Food for Friday: Rice, Avocado, Peach and Tuna Spring Roll

Time for a recipe! I had a craving for sushi some time ago, but no means of getting any. I decided to try and create a dish that had the same fresh and clean palette as sushi, but a bit more attainable for people who don't have easy access to a great fish shop or rice vinegar (indispensable for good sushi!). I ended up cooking me some spring rolls filled with brown rice, tuna, avocado and peach. So good I had to share!

What you'll need:

- avocado
- mango or peaches (canned if you can't get your hands on ripe ones)
- rice (I use brown rice because it has fibres and shiz (lol))
- rice paper
- spring onion
- mayonaise
- your choice of seasoning (I use coriander and paprika powder)
- canned tuna (or crab, would probably be nomz)

What you'll do:

Cook your rice: brown rice doesn't need to be washed or stirred (as far as I know :D) so just boil that shiz and leave it alone. While it's cooking, get the rest of your ingredients in order. Cut up your avocado, mango or peaches and throw it in a bowl. Uncan your tuna and mix it up with some chopped spring onion, your seasoning and a few dollops of mayonaise. For a healthier alternative, use greek yoghurt and a bit of lemon juice/mustard instead of mayonaise. The consistency of your mixture doesn't have to be runny, more mushy. IF ya know what I mean.

If your rice has cooked to your satisfaction, spread it out on a big plate to let it all cool a bit. Sushi isn't supposed to be hot, lukewarm at the most. When your rice has cooled down a bit, start soaking your rice paper. You just need to dunk that shiz in some water and let it set on a wet (and clean) kitchen towel. After about a minute, your rice paper is ready to use.

Spread out your - now supple - rice paper and layer some rice, tuna and avocado-mango/peach on there. Try to get more avocado/mango/peach on there than rice, because the rice can be quite dry. The tuna is your seasoned component, so be careful to not let it overpower the other ingredients. Fold in two opposite sides of your rice paper, and roll up the other two opposing sides to envelop the filling. This little image shows it nicely:

Voila, a yummy little spring roll! Serve with some extra mango/avocado/peach salsa et bon appetit!

Definitely making this again, great alternative for salad if you want to eat healthy and fresh (lol canned tuna, so fresh).

Red Winklepicker Boots

leopard coat, winklepicker boots: Zara - snakeprint skinnies, hat: H&M - purse: mom's - polkadot top: Forever21

Debut of my new boots! Scored them for 19,99 at Zara in some leftover sales pile and I reaaaaally love 'em. Totally rocker-mod, something Russell Brand would wear with some EXTREMELY skinny pants. Which he rocks like no other, btw.

Ah, my hometown almost looks like Paris in these shots, non? Let's all pretend that's the Notre Dame in the background OK. Yeah, I'm not very good at hiding my Les Misérables - infatuation right now. I've been obsessively watching youtube bits of the musical or behind the scenes footage of the movie and I JUST.CANT.GET.ENOUGH.

Which is kind of weird, since I'm not even into musicals and had never seen or read Les Misérables before the movie. It struck a chord with me, ya know? The music, the epic story, the grandeur of the visuals: I really can't stress enough how much I think you should go and see it. Not convinced? Check it out for yourself!

Burgundy Hair


SO! I guess I had gotten a bit antsy after having normal hair for AGES (like since May last year or something) so last night, I decided to dye my hair on a whim. Thing is, I hadn't decided what it should end up looking like yet. I was feeling Azealia Banks' purple mermaid hair, but I wasn't sure I wanted make such a statement again. Having teal hair pretty much made me think twice about weird hair colors because they can be very hard to pair with your regular wardrobe, colorwise. 

Anyway, I'm sure I'll go subtly purple one day, but for now I decided on getting rid of some Directions dye leftovers I had lying around in my bathroom: a bit of carnation pink, a bit of rubine, a bit of vermillion red and quite some violet. The orange base of the vermillion red interacting with the blue-purple base of the violet (orange + purple = brown) made for a very natural shade of burgundy with just the tiniest bit of eggplant oomph. Lovely! I still have to get used to my darker hair (no more bright highlights :() but the color will fade, and I'm going to enjoy this rich shade of chocolate-cherry while it lasts!

These pictures were obviously taken with flash, but I snapped a few instagram shots during my day that show my color in different lighting: slightly darker and more purply than above. The real color is somewhere in between the two versions.

Pretty close to Azealia's eggplant hair, no? I guess I just couldn't ignore my subconscious urge to become Ms. Liquorice.


Sporty-Professional in Gustav Denmark

Blazer, trousers: c/o Gustav Denmark - sweater: vintage via Think Twice - glitter boots: H&M

It has been a while since I've shared an outfit with you guys, so I bet you are all just ACHING to see me wearing some clothes, RIGHT? (lol)

I was offered some items of Gustav Denmark's SS13 collection and since I pretty much fell in love with the pictures, I jumped at that opportunity. I ended up receiving this beautiful textured blazer (satisfying my current craving for professional style) and these rad sporty trousers. When they were delivered on my doorstep, I fell a little bit in love with the beautiful details I hadn't even noticed when checking out the pictures. Gustav Denmark is definitely a brand that pays attention to the small things that make its items stand out from the crowd. The elbow patches, the stitching on the trousers and the awesome braided side panels slash racer stripes (that's what they remind me of!): berry cool.

I'm not 100% into the fit of these pants on me, I think they'd be better on someone taller with broader hips since they keep bunching up on my legs even though I cuffed the legs, but they almost have a cargo-pant feel to them which I really appreciate. Not something you see everyday, casual yet still appropriate for work.  And I'm ALL about casual-chic at the moment. I played up the sporty vibe of the stripes by wearing a peach colored sweatshirt I scored at Think Twice for 3€ and finished it all off with the blazer and my H&M glitter boots (oh, and pink socks). If you like what you're seeing, you can keep up with the brand by following Gustav Denmark on facebook.

As for moi, I FINALLY went to see Les Mis this Saturday with my mom, my sis and her new beau. Loved meeting the guy (such a sweetheart!), loved seeing the movie. I didn't adore EVERY part of it - I HATE HATE HATE Eddie Redmayne and thought the entire love story between him and Cosette was ridic superficial compared to the more dramatic themes of the movie - but Anne Hathaway's I Dreamed a Dream was worth admission price on its own. I bawled like a baby. Seriously, I still get goosebumps when I hear even a fraction of that scene. The intensity she brings in her acting while still hitting every note to perfection (live!)... My gosh. Go see it! I want to see it again.


Serious Saturday: The Dangers of College Hazing

Now, this might come a bit out-of-the-blue, but longtime readers might remember me posting about my enormous dislike towards hazing practices. I hate social pressure in general, and I see hazing as a particularly overt and destructive form of reaching group cohesion by demeaning, humiliating and subjugating aspiring members. I hate negativity, I hate bullies in every way, shape or form and I am a huge proponent of R.E.S.P.E.C.T. for others, so it should come as no surprise that I despise hazing. No positivity will ever come out of negativity, which is basically my life-motto. 

I received an email last week asking my feedback about a graph considering college hazing, and I felt obligated to share this with my readers. The only way to stimulate change is by talking and thinking about why things are the way they are, and keeping in mind that just because we have formed a habit of doing things a certain way, those practices are not set in stone.

This particular graph pertains to the USA, but I'm pretty sure its relevance doesn't stop at national borders.

Please Include Attribution to With This Graphic

 Hazing Infographic

Strong stuff, huh? One thing I thought was missing from this graph was the often sexual (and misogynist) nature of hazing. At best, boys are often forced to dress like women, in order to be humiliated - because women are awful, obviously. At worst, boys are raped (either physical or with a foreign object) by their future "peers". Every rape is awful of course, but  male on male rape is an especially under reported phenomenon, as illustrated by doing a simple google search. Under reported and therefore shameful, making it hard for victims to speak up about their experiences. Making another man your "bitch". I don't think I even have to point out the misogyny there, do I?

Advocates of hazing mention the social aspect of it: hardship strengthening bonds, secrets and in-jokes creating common grounds. And obviously, there is a lot to be said about hazing. But for me it all still boils down to a simple notion: you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. Or like I said earlier: negativity never leads to positivity. And it never pays to "man up" when you feel your boundaries are being crossed.

Shaggy Faux Fur and Boyfriend Jeans

shaggy faux fur coat: Ebay - sweater: ASOS - boots: Sacha - t-shirt: Lady Gaga's Born This Way ball - purse: mom's - boyfriend jeans: H&M

Outfittime! This look is all about proportions: baggy pants and a big coat, but a cropped sweater and some booties to counter the leg-shortening effect of the low waist denim. I think everything really works together nicely.

And since that's all I've managed to type out here for the past fifteen minutes (rest of my time was spent staring mindlessly into space) I think I don't have ANYTHING else to tell you guys. SSDD: tired, work, blaaaaah. You must be getting tired of me nagging about the same things in every blogpost, but I'm showing my true colors here yo: I'm DULL AS DISHWATER. Sorry! Check in with me tomorrow or the day after that, I might have something more to tell you by then.

Bye now!

Teddy Coatigan, Corduroy Grandpa Trousers

coatigan (yeah I know, worst word EVER) - thrifted - scarf, boots: H&M - trousers: River Island men's department - purse: mom's

Another work outfit made out of loose fitting, comfortable items that still look sort of respectable because of the slight menswear vibe and the heeled boots. Comfort is key! I don't think I would be very happy if I had to wear pumps, blouses and pencil skirts to work every day. SO not comfy. I need comfy.

Talk about comfy: this cardigan/coat/whatever I got for like 4€ at the thrift shop (I love that song) is SO warm yo. I mean really, I am only wearing a longsleeve underneath and I wasn't even chilly even though it was almost freezing outside. And it looks like a cross between a teddy bear and a sheep: OSSUM.

I might sound chirpy, but I actually had a rough past 24 hours. I hardly slept last night because of nausea and an upset stomach and this morning I could hardly get out of bed because of dizziness and general queasiness. My guy and me both felt like crap and slept until 2 o'clock in the afternoon, but after an entire day of keeping calm, I'm feeling much better. I hate having to miss out work since I have so many deadlines to meet, so calling in sick isn't exactly as fun as it used to be in high school. Responsibility, meh.


Pale Pastels and My Bunny

coat: c/o Oasap - cashmere sweater: thrifted - denim: Lee - earrings: Topshop - platform sneakers: Ebay

Hi! Like I told you guys yesterday, my desire for spring and sunshine seems to translate into a love for soft pastels these days. I picked up this pale pink floral sweater (cashmere!!) for merely 3€ at the thrift shop: one of those treasures that make all of the rooting through crap worthwhile. I'm not only in love with the print and colour, but it's super thin yet very warm so those euros were well spent indeed. I'm also wearing my Barry M dazzle dust again! I love the softness that blue eyeshadow always seems to bring to a face.

BTW did you notice those bright pink bunny ears peaking out of my coat pocket in the first picture? It's my Samsung S3 bunny phone cover I ordered off Ebay! It's the cutest thing EVER and it keeps my phone safe and sound, which is just common sense if you have an expensive phone really. My smartphone was a present from the boyfriend for my birthday + Christmas, so it's even more valuable to me than its monetary worth. Anyway, look at how adorable my cover is!!



Currently Craving: Spring and Peace

Hey you! G'day. At least I hope your day is good and will continue to be so. Mine was OK, I tried to relax to the max as one does on a Saturday, and I had a super yummy home made spring roll meal. But more on that later! Right now, I just want to share some inspiration with you guys. 

I don't know if it is inherent to most style bloggers, but I'm one of those people who are SUPER into something for a while and then I move on to the next. My mom would call it fickle, I just call it a healthy appetite for new stimuli. This pertains to maxi dresses, dip dyed hair, pomelo or American Horror Story: I suddenly discover the previously underestimated awesomeness of some particular practice or item (again) and BAM, I can't get enough. Luckily for my boyfriend, that stage hasn't ended yet when it comes to him, even though we've been together for almost 9 years. HOLLER!

But on the subject of stylez, my current interests focus on two things in particular. Number one: comfortable gear that I can just throw on and schlep around the house in (while still feeling like I look kinda cute) because after a full week of working, I really just want to wear pajamas whenever I can. Number two: AMAGA ENOUGH WITH THE SNOW BRING ON SPRING ALREADY. This translates into me wanting to wear lots of happy pastels and dreaming of bare-leg-weather.

I put together two simple moodboards to share some of my inspiration with y'all.  Here you go!

thick socks, a cropped sweatshirt (obsessed with cropped sweatshirts at the moment), comfortable bralette sans underwiring (via Victoria's Secret), jogging pants (via Topshop), sneakers (Nike), knickers (Boudoir By Mail)

Yeah, I would love to wear this shit ALL DAY ERRDAY. And now you know my secret: most of the time recently, I have ZERO interest in dressing up. I just want to be comfortable after hauling myself out of my warm bed to get ready for work, mang! Hence the NO underwiring or thongs policy btw. Strange thing, shifting priorities. I wish we could all just go to work in our pajamas, honestly. Or, you know, work from home. And with home, I mean bed.

But sometimes I do feel like being pretty. Mostly when I'm having a good hairday. And on those days, I really really wish I could just go bare legged again and maybe catch a bit of sun. I'm starting to feel like a vampire. Sadly, not the sparkly kind, but the bags-under-eyes-kind.

shirtdress (via needsupply), denim jacket (via Superdry), Converse sneakers, cutesy backpack (via aliexpress), bralette (via Threadsence), knickers (via Boudoir By Mail)

AH that panda backpack! IRRESISTIBLE! I guess I'm feeling soft/neutral shades at the moment. Maybe I'm FINALLY growing up and developing a mature aesthetic? Oh wait, I forgot about the panda backpack. Nope.