Zara Lookbook: Midi Skirts and Ankle Boots

I'm not really super into following fashion (as in staying on top of trends), but fall seems to be a bit of an exception to that rule. For some reason, which is probably my summer-laziness, when the leaves begin to turn gold and the temperatures drop, I start to be sort of into fashion. I might even check out a lookbook once in a while. One lookbook I admired last week made a particular impact on me: the Zara A/W1213 one. Both the Zara Woman and TRF styling really inspired me with their aesthetic and use of basic pieces in one particular way.

I'm talking about knee length (or somewhat shorter/longer) skirts with a Chelsea type boot. Allow me to demonstrate with some pictures I lifted off of their web shop, because the product shots actually illustrate my point better.

Riiiiiiiight? Feminine, comfortable, elegant, casual, kind of somewhere between modern and retro (aka simply regular lulz) and very appropriate for work while still being cool. I really dig it! Especially with an oversized, loose top or coat to make sure the outfit is really not that flattering at all but makes up for it in coolness. I know, it sounds weird, but just think about it: fashion is all about wearing stuff that isn't really conventionally pretty or flattering but still convincing people you are cool as fuck. AMIRITE? Yes I am.

I'm especially feeling the patent chelsea boots and slip skirt in the above collage, and I might try to add something similar to my wardrobe. 

You feeling it?

Skater Skirt, Beanie, Nikes

Sweater, beanie: ASOS - coat: Pull & Bear - skirt: c/o OASAP - sneakers: Nike Air Max c/o Spartoo - watch: c/o ISMY

I recently got the chance to add two pairs of Nikes to my shoe collection, one pair of pale ones in white and grey with tangerine accents, and this black pair with an abstract kind of camouflage print. Light coloured sneakers with black tights always remind me a bit too much of Zwarte Piet (racism alert), but black ones like these are perfectly fine, dontcha think? I've been wearing these a lot and I don't see that changing over the next few months.

The skirt is another hot tip: marked down to only 14,90$ which translates to about 11€. OASAP always ships for free, so get it while it's hot! Be sure to order a size up though, Asian sizes are notoriously tiny.

I'm getting ready for another work week after a satisfying weekend. Today was filled with doing a whole lot of nothing, but yesterday I got some prep work done for my PhD and after that, my guy and me went over to my friend Eline's beautiful new place to finally meet her other half, eat some amazing food and talk about anything and everything.


What did you do this weekend?

Selected Jogging Trousers

sweater: Forever21 - jogging trousers: Selected - beanie: ASOS - boots: c/o Spartoo - watch: c/o ISMY

Fancy jogging pants. Just let that one sink in, because the idea is almost as enticing as some fresh apple pie. I'm guessing I will be LIVING in these as soon as winter hits Belgium because they are cool and snuggly at the same time. I might take them in the tiniest bit though, I want them to fit tight because that's what takes them from casual to chic - or as chic as jogging pants will ever be. I mean, I wouldn't wear these to a wedding for example. That's just bad manners.

Are you feeling fancy jogging pants or do you think they just make me look like I'm wearing pajamas/like I'm stuck in the late 80s/early 90s? If you do feel like giving this a shot, I'm advising you to stick to more of a slim fit (like the ones on the left and right here). Way easier to dress up than true baggy joggers like these for example (lulz).

Go on, give it a try, you know you want it.

Shearling Biker Jacket, Velvet Skirt, Purple Lips

coat: c/o - skirt: c/o Oasap - top, snake earring, tights: H&M - necklace: Forever21 - flats: Texto

Dude, I am dead tired. But I just had a delicious dinner of macaroni with gruyère cheese and oven roasted vegetables topped off with some red fruit beer, so I'm good.

Time to share an outfit, and then I'm off to bed with a book (still crazy about "A Song of Ice and Fire")! Do you see this t-shirt I'm wearing? It is perfect. Only 7€ at H&M right now, and I love it in all of its boyfriend-fitted, bespeckled eggplant glory. I had come to the conclusion that, while I have more than enough clothes to last me a life time, I am sadly lacking in the basics department. And basics are exactly what I want to wear these days. After looking down on people wearing just jeans and a t-shirt for ages (yes I am a brat), here I am wanting to do nothing more than just grab jeans and a t-shirt in the morning.

When does one cross the line from being effortless to just being lazy?

It's all just in the eye of the beholder anyways.

But! I made an effort with this outfit. An effort that turned out looking slightly goth in all the right ways. Wearable goth! The green velvet skirt just looks sumptuous with the burgundy top. And I looooove the biker jacket (has just been significantly marked down!). Love love it. It's completely unlike anything I already own (I think I have about zero hip length  winter coats) so I was super excited to add it to my wardrobe. Biker jackets seem to be super hip right now if I look at the current high street collections, so if you like the silhouette you're bound to find a version that works for you.

Off now, time to catch some zzzz's (omg can I get any more douchy?)

What do you think, is this outfit something you might wear or does it just read as too goth?

PS: I'm crazy about wearing metallic nailpolish with my Diamanti Per Tutti ring right now. Mixing metals always looks cool, but I especially love it done like this.

COS Dress and Nike Air Max

Dress: COS - sneakers: Nike Air Max c/o JD Sports - crystal ring: COS - circle ring: Diamanti Per Tutti - knuckle rings: H&M - stud earrings: H&M - ear cuff: Claire's - watch: Swatch Chrono Plastic

Hiya! The increase in temperatures means that this beautiful COS dress I bought a few months ago in the sales can finally be styled the way it was supposed to be: minimalist, clean and cool. I mean, is this the perfect work dress or what? So effortless, chic yet casual, and super comfortable because it's made out of stretchy, thick jersey.

And the Nike Air Maxes, aaaah I love them so much. They were gifted to me via JD Sports by the awesome, hilarious Johanna: shout out, girl! I will rock the SHIT out of these thanks to you, and I'm really super grateful because I had been lusting over this specific pair for over a month now. JD Sports has a GREAT selection of Nikes and sneakers in general so get your but over there if you're as into kicks as I am. These Nike Max Theas were my second favourites, very fashiony. But I'm a sucker for the retro vibe of Air Maxes.

So, are you as in love with this dress and sneakers as I am?

Sweatshirt, Skater Skirt and Flowers

Boy, have I been slacking off the last few days! About time for another blogpost. I just found these pictures I still had lying around from august. Since the weather has improved over the past few days and the forecasts are predicting temperatures around 20°C, I guess this bare legs outfit is still kinda appropriate. Especially if you live somewhere warm. I mean, not EVERYONE lives in Belgium aka sadsville (j/k).

So, outfittime!

flats: Sacha - sweatshirt, skater skirt: ASOS - wicker box bag: Zara - ring: Diamanti Per Tutti

Taken when the sun was already low and golden, a beautiful late afternoon. I had favourited the skater skirt for about four or three months now, and I'm so happy I bought it when it got marked down. It really is pretty much the perfect skater skirt, and I'm not even a big fan of the look in general. Too cutesy! But this thick knit jersey version is perfect because of the way it falls. Thick, heavier fabrics are key when it comes to skater skirt silhouettes, a thin fabric gives off a very cheap and juvenile vibe with this garment. It looks like denim but it is a stretchy knit, which makes it so much more comfortable. Yeay!

The top is a winner as well. The fit is perfect, I love boxy tops. I feel like they are flattering and work with basically any kind of bottom out there: skater skirts, pencil skirts, maxi skirts, skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans. You name it, it works! Another great purchase at only 10€. Annnnd it has raglan sleeves, my FAVOURITE kind of sleeve! I don't know why, but halter tops and raglan sleeves just look very good on me so I always look for those shapes when shopping.

Just some of the stuff that goes on in my mind when thinking about my clothes, I guess. Is that interesting to read for you or couldn't you care less? I like thinking and reading about the "logics" and theory about when certain things "work" and some things don't. But maybe you just want me to stfu, you know? Tell me!

PS: weekend almost over, boo :(

Faux Fur Jacket, Dark Purple Lipstick

faux fur jacket, sweater, scarf: H&M - skinny jeans: c/o G-star - Koah Oria ankle boots (enkellaarzen): c/o Spartoo - watch: c/o ISMY

Ah, the debut of two awesome things: that one jacket I was contemplating returning (like hell, this shit's way too pretty), and my new dark purple lipstick! Kate Moss x Rimmel London #04, a very cool toned, almost grey-tinged purple. The perfect way to give any outfit a proverbial kick up the ass, right? Very striking. I mean, just remember wearing jeans and a simple t-shirt and finishing off with a tight ponytail, neutral shimmery eyelids + mascara and a perfectly painted dark purple mouth. WINNING.

Sabina took these pictures right outside my work building. Her amazing ombre dye job has me contemplating a new hair colour. I'm thinking of getting it professionally coloured, something between ombre and highlights. I'm over ombre myself, but I do love having brighter hair, especially during the winter. I like wearing black during the colder months and brown hair just looks so drab with black outfits. I'm thinking of something like this, this or this. Subtle, classy but a bit more interesting than plain brown hair. But if I'm really honest, I just wish I could go back to the way my hair was here. Ugh, haircuts. BIGGEST MISTAKE OF MY LIFE RIGHT THERE.

Do you have any hair-plans lined up to cope with the changing seasons?

Yeay, Coats!

I mean, YEAY COATS right? You know how bitches be like, all crazy and unpredictable and shit. I, as a woman, am a very complicated person (I'm being sarcastic here): as much as I love hopping outside in a dress and sandals without a care in the world, I do also love a good, snuggly coat. Don't we all? Margot Tenenbaum does. She made her tan, glam fuzzy coat her trademark!  All you need is a sharp, side parted bob with a hair clip and a big furry coat and BAM, Wes Anderson fans will recognize you as a Tenenbaum fan.

Girl knows a good coat when she sees one. And I'd like to think I do too! Now, I'm not sure I'd feel comfortable wearing real fur (not ruling it out though), but I have a well documented love for the faux variety. What can I say, I love looking like a really chic stuffed animal. So, when I happenstanced on some fine specimens very similar to some of my own coats while internet-windowshopping over at, I knew I had to share with you guys. 

Quick reminder, three of my favourite furry coats.


Leopard, shearling with contrasting sleeves, and shaggy faux fur, yesssss. And here you can get your own version! No exact copies, but who needs a copy when they can adopt their own new trademark, right?


If you don't dig the furry fur, no worries. I'll blog about some other options one of these days. I'll give you the stink-eye, though. Who on earth dislikes fluff? A SOCIOPATH, that's who.
So, which one is your favourite?