Living Room: Tissue Paper Pom Poms

I bet you remember me promising to share more (and better) pictures of the tissue paper pom poms I put up right before a few weeks ago. And I'm throwing in some more shots of what our living room looked like before we took down the Christmas tree yesterday (sadface). On the house! Pun intended.

I don't have a mega fancy or hip home, but we have some nice and spacious rooms and I'm quite happy with the couple of rooms that I've manged to make more "me". A work in progress, but that's what you have to work with when you move into a home that was someone else's home before it became yours. If there's one single thing I regret about dating someone older than me, it would be that I never had the chance to really create my own space from scratch (going straight from the parents' house into my boyfriend's), but that's a small price to pay for spending every day of your life with the love of your life. 

OK enough schmalz, on to the pics!

The table, chairs and dresser date back to the late '60s - early '70s and used to belong to my parents in law. I have to say they picked well as I absolutely love the furniture! The chairs are white leather, the wood is a gorgeous, warm, reddish brown, and the handles on the dresser are cross shaped like tiny little pluses.  I'd definitely pick something similar myself.

The painting above the dresser was done by my brother in law, inspired by my boyfriend (his brother). Safe to say we're never going to get rid of it, but I actually think it's a very cool piece, so I'm not bitter. 

The bronze leaves in the vase on our dining table are some eucalyptus leaves spray painted for the holidays. I got them for 3€ at our local supermarket and they still look awesome three weeks later. I think the spray paint mummified the leaves or something, and they work very well with the colours in our living room so I'm not complaining!

I'm not crazy about the rug, but do you have any idea how EXPENSIVE a beautiful rug is? Seriously expensive. And since this one is fairly neutral, it stays put for now. I'd like to find something like this, this, this or this, something that makes more of a statement.

So! That's most of our dining room. What do you think? Is there anything you'd like to change about your living spaces?


  1. The pom-poms are a wonderful idea. I might just give them a try :)
    The table and chairs are wonderful indeed.

  2. Die pompoms zijn echt super! Doet me denken aan de bloemen die ik uit servietten maakte als kind :)



  3. Echt mooi, die pompoms! In mijn volgend huis doe ik dat ook! Nu deel ik een huis, en hoewel ik de verantwoordelijkheid heb gekregen voor de esthetiek (dat hebt ge dan als architect he), lachen ze soms toch nog een beetje met mijn enthousiasme haha. Misschien nog wat bewaren voor als ik een heel huis heb in te richten dus ;)
    Die kast, tafel en stoelen vind ik trouwens ook echt mooi!

  4. Die pompoms zijn zo simpel maar geven direct een andere sfeer aan de kamer. Love it!

  5. die pompoms zijn super mooi! een idee'tje voor in onze kinderkamer misschien? :)

  6. Simple, yet pretty! Het kleedt de ruimte wel een pak aan, zeker een idee dat ik eens ga toepassen ;)

  7. The pom poms actually look really amazing!

  8. I love how the poms' colors are like swatches from all over your house. Truly a great addition there!

  9. yeaaaay that was what I was going for!

  10. Oh my gosh I love it so much. Thats exactly the look I'm going for...if only I had a dining space. I'm thinking of rearranging to have one. Also that furniture was the look we were going for, you're so lucky to have it as a hand-me down. So much better with history.

    ALSO those fluffballs. I WANT TO MAKE THOSE! Genius.

  11. Those pom poms are amazing! And I love all the inspiration rugs; it always makes me sad how expensive pretty rugs are. *sigh* I love your space! I think my husband and I both have the same thing where we never had the chance to create our own spaces from scratch, because we both lived with our parents previous to getting married, and then... I don't really like the house we live in, so I haven't felt too motivated to decorate it. That, and there always seems to be more important things to spend money on than decorations. I think my resolution this year will be to add more of my personality to our house (my husband pretty much doesn't care what I do, so far as I can tell, haha!) no matter where we live. It's always hard decorating a rental, but it can be done!