Snake, Leopard, Bird Print

blouse: Zara - denim jacket, snake print skinny jeans and slingback pumps: H&M - sunglasses: ASOS - ear cuff: Claire's - purse: Primark

Wearing my clip in extensions again! The cheaper, shorter set that is a bit easier to wear. I've got to say, as much as I wish I had my long hair again, I really do enjoy going back and forth between long and short hair. Feels very glamorous. Pro tip: if you don't feel like spending ages blending in your extensions perfectly, just go for a half-updo like did here. Conceals all the shorter strands and looks good with zero effort.

I went for a bit of a retro pinup sort of look, with the cigarette pants, kitten heels, cat eye sunnies, leopard print and eyeliner. Modernized with the denim jacket. I wish I had just left it off though, these days I'm more and more about simplicity rather than a stylized, perfectly finished look. I do enjoy the OVERKILL of animal print presented here, though. Birdprint purse, snakeprint skinnies and pumps, leopard blouse. AMAGA SO MANY ANIMALZ

PS: important question peeps. I think I'm about to settle on the pair of sneakers I'm going to buy myself. I don't want a pair of neon bright sneakers, but something that will go with everything and look equal parts effortless and classy. More specifically, I'm seriously considering this pair of navy/light blue Nike Air Vortex sneakers. I think they have that sort of subdued color palette that reminds me of retro, classic kicks. More importantly, those shades of blue really go with anything and everything from bare legs and dresses to an easy denim outfit: from summer to winter. So, my question: DO YOU SEE ME IN THESE or should I keep on lookin'?

Pink Sneakers

floral blouse, jeans, sneakers: H&M - necklace: c/o Diamanti Per Tutti - sunglasses: c/o Oakley - watch: c/o Swatch

I wanted to introduce you to my cheap ass funky sneakers which I picked up at H&M a few weeks ago. I'm still looking for THE sneakers (and really disappointed at the small selection available at stores), so I picked these up for 24€ to tide me over in the meantime. This ain't the most exciting outfit I've ever posted on here, and it has the slightest soccer-mom vibe, but the SUNSHINE and the PINK save everything if you ask me.


Floral Leggings, Converse and My Diamond Ring

coat: c/o Chictopia - denim shirt: Zara - floral leggings: H&M - sneakers: c/o Converse - ear studs: ASOS - ear cuff: Claire's - ring: Diamanti per Tutti

Hi babes! A Sunday afternoon post for you today. I'm sitting at home all by my little lonesome because my boyfriend is off to watch a football match. Sports, YUCK! It's still cold as hell outside, and I don't see myself facing a two hour drive down to a football field to simultaneously freeze and bore my ass off while losing a bit of my sanity with each new wave of chanting. THX BUT NOTHX.

So, here I am sitting on my couch, watching A Philadelphia Story surrounded by my four cats. I could strike a worse deal, right? And that leaves me time to type out a post for you, featuring some outfit pictures my sister snapped yesterday. The sun filled us with hopeful giddiness that was nipped right in the bud when we stepped outside to face a gust of freezing north-east wind. MEH. So after the shoot, I wasted no time putting on socks and boots and an extra sweater + scarf.

I did really like this outfit though. I'm finding it hard to pull myself out of the swamp that is fall/winter style now that the weather refuses to change for the better. I'm really, really, REALLY sick of black and tights and jeans, but they're all I've got. The denim shirt, bare ankles and floral still give a bit of fraîcheur to this ensemble, non?

But the true star of this outfit (or any outfit to come, frankly), is my new ring. It was an early birthday gift by my boyfriend, also symbolical for our 10th anniversary next year. I got a ring when we celebrated our fifth and I wore it all the time, but lately I've been in the mood for something more simple and elegant, something smaller. After contemplating Diamanti Per Tutti's Little Heart for You ring, I fell hard for the Circle of Life ring. A small, pure geometric shape and symbolical for endless love: perfect. I've been wearing it every day since I got it, and miss it on my finger when it's gone.

How do you like my new ring?


Hi guys! Time for the WEEEEEEEKEEEEEND! And I don't know about you, but I'm ready for the weekend to begin. Time to sleep as long as I want, chill as much as I want, watch all the crappy tv-shows I want: heaven! 

One thing I always love to do when I'm just enjoying me-time, is (window)shop online. It might sound really fracking superficial, but I have to admit that online window shopping is one of my favourite pass times. Cataloguing everything that's there, finding the best items at the best prices, favouriting them and thinking of how and why they'd work with my outfits... It's a strange thing to do, but I like it. Most of the time I don't even buy anything!

If you ask me, it's just a habit that builds on our hunter-gatherer history. I hunt pretty items, and I gather them! :-D And I know a lot of you are just the same. So! I hope you're excited to hear about the new sponsor I will be writing posts about now and then: Spartoo, a webshop offering a great selection of gorgeous shoes (schoenen) by some of my favorite brands like Nike, Converse and Vans (yep, still alllll about sneakers). Not only do they have a big huge offering, they also have lots of nice discounts going on. Just look at these pretty babies, marked down to 55,99€ (also available with high tops)

Totally perfect for fourth of July, right?  Just imagine them with a little white dress, a pony tail to keep the heat off of your neck and some ribs on the BBQ and BAM, summer's here at last! And very Lana Del Rey at that. 


I'm going to see her live next Friday, super excited about that one. Enjoy your weekend!

Review: Samsung S3 Powerbank

Hiya! I have already told you about one of my favourite things in the entire world: my Samsung Galaxy S3, which was my birthday + Christmas gift from my boyfriend last year. I use it alllll the time and it makes the life of a control freak slash know it all like me SO much easier. Googling anything whenever and wherever has been my idea of heaven for years, so smart phones were practically invented for the likes of me. However, it's still a lot harder to find cute accessories for your Samsung S3 compared to the iPhone. So when I got an email from a while ago, I was happy to see how many cute Samsung S3 and S4 phone cases they offered! I took the opportunity to review one of their more useful gadgets: the Samsung Galaxy S3 Power Bank. The power bank basically works as a phone case that recharges your battery, which can come in handy during long car voyages or, in my case, long train rides.

I heart my phone and I take good care of it.

You can slide the upper part of the power bank upwards to easily insert your phone, and slide it back down to click your phone neatly into place. The cut-outs ensure that your phone will be fully functional while sitting in the powerbank.

The power bank has a small stand in the back that you can flip outward, in order to put set up your phone vertically and make it look like AN ADORABLE TINY TELEVISION.


When you press the power button, it starts charging your phone. The rightmost light starts blinking and after it stops, the light next to it takes over. This continues until all of the power has transferred into your phone battery. If your battery has depleted to -10%, this will charge your phone to about 70-80% in a few hours. To fully reload your power bank, you simply plug it onto your phone charger for about three hours.

Verdict: two thumbs up! I carry it in my purse at all times. Simply thinking of having a dead phone battery makes me hyperventilate.

I'm on the lookout for a cute, cheap new phone cover right now. Will you be getting a power bank?

Slice of Summer in Sunset Crop Top

crop top: Forever21 - skinny jeans: H&M - sunglasses: c/o Oakley - ear cuff: Claire's - slippers: c/o Scholl

Let's just all pretend like the sun is shining and the living is easy these days, instead of looking the next week of ridiculously crappy spring weather in the eye. We're expecting snow in some parts of the country this Thursday. Snow. KILL ME NAO PLZ. OK no don't kill me, just hurry up and get the sun out again because I'm seriously starting to suffer from a lack-of-sunlight depression. I can't stand this permanent twilight we seem to be living in. I really suck at pretending it's sunny outside, don't I? SORRY! I just needed to vent a bit. 

If it WAS actually warm and sunny right now, I would probably ditch the pants and go bare legs all the way (so sick of pants and tights right now), but I wanted to show off my new denim so there you go. It has been years and years and years since I've had a pair of pale skinny jeans. I really wasn't into the look for quite a while, preferring the slightly more preppy, classic look of very dark denim. But then I started obsessing about not having a pair of pale skinnies and I looked for an affordable option for like three months. I really needed the right type of wash. I don't like my jeans to be too grey-green or too babyblue in undertone (first one is too drab, second one is too Barbie doll), so that kept me searching for a while. I ended up getting these for about 29€ at H&M and I have been wearing them at least twice a week since: SUCCESS.

Another success? These Scholl slippers I'm wearing! I have very, very sad feet (flat, narrow, prone to get plantar fasciitis) but I loooove to wear sandals during summer, so finding a pair of sandals that gives me enough support and bounce is actually very important to me. I haven't worn these babies for an extended period of time yet, but they are all quality leather and the sole is thick and bouncy, so I'm pretty sure these will get me through the summertime. You can get these via Zalando. I really like this model as well.

Now, come on back, sunshine!

Wedding Style in Suit and Petticoat

On me: dress: ASOS - wedges: Sac d'Anvers - necklace: Forever21 - ear studs: Winston&Celeste
On him:  suit: H&M Conscious Collection - shirt: Zara - shoes: Tim's

Told you I had a wedding to attend! Tonight's the night, and we did a dress rehearsal (lol) in our bedroom yesterday. Which for us just means we picked our outfits and checked if everything was in order. Yes, we are that couple. I guess I'm lucky to have a guy who likes looking smart as much as I do? I never have to nag him to change out of sweatpants and flipflops. Yep, definite plus. I personally feel like it's a way of thanking the bride and groom for their invitation if you try your best to look snappy. I'd find it a bit sad if most people at my wedding were just dressed in formal pants and some kind of top, you know? So getting your look right is important to me when you're invited somewhere. I am a total Bree Vandekamp in that regard.

Anyway, we went out to buy him a suit since his old ones are starting to show their age, and ended up getting this three piece beauty at H&M. I couldn't let my boyfriend upstage me of course! My gorgeous ASOS Salon prom dress caught my eye and since you don't get that many opportunities to pull out all the stops, the choice was an easy one. I kept my make up and accessories very subdued in order not to rival with the bride's attire, since this dress is already a whole lotta look. If I may say so myself, I think we look rather chic!

My mom and sis were over for our semi-weekly get together (and to help pick out my look). Since my sister always carries her camera everywhere, she set up an impromptu little photo shoot in our bedroom while we were getting ready. I always love an opportunity to feature my boyfriend here so I was like YEAY.  This is us as our silly selves in our very own bedroom! I don't show that many pictures of my home, so this might be a nice insight in my living situations for you guys. Keywords: colour, clutter, art and a bit of bohemian kitsch.

Off to chill a bit before the madness of getting ready begins. Enjoy your weekend (and Eurovision)!

Blue Mascara

While killing some time, I dropped by my favorite beauty store Di and picked up this aqua mascara from 2B cosmetics. I bought the purple version a few months ago and I have to say, I haven't gotten much use out of it. I guess the purple is just a bit too subtle for me? Not bright enough. Well, if you want bright, this one will be right up your alley. I'm pretty sure this particular shade of blue looks more beautiful on brown or blue eyes than with my hazel/green peepers, but I actually really like how "weird" and, quite frankly, modern blue mascara looks if you pair it with an otherwise almost nude face. The type of look that makes an effortless statement.

source: Pinterest / AfterDRK

You feelin' it? Would you rock blue mascara, or are you happy to leave this look in the 80s?