Review: Samsung S3 Powerbank

Hiya! I have already told you about one of my favourite things in the entire world: my Samsung Galaxy S3, which was my birthday + Christmas gift from my boyfriend last year. I use it alllll the time and it makes the life of a control freak slash know it all like me SO much easier. Googling anything whenever and wherever has been my idea of heaven for years, so smart phones were practically invented for the likes of me. However, it's still a lot harder to find cute accessories for your Samsung S3 compared to the iPhone. So when I got an email from a while ago, I was happy to see how many cute Samsung S3 and S4 phone cases they offered! I took the opportunity to review one of their more useful gadgets: the Samsung Galaxy S3 Power Bank. The power bank basically works as a phone case that recharges your battery, which can come in handy during long car voyages or, in my case, long train rides.

I heart my phone and I take good care of it.

You can slide the upper part of the power bank upwards to easily insert your phone, and slide it back down to click your phone neatly into place. The cut-outs ensure that your phone will be fully functional while sitting in the powerbank.

The power bank has a small stand in the back that you can flip outward, in order to put set up your phone vertically and make it look like AN ADORABLE TINY TELEVISION.


When you press the power button, it starts charging your phone. The rightmost light starts blinking and after it stops, the light next to it takes over. This continues until all of the power has transferred into your phone battery. If your battery has depleted to -10%, this will charge your phone to about 70-80% in a few hours. To fully reload your power bank, you simply plug it onto your phone charger for about three hours.

Verdict: two thumbs up! I carry it in my purse at all times. Simply thinking of having a dead phone battery makes me hyperventilate.

I'm on the lookout for a cute, cheap new phone cover right now. Will you be getting a power bank?


  1. voor mijn gsm bestaat dat niet :( snif!

  2. Cute :) lijkt mij zeer handig. I need a new smartphone! Ik wil een met een betere camera, but so expensive!

  3. welke heb jij nu? Je moet gewoon gebruik maken van een van die deals die je bij providers krijgt :D


  5. aaaah poor you! instagram is ALLES. Kan je geen gebruik maken van zo'n overschakelingsdeal? King en Kong van telenet zijn ace.

  6. Gotta get myself one of those ASAP.

    My iPhone is my baby and I can NOT, will NOT let the battery die.

    x Krizia

    Shark Attack - Fashion Blog

  7. I know it's sad, but I feel really uncomfortable if I'm out without my phone / when my battery died. Need to recharge asap.

  8. this is so incredibly sweet!! I'm thankful that you found my blog and have found it to be of worth to you. Please do bore me with details of how you've gotten to know yourself better through style, I definitely recognize that journey and I would love to share it with you!


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