit of kohl pencil smudged in my outer corners and by brushing on a shitload of mascara. I smudge out my kohl pencil with the small brush, and drag a bit of product along the outer corners of my bottom eyelids to make the look more intense.

Et voila!

A quick gif recap from start to finish:

And a side by side comparison pre and post eye make up that looks like I have an evil twin:

Pretty sexy yet office appropriate, right? Hope you enjoyed my tutorial! Do you ever rock a smokey eye?

Classics: Blue Jeans, White Converse

Jeans: Cheap Monday - t-shirt: vintage - denim shirt: H&M - sneakers: Converse via Sojeans

This outfit is anything but trendy, but sometimes the classics are enough. On the weekends I like to keep things simple, trying to go as comfortable as possible without looking like a total slob. Denim, Converse and a t-shirt: it really doesn't get much more basic than this. I added the denim shirt for warmth, and then I realized how the shirt and the pants matched pretty much PERFECTLY. How cool is that? Hey, if you're going for double denim you might as well make it seem as if you're wearing a full denim jumpsuit. I'm totally going to wear the two pieces together again with the shirt tucked into the pants to really drive it home.

For an outfit that is 100% off-trend, I still think the red, white and blue jeans makes a strong impression. Like Lana Del Rey meets Bruce Springsteen: total Americana. And Americana always spells summer to me. Can you tell that the sunny days we've been having are totally making me dream of spring? I can literally smell it in the air these days. Bring on bare legs, sunkissed skin and long evenings!

PS: this outfit was subtly inspired by Debra Morgan, aka one of the most badass, heartbreaking tv-characters ever. She also has amazing hair.

UGH I want to make out with her perfect face.

What do you wear when you want to take it easy? And do you have any tv-show-character crushes?

Spring Sneakers

Sometimes, no words are needed. Like when you're looking at three pairs of perfect, Easter egg coloured Nikes. Doesn't matter that spring is still a month away or that the skies are decidedly grey and dreary, just put your feet in some ridiculously comfortable, ridiculously pretty and cheery pair of Nikes and you'll forget about winter in no time! I think I'm most in love with the babyblue pair (I love the unexpected punchy red details), but who am I kidding: I'll always fall for pink.

Which of these are your faves? Or are you immune to fashion's infectious power and impervious to the temptation of sneakers?

Date Night Outfit: Lace Slip Dress, Oversized Coat

coat: Choies - slip dress with see through overlay: Zara - fishnets, lace sports bra: H&M - pumps: ASOS Sonic heels

See, I clean up good! I wore this to go out to dinner with my boyfriend for Valentine's - sushi, of course. I don't do "sexy" very often but for the right occasion I can turn my swag on. And I'm not going to deny that it can feel good to dress up for my boyfriend, even if I hardly ever do it. We both respect each other's personal style.

I really cannot overstate how much I love this coat: I wear it ALL the time, it's definitely been one of my favourite buys of this season. Never knew what a long-coat-shaped-hole my wardrobe had until I got this baby. The dress was a sales buy I haven't been able to show you guys up until now. Since it consists of a fully functional slip dress and a see through sweater dress, I thought I was getting two good pieces for the discounted price of one. I like how this dress is actually loose and pretty covered up, but in a surprisingly saucy way. I usually feel more self conscious than sexy in a form fitting, cleavage-y number.

For my make up, I did a look that I've been very fond of for the past few weeks: a light version of a smokey eye. Here are some close ups I shot with my phone:

Very flattering and sexy in a subtle way. And easy to do as well, as long as you blend until the cows come home.

What kind of outfit/make up makes you feel most sexy?