Inspiration: Crop Tops

Yeah, I'm hardly telling groundbreaking truths here, nor telling you about this "amaga new trendzzz". But, you know, I really like crop tops. Or let me rephrase that: I think crop tops are cool as FUCK. And before you go telling me crop tops look cool but aren't for you because [insert perceived issues with your body-type]: ANYONE can rock crop tops if they feel like doing so. Just check out this babely specimen

Or this one!

Or her?

The entire idea that some styles aren't flattering on certain bodies is a self fulfilling prophecy anyway: we are used to seeing more "out there" pieces on slim, modelesque girls, so when we see a non-model type woman in a more edgy outfit, our brain immediately goes "DOES NOT COMPUTE". Simply because we aren't used to seeing this particular image, we interpret it as amateurist or tacky whereas a slim girl wearing the exact same outfit would be all kinds of inspirationally daring.

Which is BS.

Clothes are clothes and wearing this or that won't magically alter your appearance anyway. Someone who's skinny won't seem "fat" by wearing something "unflattering", and someone who's fat won't become magically "inoffensively skinny" by wearing spanx and pencil skirts and push up bra's. The more we see women of every body type wearing any kind of outfit, the sooner everyone will learn to accept their freedom to wear whatever they want without passing judgement when our opinion isn't requested.

SO. Now that we've got that out of the way, here are some crop top looks that have caught my eye over the past weeks!

source: 1/2/3/4/5/6

There's a bit for everyone: Paulien's look (no. 2) is a bit more work appropriate: modest and ladylike with the high waisted midi skirt and the high neckline. While no. 5 (ike sports bra) is ideal for casual girls who like skin more than fabric. No. 3 is for tomboys, while no. 4 and 6 are for girly girls. Yep, crop tops for everybody!

What do you think about crop tops? Have anything to say about the concept of flattering ones body type? Share!

EDIT: just because one of my readers asked me about it on my facebookpage, here are some more awesome bloggers that don't fit the "skinny, model-esque" body type!

Basic Outfit and Sales Plans

jeans, fluffy sweater: H&M - boots: c/o Sacha

Told you I was into uber-simple looks! Most of my outfits the past month or so consist of like, three pieces. I'm a really lazy dresser! :-D Aren't we all though, secretly? I still had these pics laying around from like, a month and a half ago, and the look is relevant again now that summer seems to have left us (booh).

I have like, zero things to say right now. Except for the fact that:

1) I don't *hate* my shorter hair anymore. I like how it makes me look and feel like a grown up.
2) I'm sort of preparing for the sales. I'm planning to look for minimalist chic, high quality basics (mostly from COS - silk EVERYTHING), but comme per usual I'm digging some shoes as well. More specifically, I'm looking to replace some basics: chique but comfortable black ankle boots, and maybe a pair of Converse sneakers? They are pretty much irresistible in maroon...

You got your eye on anything specific for the upcoming sales?

Sweatshirt, Boyfriend Jeans, Pumps

sweatshirt, boyfriend jeans: H&M - pumps: c/o Wonders - ring, necklace: Diamanti Per Tutti - belt: boyfriend's

I'd been lookig for the perfect type of square, oversized sweatshirt since falling in love with Paulien's maxi skirt look in this blogpost. I've always had a difficult relationship with tops (lulz): I never have any problem finding bottoms I like, but tops? They never seem to fit me quite the way I'd like them to. The length, the fabric, the fit: it's all important when I look at tops. I usually look for tops that have a bit of structure to them: not harsh or stiff, but something that doesn't just follow the shape of your body (and the outlines of your bra). Something a bit square-fitting, with a hem that hits me just above the hip. Just to exemplify: I hate this shape on me, while I love this one. When you can tuck a top into a higher waisted bottom, this is less of an issue of course. Another tip of mine: raglan sleeves are always a plus. And flimsy fabric is always a minus.

N E WAY, I picked up this sweatshirt at H&M last week before visiting the Rituals flagstore shop opening in a large because I love the way the sleeves hang off my shoulders. The top is a bit long on me, but I'm still contemplating whether I want to shorten it or not. I like the length because I can wear it with leggings as the top just covers my butt in the back, or do a semi-tuck with jeans, but I might shorten it yet.

Do you have any pet-peeves concerning tops? And should I shorten the top or not?

PS, just for the lulz: I went to the market wearing this outfit but it was cold and rainy so I wrapped my scarf around my head & neck and ended up looking a lot like Jasmine.



t-shirt: c/o - peplum skirt: Forever21 - sneakers: Nike Air Vortex - sunglasses: ASOS - ring: Diamanti Per Tutti

As much as we've probably tired of the tsunami of Asian webshops washing over fashion blogs, I still totally think that there are some great items to be found if you practice a discerning eye. This GEEK t-shirt from for instance (also available in grey, black and white) is reaaaally cool and a total steal at 22$ (17€). And the shipping is free! I've been wearing it a lot since I received it in the mail. I like the rich green colour with the white letters, makes it work so well with this cream peplum skirt! Yeah, it's the one I got in black earlier. I liked it so much I had to get it in this colour as well.

I've really been into professional/chic skirts lately. Guess my style sense is catching up with my life? I've actually been feeling very accomplished. On my way to starting a PhD, just completed a research project and having a blast at my social media management job: yeah, I'm in a great place right now. And that place seems to come with ladylike skirts. 

Paired with sneakers, naturally.

Rainbow of Sneakers

I've had an absolutely lovely day visiting the festivities surrounding 500 years of thursday markets in Sint Niklaas. I ate glorious food: candied apples, pancakes with chocolate and bananas, bratwurst, cheeses and garlic bread. But now I'm digesting, and that means I've got some time to blog! 

The three reasons I love the content of this post: SNEAKERS! COLOUR! ENVIRONMENTALLY CONSCIOUS! Or, you know, just look at this picture.

Lemony yellow, mint, lime, orange, watermelon, orange sorbet and strawberry ice cream: don't these Victoria plimsolls look absolutely yummy?  So easy to just slip on with any type of outfit to have a little bit of sunshine on your feet when you look down. I'm pretty sure that most people's summer wardrobe isn't complete without a pair of basic, preppy plimsolls.

These are sold for about 30€ a pop (really quite alright!), and you can do so with a clear conscience to boot: the brand only uses natural dyes, and the sole is made from 100% natural rubber. Now, I don't really know what that means, but I'm pretty sure a brand can't go around proclaiming their production process is sustainable without actually paying any mind to the environment.

I think I'm ready for more food now. SO! Are you into plimsolls, or wouldn't you be caught dead in them? What's your favourite summer shoe?

Rituals: Antwerp Flagshipstore Opening and Outfit

Hiya! It's smouldering hot and I've spent an afternoon and early evening in Antwerp visiting some shops and, most importantly, discovering the new Rituals flagship store that was opened today. I haven't been able to visit any "events" lately, which means it's been ages since I've been able to mingle with my blogger peeps! It was great to see everyone again, especially on such a beautiful day and in such a beautiful store.

The new Rituals flagship store is situated on the Leysstraat in Antwerp, just off the Keyserlei and before the Meir: great location. The long, narrow space uses the familiar muted, natural shades for a high quality zen feel. But there are some unique features as well: inspirational quotes and silk cherry blossom trees! Can I take those last ones home plz?

I really am a fan of Rituals. Right now, about four items out of my daily beauty routine are in fact from this brand. Their Magic Touch (Cherry Blossom and Rice Milk) line is simply DIVINE. We picked up another block of car perfume on the way out. I hate riding in a smelly car, I get carsick enough as is.

And this is what I wore today! Mind you, I spent, like, an hour to perfect this EFFORTLESSLY cool ensemble (lulz)(emphasis on cool - I was sweating my balls off, mang).

dress: Zara - sneakers: Nike Air Vortex - belt: H&M - watch: c/o Swatch

Are you a Rituals fan, or haven't you sampled the brand yet? 

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Yeah I know, this sounds like a really blatant self promoting post, but please bear with me! I'm pretty sure some of you have already heard the news: google friend connect and google reader are being shut down in two weeks. If you want to keep up with my blog and not, like, forget about me, I suggest you follow me on twitter, facebook and/or bloglovin' to keep up with all of my updates! I'd hate for us to stop seeing each other.

I hope you'll keep following me! Otherwise I'll totally roll my eyes at you, like so.


Vintage Hand Embroidered Mexican Dress

dress: vintage via Think Twice - wedges: Texto - straw purse: Pimkie - sunglasses: c/o Oasap

Some time has passed since I was almost exclusively shopping my gear for pennies at Think Twice. The whole obviously vintage look doesn't appeal to me as much anymore, and it is just too easy to pick up garbage when it costs less than a sandwich. But I still think there are treasures to be found while thrifting, and this dress is definitely one of my luckiest finds in all of my thrifting years. It is obviously hand embroidered, 100% cotton and straight from Mexico: the kind of piece they'd try and recreate at Forever21 or H&M, but without the authenticity. And yes, I'm enough of a postmodernist to not bat an eye at talking about authenticity even though you might as well see me wearing a knock off tomorrow. SORRY NOT SORRY. Whenever I see it, I imagine some really glamourous, free spirited 70s woman picking this up while sojourning in South America.

I do think you're supposed to go with the vibe of beautiful pieces like this one. I would try and "fashion it up" by wearing it with like, sneakers. A dress like this needs a solid 70s shoe, like a wedge or a clog. I'd pair it with something like these classic Le Comptoir Scandinave clogs in a heartbeat!

meer klompen bij Spartoo

And no belts. A sack dress should be free to be a sack dress. AMIRITE? Nice and airy for hot, Mexican summer days.