Lady Lumberjack

jacket: borrowed from sis - sweater: Pimkie - sneakers: Converse - scarf, gloves: H&M - hat: vintage - jeans: Levi's Curve ID

Yo! Some of my last snow pictures. Sadly? Gladly? I dunno, I'm glad I don't have to consider practicality as much anymore when getting dressed - and let me tell you, these converse were NOT a good move - but I did enjoy the fairytale charm of the white blanket covering the streets. Also, at least the skies were clear most of the time during the snowy days, whereas it just keeps raining now. BOO RAIN.

Ah, talking about the weather, so very interesting! That's why you keep reading my blog, ain't it? For my detailed descriptions of my thoughts about the weather? Yeah, thought so.

(sorry for being boring :()

I liked how this outfit had a sort of 70s lumberjack vibe to it. Should have introduced some plaid in there, but this is a LADY version of lumberjack style OK. Didn't you notice the polkadots, and more importantly: the pink? CLASSIC lady marker right thurr. Wearing pink magically transforms one into a girl! At least that's what people seem to keep telling me. IS IT WORKING YET??

PS: I hope you enjoyed my skiing impression in the last picture. Which is probably the closest I'll come to skiing for the rest of my life. Laterz!

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Vintage Pinafore Meets Urban Sneaker Wedges

pinafore: Vintage - scarf, sweater, tights, gloves: H&M - sneaker wedges: KEN - beret: old

Another work outfit. A memorable day this day was, more precisely because of me finally merging my old, cutesy vintage style with the more current, urban vibe I've been digging lately. Behold me wearing a beret + pinafore with sneaker wedges! And it totally works, right?? I love sneaker wedges the best with more classic/elegant/feminine outfits, because that combination makes me feel like less of a fashion victim and more like these wedge sneakers are a total viable option that will keep working for many seasons to come. Might be fooling myself, but I still love the look. Quite simple and understated, but still detailed and fun.

SO do you guys think this works? And are you glad to see me back in a vintage-esque look again or COULDN'T YOU CARE LESS?

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Shaggy Faux Fur Coat


faux fur coat, sweater: Ebay - snake print skinny jeans: H&M - boots: Forever21

Is it not lovely?? Whenever you order something on Ebay, you almost expect something to be amiss. Like, no buttons or pockets or your item falling apart at arrival. But no such thing has actually happened to me yet, except for my sneaker wedges and I got partially refunded for those because they didn't meet my expectations to perfection. I still love wearing them anyway so that was basically a double win.

Anyway, what I meant to say was that this coat has pockets and a hook-eye closure and a lining and everything it needs to be a real, proper and superpretty coat! Also, it is really quite warm because of its quilted lining. So if anyone has fallen in love with this beauty, I'd totally recommend buying it! Only advice: get a bigger size than you would based on their measurements because I think this coat would be even nicer if it were slightly oversized. Safe to say my faux fur craving has been satiated. FOR NOW.

Best thing about shaggy faux fur is that it allows me to fully dive into my Lana Del Rey obsession.

All I need is some fake nails now. Which I would already be sporting if my job didn't consist of typing 99% of the time. Booh!

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Sneaker Wedges and Layered Knits

sweaterdress: Zara - coat, leggings, hat: H&M - sneaker wedges: Ebay

YO! I haven't blogged a real blog for days now, so out of character for me. But life happens you know. Before you know it, you just don't have time to blawg anymore. But that's a tiny white lie, I actually just sometimes don't feel like blogging, and then I don't. It's very liberating! And I guess it makes blogging more fun when you finally do decide to do a post again. I should take breaks more often! :-D

And with what did I fill my days exactly when I wasn't blogging? I went to see The Hobbit (OK, but Martin Freeman has as much charisma and comedic timing as a wet sock), cooked some yumz mealz (tomato soup, salmon-spinach-avocado tortilla wraps, lamb-hummus-salsa pitta, pancakes), played Mario Party, went grocery shopping and watched some really ridiculous youtube videos. In short: HAD GUD TIMEZ

As for the outfit, I'm wearing lots of layers of knits: sweater fabric leggings, 2 wool sweaterdresses, a beanie and a coat. Because guuuurl/boiiii lemme tell you, shit got serious up in here. SO cold. And even more snow! Which made my sneaker wedges come in handy because they are totally slip-and-slide proof and super warm. But all of that's gone now and the thaw has set in. Just when my new faux fur coat is arriving tomorrow. JUST MY LUCK.

I'll blog again tomorrow, I promise!

Night night.

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My 9 favorite Samsung Galaxy S3 Phone Cases

You probably know that my boyfriend gifted me a smartphone (Samsung Galaxy S3) for Christmas which finally allowed me to go along with all the smartphone awesomeness which is instagram, being online ALWAYS and having a touch screen. I have been loving my phone a little more each day which is saying a lot since I already was head over heels from the very first moment I held that baby in my hands. But with great love comes great responsibility: I want to protect and serve my S3, and also treat it with a sexy little outfit. I have no phone case or protective cover at the moment since most stores only sell iPhone covers and when they DO stock Samsung Galaxy S3 covers, they are overpriced and kinda lame. 

BUT then I remembered: Ebay. 

Ebay YES EBAY I LOVE YOU SO MUCHOS!!! Within five minutes I had already accumulated an armful of potential phone covers I wouldn't mind owning, and all of them were super affordable! I haven't decided yet, but I'm probably going for one of the first two in my collaggggge. I listed 9 of my favorites because who knows, some of you might be in the market for a cute non-iPhone cover as well! Lemme tell you, Ebay is your friend. TRUST. Everyone knows the Chinese and Korean have superb taste when it comes to anything bling and/or cutesy.


What's your fave? Or are you THE GRINCH and coincidentally hate cute phone cases? And what case graces your phone?

PS: if you're still apprehensive about Ebay, check out this post I wrote with my tips on how to WIN at Ebay.

Leopard Coat and Floral Leggings

coat: Zara - leggings, earrings: H&M - sweater: Forever21 -  boots: Sacha

Quicky outfitpost! From before the northpole decided it wanted to move to Belgium and cover us in five feet of snow, aka the good old days. Wearing an ever so slightly over the top glam-urban outfit you might spot on the likes of Robyn en Rihanna. Do I sometimes enjoy dressing like a popstar? Yes siree! This coat is over at my mom's btw, she's shortening it a bit to hiplength. I think I'll wear it more if it's shorter, this length is a bit too much on my frame (or at least I feel like it is). Excited to see my new-old, shorter leopard coat!

This look is a sort of remake of this outfit I wore earlier this year, when my hair was still red. I've been thinking of dying it a lot lately, and even of cutting it, but I still really love my hair and I want to postpone any profound changes until I'm sick of my current look. Sort of feels nice to just keep things simple and constant for a while I guess.

Peace out!

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Layered Knits and Boyfriend Jeans

cardigan, boyfriend jeans: H&M - sweater: Vintage - boots: Steve Madden - scarf: Pimkie

Lookie here, I'm wearing my boyfriend jeans again! A super casual sunday outfit with two layers of thick knits because it is fracking FREEZING outside. I am so in love with these jeans I would probably wear them everyday if that were appropriate but alas, they are not the piece I'd wear to work. Also, my boyfriend calls them my most ugly jeans, but he obviously hasn't got a clue. Because these are flawless. Like the Hope diamond. But not quite as expensive (yeay!).

I'm actually not wearing any make up in these shots, apart from some red lipgloss and some filled in eyebrows. If you were wondering, THAT's why I look a bit tired, pale and sickly. But in a totally elegant way, like those Victorian babes who died of consumption after being locked in a tower for most of their lives or sth. RIGHT? I seem to be on a roll with these strange analogies today.

Ending with a gratuitous shot of my boyfriend wearing one of my wooly hats and my gloves, because he looked so adorably stylish all bundled up.

cardigan, scarf: Zara - hat: gift - gloves: Etre

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