Salmon Pinafore, Babyblue Tights

pinafore: Think Twice vintage - tights: H&M - coat, blouse: Pimkie - scarf: gift - creepers: Sacha

Dolls, as you can see in these pics (especially the last), I am dead tired. I'm just going to leave you with this outfit and relax on the couch with a movie or something to start afresh tomorrow morning. That thesis isn't going to write itself, sadly. Gosh, so stressed out!

Minty Background

coat: c/o Kirilove @ Vero Moda - trousers: River Island - sweater, satchel: Zara - boots: ASOS

Another batch of pretty pics by miss Polienne! She fell in love with the minty wall behind me and insisted I'd pose in front of it. It does look really pretty with my warm pink based get up, doesn't it? Ah, these colors make me yearn for fruit sorbet and bare legs! So even if I'm huddled up in shearling, my mind is drifting off to summer...

I'm getting one of my wisdom teeth pulled in an hour or so, YEAY! Haha no I'm not exactly excited about it, but I'm not stressed out either. Dentists don't scare me, I'm hard. And after this one I only have one to go, so it's SORT of yeay! Also, no more food stuck in the bit of wisdom tooth that has reared its head. Too much info? I figured as much.

Risotto Primavera And Environmental Thoughts

I've been feeling passionate about eating less meat, what with the limited amount of resources in the world and the growing population and all. Eating meat is extremely bad for the environment and a major cause of global warming on one hand. On the other, I feel weird about massively killing living creatures for my personal enjoyment while it isn't necessary on a nutritional level. I'm not saying we should all go vegetarian forever, but I do think it is important to eat a lot LESS meat. 

Vegetarian dining has such a bad rep for being low on flavor or boring, but I think most people just don't know how many amazing meat-free cuisines there are to be found on our vast earth. Indian cooking and its curries for example, many Moroccan tajines and dozens of amazing italian pasta recipes: none of it boring, all of it both delicious AND good for the environment. Especially recipes without any meat substitutes. Substitutes are ridiculous, there are thousands of vegetables and cheeses in the world to give some color and variety to your plate. 

Not convinced? Watch me cook my new favorite dish: risotto primavera! I ate a version of this dish in London and I loved the idea but the execution was lacking. Solution: I made my own, better version! 

What you'll need: olive oil, butter, black pepper, green asparagus, a small onion, a clove of garlic, risotto rice (I use arborio), a small courgette, some pine nuts, broth, frozen peas, fresh mint and parmesan cheese.

How to do it: heat up the broth. When boiling, turn down the heat very low. Get a deep pan going with the olive oil and butter, and when hot, add chopped onion and garlic. When the onions go glazy, add the risotto rice and scoop that around until the rice grains are all coated with oil.  Add a ladle full of the broth and let simmer with a lid on the pan, occasionally checking and adding broth when the rice has soaked up the liquid. While your risotto basically cooks itself, cut the asparagus in chunks and stir fry or grill them. Simply slice the courgette as finely as possible (I used a cheese slicer) and add to the risotto when it's almost done, along with the peas. This way, the courgette and peas keep all of their flavour and vitamins without going mushy. Add the asparagus when those are al dente and roast some pine nuts quickly. Add those to the risotto as well, and finish off with some parmesan, chopped mint and black pepper: done! Bon appetit!

So next time you're thinking about what to cook for dinner, consider leaving the meat out.

Read more about this here, here and here.

Pink Tights

dress, tights, coat: H&M - brogues: Primark - A brooche: Topshop - belt: Pimkie

I had a haircut yesterday! My awesome hairdresser put in some layers and relieved me of my dead, bleached out ends and look what I got in return: movement, volume and light locks. I never get it when people hate getting haircuts, I always feel brand new after getting one and then I can't quit looking in the mirror. My boyfriend says my hair looks just the same BUT HE DON'T KNOW MY HAIR LIKE I DO

My anticipation for spring  has me dressing in fun, bright colors these days: these tights were stuck in my mind after spotting them at H&m and I finally got them yesterday, my sweet boyfriend bought them for me. Perfect shade of pink <3 

And yes, I'm still crazy about these nails. 

Lana Claws

dress: ASOS - nails: EBAY

O. EM. GEE. People, these talons I call fake nails might be the most awesome thing ever. Ok, so wearing them makes me feel a bit like a WAG (in the best way possible) and I have to learn how to type all over again, but I feel incredibly glamorous, like an old time movie star. Makes me want to (fake) smoke with one of those cigarette holders, and wear (fake) fur shrugs and slingback peeptoes, and eat caviar on toast. Like, chique and tacky at the same time: LANA DEL REY STYLE! Girl is my number one inspiration these days, I hope you're not sick of her yet CUZ I SURE AIN'T. 

Her postmodern mix of grit and glamour appeals to me to no end: the best way to stick it to all those arrogant pricks who try to tell you what (not) to wear is to confuse your onlookers by creating your own, hybrid abomination of style by mixing pretty with ugly, cute with bold and right with wrong. If you succeed, you'll be hailed as the next it-girl. If you fail, at least you had some fun!

I actually think I look a bit like her in these pics <3 

Just stop me when I want to get my teeth capped.

Hot Rollers

You know me, I'm always on the lookout for new ways to style my hair (pin curls, rag curls). Right now, I'm obsessing over retro waves a la Lana Del Rey and Veronica Lake, and I sort of know how to go about and create it after googling youtube tutorials but I haven't tried it out yet. What I DID try out a while ago was if my old-ass hot rollers were still working! I wasn't into getting electrocuted so I was cautious, but in the end I survived. Yeay! Dying is SO two thousand and late. And the curls were actually OK, cute even. Next time I'm brushing them out to get me some proper Lana waves.

I rolled my rollers like this but I don't think the way you roll them makes a huge difference. Any tips on hot rollers or Lana waves?

Tribute Thursday: Fashion Pirate

It's been a while since I've done one of these, but that might be because it's been a while since I've crushed on a blog. To tell you the truth, blogs are less than inspiring to me these days. Gone are the mornings where I'd go down the list of my fave blogs, hoping for a new post to amuse or inspire me. Or at least: they used to be gone! Via Rookiemag (seriously, read it, SO good) I came across the awesome, intelligent, colorful Arabelle Sicardi over at Fashion Pirate

Arabelle has one of those blogs where both the writing and the style are SO good, without coming across as one of those "professional" blogs. You know, those blogs where you feel like the blogger is basically just a model, dressed in gifted clothes you could never afford, photographed and made up by professionals each day, surrounded by lighting people that tell them how to pose in order not to make their face look like a normal person's face but more like perfection. Those bloggers that all have the same IT items, the same clean lay out, the same bland, boring descriptions of their day. Snoozefest.

Arabelle is none of those things. Ok yes she has ombre hair and she loves wearing her hair in milkbraids, but EVERYTHING about her comes across as authentic, as organic, as if she got there herself. Her look tells a beautiful, interesting story about who she is, where she came from and where she wants to go. She's the kind of girl you wish you knew in real life, the kind of girl you girlcrush on. Hard. Arabelle, my 18 year old rolemodel <3


And if those outfits didn't convince you, read these posts. Thought provoking and profound.

A quick Arabelle quote to finish you all off.

I am terrified of the typical. I am in a constant race with myself to become different from what I once was, I go through stages of myself, I metamorphose into different caricatures of myself constantly to make sure i am never quite the same as i was before. If i change at least it means i have done something. Sometimes this fear of sameness paralyzes me and I sit in my bathtub with the water too hot and the lights turned off and pretend I am lava and I am melting everything away because then I am nature and I am an unstoppable change and everything is better and I can breathe.

London Outfit: Day Two (BUTTLOAD of pics)

coat, cardigan: Think Twice vintage - dress: Primark - tights: Pimkie - boots: ASOS - hat: old - rind: Alex Monroe

SO, I apologize for bombarding you with pictures, but I tried to get some variety in there. I just really love how these shots turned out, and my outfit looks so cute, and it's the last batch of my London pictures so I want to enjoy it all as best as I can! I can't get over this dress, it's the sort of frock I have been dreaming of for AGES but never finding the perfect version for a price I deemed affordable, but this one cost me like 15 euro? Insane, right? I bet you all are sick and tired of me gushing over Primark but I'm telling you, their nice stuff is REALLY nice. I would drop by that store EVERY week if I lived near and still wouldn't go bankrupt.

Have you enjoyed my London pictures? The street we took these pictures at was right around the corner from our hostel. How beautiful are those houses with the columns and the tiles and the fences and the GAH I wish I lived there! The best thing about London was most definitely seeing the calmer spots where people actually lived rather than the packed shopping streets. I love seeing the reality of day to day life in other countries: best thing about traveling hands down. I was most surprised by the fact that London is filled with small stalls selling fresh flowers! You don't see that in Belgium at all, it's more of a Dutch thing so obviously I loved it! :-D 

Is there anything surprising you noticed while traveling abroad? :)