Halloween 2013: Witch Costume

open back dress: Zara - crossed out tights: c/o DIM - boots: c/o Spartoo - witch hat: party supply store

My Halloween party last year didn't have a theme so everyone came dressed up as whatever, but this year I decided on a theme (witches/coven) early on so people wouldn't have to spend ages thinking up something original. Pro tip if you want a cool Halloween costume without having to make a huge effort: look at your daily style and see if any of it lends itself to a theme or an idea. I came up with "witches" as a theme because seriously, anybody could come up with their own version of a witch. Goth, bohemian, retro, preppy schoolgirl, cute, sexy comme Anjelica Huston, or elegant like Jessica Lange: every personal style can turn out a cool witch outfit as long as you play your cards right while styling it up. Hell, you could even be a white witch!

Flying off with my girl Eline who was more of a boho/70s rocker witch

I had a few dresses I contemplated wearing for the event but in the end I ended up buying something new because I had fallen for this dress some time ago, and my party was pretty much the perfect excuse to add it to my wardrobe. A comfortable, shimmery knit dress that's classy and demure in the front but surprises with a very sexy open back that makes my booty pop like BAM: I'm 100% sure I'll get more wear out of this.

I accessorized with my DIM cross print nylons (perfect for a goth day!), some ankle boots and dark make up. Purple lips and a smokey eye really brought home the Halloween vibe for me. Topped off with a witch hat and voila, super easy but effective Halloween costume.

What did you dress up as? And what kind of witch would you be? :)


  1. Okay, this is just fun to see so many different takes on witches!

  2. Oooh superleuk! Die kousen maken het echt af :D

  3. Leuk! De achterkant van de jurk is wel n eye-catcher

  4. Simpel maar past helemaal in het thema!

  5. Wat een vamp heks! Heel leuke foto's.
    Ik was ook een heks dit jaar, zo easy eigenlijk :D
    Naomi, x

  6. That dress is incredible! Plus it really does look fantastic on you and especially goth when paired with those tights and boots. I think I'd go for a more retro/pin-up witch, I think that'd be super cute.