Webshop Launch Party People BALLOONS

If you follow my blog, you probably know I'm a big fan of Sacha. This Dutch chain of shoe and accessory stores is not for wallflowers, but as far as eye catching, current styles at an affordable price go: Sacha is your place to be.  Colors, prints and funky details draw you in, and both the tomboy type and the pretty princess find their perfect shoe here.

Most of us already KNOW this, I can hear you going GOSH Annebeth get to the fracking point! Chillax babes, I know what I'm doing. You know how sometimes you are looking for a certain type of shoe, but the stores you usually shop at don't offer the perfect pair? And how that usually leads to hours upon hours spent on the internet, looking for your solution? Yeah, me too. I like being able to browse the stock online, on my own time, without the bustle and noise you usually get in a real store. Online shopping is the shit. But the good type of shit, you know?

ANYWAY, Sacha has finally launched a Belgian webshop and I was invited to celebrate this glorious day! I can honestly say I'm super happy, because often your local Sacha doesn't carry a certain style or size anymore, and you can still find it online. Free shipping if your order costs over 49,95€, and! When anything is amiss, you can return your purchase FOR FREE! Yes, this includes shipping costs. I can honestly say I haven't heard of any other shops that offer that kind of service. Also, your pair should arrive within 2-5 days. Jiminy Cricket, that's fast!

Because Dutch people and Dutch brands are the best (signed: the Bragging Dutchman), I was given the chance to try out the new webstore FOR REAL, which means that I got to order an ACTUAL pair of shoes! For free! I'm still giddy. After scrolling and scrolling and scrolling on a big touch screen (totally straining my triceps yo. Or is that your biceps? I don't know shit about fitness. I'm so unfit), I finally settles on the Sacha Pistol boots. Classic, elegant yet rocker-style and not too high a heel. Love!

I'll let you know when my package arrives. Now let's all rejoice for this awesome new webshop in Belgium!

And here be some pictures, yarrr


Humongous touch screen

Kim's superpretty peach nailpolish (it's Essie)


Goodiebags and balloons! EVERYTHING a blogger wants! Ha j/k

I also wore a cool outfit but I'm saving that one for tomorra. STAY SAFE

Lemons and Clogs

dress: Primark - purse: Pimkie - clogs: Lotta from Stockholm - sunglasses: H&M - watch: Swatch

One day I nag about not wanting to be pinned down to the whole sweet vintage aesthetic, and the next I walk out in a lemon printed promdress with red, quirky clogs. BITCH DON'T KNOW WHAT SHE WANT is what you're probably thinking, and it's not ENTIRELY true. I mean, I know what direction I want to take, but I still have a lot of perfectly adorable vintage-y stuff in my wardrobe. I'm not going to throw all of that out, you know! I'm just not going to pair this dress with one of my flower headbands, that would be a bit much for me right now. But clogs go with everything so WHATEVS. I feel like the blue accents give this outfit a bit of an edge anyway.

GRATUITOUS COUPLE SHOT! The boyfriend wears nice brogues and red trousers.

Afternoon With Sis and Mom

Last week, my mom and babysis came around to drop off some soup and spend the afternoon in my town, hanging out and talking. The heatwave hadn't hit Belgium full force yet back then, but the weather was nice enough to make me go LET'S GO TO THE PLAYGROUND PEOPLE so that's what we did. I don't know about you, but I am like the biggest (10+) fan of see-saws EVER. Over here in Belgium, we call it a wip. And see-sawing is wippen. And wippen means doing the nasty. So it's always mega hilar when you say you love seesawing. Always. And we had a blast, especially when my mom kept pushing us to take cheesy pictures. Love ya mom!

Best thing about the see-saw is without a doubt hurting your ass if you fly in the air too high.

We didn't plan it, but she's all cool colored and I'm all orangey! FUN

top: Primark - jacket, wicker bag: Pimkie - pants, sandals: H&M - sunglasses: Ebay

These pictures of my ombre nails are a lot clearer. Learn how to do them here!
Isn't my sister's hair AMAZING? Sometimes I can't believe how lucky I am that my sister is such an awesome individual. We have so much in common, and she is so smart. I'm very thankful to have a mom like ours as well, she's so earnest, accepting and warm. I have an amazing family.

Speaking of which, my brother and his wife have just welcomed their first child, Daniel. I can't wait to meet the little tyke! Him and his hip beanie.


Marilyn Dress

dress: Mango - espadrilles: New Look - sunglasses: H&M

I know this dress doesn't look like the twin of that white one miss Monroe was best known for, but it still evokes the same vibe. Funnily enough, a dress that was pretty much considered the 50s equivalent of contemporary hip hop video clubwear looks classy and romantic today. OK, still a bit sexy, but not scandalously so! Then again, that might just be because I lack miss Monroe's boobage. POSTMODERN IRONY AHOY

Every year when a sudden heatwave hits Belgium, I rely on a couple of my favorite dresses. My hot tip: go for airy dresses with an open back that you can wear sans bra, as it will reduce MUCH of the sweating. This particular one is new, but this one, this one and this one have been favorites over the years each summer. Follow that last link for a checklist of the perfect heatwave dress.

What options do you turn to when your armpits are all sticky and gross? (ah the glamour of fashionblogs!)


Attention all readers! I'm in the market for a cute, high waisted bikini because that style suits my figure and because it's hard to find some for cheap and for pretty. So me not being able to pick is not really a conundrum, just a question. But you know what the rules about writing "fun" are: USE LOTS OF PUNNY PUNS ALWAYS

Anyway, my thoughts on the three combinations are as follows: I like the poppy print as a print best, but I'm afraid the print + the cut will look very granny, while I'm actually trying to move away from the OH SO RETRO idea. The polkadot one is in navy, which I love to wear because it looks good on me, and the pattern and cut is timeless. However, the polkadots are a bit too literal with the cut, and too twee as well perhaps. Again, I'm not trying to stick with the whole cutesy retro vibe. The black and white one is edgy AND retro, which I like, but I usually go for color rather than black and white. Also, the bottom seems slightly lower than the other two. But my boyfriend prefered this one because it reminds him of snakeskin. (wtf?)

ANYWHO, which one do you think will suit me best? The most difficult thing here is to find the option that will suit me and my style best, rather than just picking the prettiest one (POPPIES). I'm trying to find a balance between young and classic, edgy and retro. But maybe more towards the young and edgy side. I should just go for the black and white one, right?

Edit: SO I went with the black and white one. I love all three suits but I think the optical print is a bit more edgy and current. I know a lot of you probably associate me with the whole pretty vintage look, but I'm not all that into it right now. I don't want to be limited to that aesthetic. I want carefree, casual, young, preppy with a bit of an edge. And I think the suit I ordered matches that vibe! I'd love it even more if it was a bright color, but I'll just accessorize with neon nails and my ombre hair :-D And when the other two suits get marked down, you bet your ass I'll eliminate all of my doubts by ordering another one. EVERYONE WILL BE HAPPY


After trying to sort out our ever fickle wireless internet connection at a small computer store near Ghent, me and the boy pulled over the car to take a stroll through a park and enjoy the sun. Luckily, I brought my camera!

dress, sunglasses: H&M - bag: Primark - flats: Sacha

I've had this dress for years. One of those simple yet beautiful pieces that make me so grateful we have H&M in our lives! :-D Actually, I wore this particular dress in the very first outfitpost on chictopia that I was 100% happy with. The outfit that sparked my passion for outfitblogging, without a doubt.

Ah, a walk down memory lane! This was 3 years ago, and I still love wearing this dress and these wedges and sunglasses. I'm like, so conservative. I do have a better camera now, though. And a tripod. And a boyfriend that takes my pictures from time to time. A far cry from the kliko I used to balance my cheap ass digicam on! :-D FANCYPANTS