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Y'all know I love my sunglasses, don't ya? I basically wear sunnies whenever the sun is out. I hate squinting my eyes, I hate the headache-y feeling I get from very bright sun and I hate being so out-in-the-open when I'm not wearing shades. Sunglasses make me feel shielded, braced, safe, private in public

Apart from the fact that sunnies can finish a look with a topping of COOL, I also really like them as a headband. Yeah, I'm one of those people who wear their sunglasses on their head aaaaall day. What can I say, I like the way it makes my hair al volumized and how it keeps my (ever growing) hair out of my face. Even if it makes me look like I'm one puffy jacket away from going skiing in Aspen. Which, trust me, I'm not. I hate puffy jackets and I suck at any physical activity that doesn't boil down to sitting on my ass all day. Fishing, now that is a sport I could get into! But I digress.

For those of you who DO like outdoorsy activities (or if you just like to wear sunglasses in your hair), here's a shopping tip. Smartbuyglasses.be has aaaaaall kinds of lovely facecoverings aka glasses, from skiing-appropriate picks to stylin' shiz like Ray-Ban sunglasses. And that's not all: the website also functions as an Online Optician: just enter your prescription and smartbuyglasses.be will prepare the glasses you pick to be adapted to your eyes' needs.

And that was my message for this evening! Hop on over to my facebook to help me out of my sneakerwedge dilemma (boiled it down to two models) and GOOD NIGHT!

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