Furry Vest, Boyfriend Trousers

top, boots, vest: Forever21 - pants: River Island Men's department - earrings: Topshop

I've never been a fan of looking good over feeling good. Uncomfortable shoes, tight dresses, anything formfitting sans stretch: NO THANKS. Obviously my love for loose tops and leggings has blossomed from my deep hatred for uncomfortable clothing. But one cannot wear leggings ALWAYS if one is a blogger, and that's why I bought these boyfriend-fit corduroys last year. Sooooo very comfortable, but still stylish because of the unexpected fit. A total recommendation if you are looking for a casual trouser that can still make a statement, unlike jogging pants for example.

Have I already showed you guys this furry vest I bought at Forever21 two weeks ago? I wear it ALL the time. Goes with everything and SO snuggly and warm. I almost didn't buy it because it was 37€, but then I thought to myself that this is one of those separates you can just keep on restyling in different outfits and vibes, adding texture and interest to any kind of look. A great piece for the girl who already owns everything she needs, you know? Not just a new item, but a garment that will make you re-wear all of your old stuff as well. The past two weeks have absolutely proved my theory to be true. Just like my new Pull&Bear coat, this vest is ABSOLUTELY one of my best buys of the past year. I guess I'm keeping my promise of rethinking my wardrobe and shopping habits after purging so much of it past this past summer.

And that's my style advice for the day! I've spent my day running errands with the boy, picking up some kitschy Christmas decorations on the way home and stopping by a local forest to snap a few autumnal pictures before all of the leaves have fallen. Hope your weekend was great. And if you're in the mood for winning, don't forget to enter my Ezisliving Giveaway to win some pretty stuff for your home.



  1. Wow! You always seem to make everything look feminine. And I couldn't agree more on how important is to feel comfortable in what you wear. Good styling means being comfortable in what you wear and style together. This looks perfect on you, I love the trousers.


  2. You look amazing as usual! I absolutely love that vest!! I agree with being comfortable with what your wearing! No matter how beautiful the dress, shirt, pants or skirt is I can't wear it if it's not comfortable. I always have to try on clothes first. i don't feel comfortable with ordering clothes online because even when I go by the size chart because sometime it still doesnt fit right.

  3. I totally understand. I usually only buy things that are stretchy or will be easily altered online!

  4. Uw haar is ZO mooi in die voorlaatste foto! Zou gemakkelijk een reclame foto kunnen zijn ;)

    Kitschy Christmas decorations <3


  5. I wish I'd look as good as you if I wear anything loose. I end up looking like a potato sack although I can't complain on how comfy a boyfriend trouser is. Love how you styled this look. Never through black and brown would look this good together.

  6. It is a nice dress. It seems cool and beautifully designed.