Review: Boudoir By Mail

Hiya! You might remember the Boudoir By Mail giveaway I hosted a while back. Well, I received my own sample in the mail last week. A pretty package with a bright red ribbon tied around it, exactly the kind of surprise you don't mind getting home to after a long day at work. Let's go find out what kind of knickers were gifted to me, and how I rate them!

Oooooh, snazzy package and pretty suspender shorts! ME LIKEY

As you can see, the suspenders are removable and the black fabric is seethrough, while the front panel is lined with nude colored fabric. Chic, with a peekaboo back! The fabrics are OK, but not massively better than what you'd get at H&M for example. Oh, and I dislike the tight elastic around the bikini line, they always give me massive ingrowage. You know, hairwise. (lol that was such a random way of saying tight briefs give me ingrown hairs)

Ooooooh, shmexay. but still quite cute, non? Didn't show you the back, because I didn't feel like photographing my buttcrack. I have standards, you know.

(no I don't, it's just quite hard to photograph your own buttocks)

OH LOOK IT'S MY FACE. Btw I'm wearing some nude pink lipstick here, Catrice's Frozen Rose. Quite sixties and rather naturally lovely with the soft brown eye make up I'm sporting here, no?

HOW DO YOU LIKE MY KNICKERS AND LIPSTICK (which I will review more thoroughly one of these days)? Are you sad I didn't blog my buttcrack?


  1. Mooie slip/onderbroek whatever you call it :). Ik ben wel eerder fan van de low waist slipjes die niet té hard spannen, just for the same reason :-D. Dat licht roze geeft je een romantische look, naar mijn mening toch :) nice.

  2. oooh leuk!!! En die gif is super!

  3. I'm sad you didn't show your butt :( (not really, I've checked it out plenty of times!)

  4. moet wel zeggen dat ik een fan ben van H&M lingerie, dus het is niet bedoeld als belediging ofzo, gewoon een ASSessment :D

  5. Not bad, but not epic too. I'm quite picky when it comes to lingerie. Though I do think h&m has a good style/price range. Gif is a nice touch :)

  6. ik ben niet zo moeilijk met lingerie eigenlijk, zolang er maar niet teveel gefrul aan is en er geen snoopy op staat :D

  7. hahahaah u schrijfstijl is zo geweldig. euhm ik vind het zeer mooi. echt chique en classy en boudoir en twenties! en die lippestift is schattig!

    xo Charlotte - aliceroxy