Those who follow my twitter might have noticed my tweet this afternoon psyching you guys out about the scary photo's I had lined up for tonight, since it's Halloween and all. 
I was inspired by those old black and white spirit photographs. Fake or not, still scary. I'm pretty passionate about scary stuff (major horror movie buff right here) and I think Halloween costumes should ALWAYS be scary, so I had a blast working out my story and a concept for the pictures. I'm already over explaining stuff here since creepy stuff is better left subtle and open for interpretation, so I'm just going to leave you with my pictures...

dress: Zara 
headband: Etsy (little honey pies)

Now let me tell you: I don't have any problem with women dressing sexy on Halloween or any other day for that matter. But sexy or revealing hasn't really been my thing for a while, as you well know. I wanted to keep my love for all things retro going in my Halloween costume and to work with things I already have hanging in my closet. 

I bought this dress in the summer sales at Zara for only 20 euro (marked down from 130) because it looked like an amazing retro wedding dress (either 60s or 19th century), can't pass up on that. I'm basically a ghost bride I guess. COOL RIGHT? I felt pretty silly snapping these pictures literally at the midnight hour on our cemetery but it really helped me feel the Halloweenvibe. Great fun and slightly creepy. I messed around with the settings and moved around a lot during the shoot to get the ghostly effect. 

I was initially planning a Halloween party but my friends couldn't make it (BOO spoilsports). If the party wouldn't have been canceled I totally would've dressed like the Black Swan though, including the awesome make up. Pretty sure that was a hit costume this year!

Did you dress up? As what? :-D

Pumpkin Head

So yesterday me and my guy searched high and low for a perfect jack o'lantern pumpkin but without success. However, this morning when I got down after showering and getting dressed, my boyfriend called me over with a surprise... He had gone and found me the PERFECT pumpkin to carve! His parents' neighbours had like 20 of them lying in their front yard as decoration, so he just went over to ask them whether those were homegrown and if we might get one too. Usually he is not the type to go around and ask semi-strangers for favors so the fact that he did so for me is really incredibly sweet.

And since I never forgo the opportunity to take pics with a cheesy prop, I immediately ordered the dude to photograph me with my new lover, the pumpkin I christened Joachim. 

dress, tights, scarf: H&M
shoes, coat: T2 vintage
ring: Alex Monroe

Of course, that pumpkin needed to be carved up yo. I googled some Halloween pumpkins because I don't have any experience in the subject, and after drooling over intricate designs I figured I should probably just stick to the classic Jack o'lantern face to keep things simple. However, when I had finished scooping out the seeds and stuff I was feeling ambitious. And since my boyfriend always calls me his very own Bree Van de Kamp I might as well live up to the reputation and give Martha Stewart a run for her money, no? So that's what I did, and this is the result!

PROUD! It was actually a lot easier than I thought it would be, so be brave with your pumpkin carving, guys!

Did you get pumpkins? Are you carving them up? :-)

Dots and Over Knee Boots

Some of my last pictures from before I pinked my ends!

When your style evolves from sweet in the summer to slightly tougher in the winter, you need to try and find a way to blend it all together. To me, the whole sixties type of look is perfect to reconcile my love for everything twee and my inner rockchick. 

A baby doll dress and some over knee leather boots are surprisingly cool together if you ask me, very Brigitte Bardot <3

Today we've been running around trying to find a proper pumpkin to carve, but to no avail. I'm way miffed about it because I really want to carve some pumpkin yo! I'm absolutely into festivities and lame decorations and all of that. Tacky = love! You know those little miniature houses you put a small candle in and it looks adorable and cozy? 


My boyfriend is sleeping with his head on my shoulder as we type. I poke him when he snores too loud, but I'm secretly really enjoying spending my Saturday night like this. I'm a super lame homebody but I love it.

cardi: F21
dress, satchel: Zara
boots: Texto
socks, trench: Pimkie
ring: Alex Monroe

50s Casual

A bit of hipster vintage filter going on in my pictures up in hurrrrrrr, try it out for yourself over at pixlr.com! No they don't sponsor me, I just like free programs that let me mess around with my pictars.

I bought these trousers for 2 euro at T2 (god I'm just going to name that store "you know where", I'm way too much of a spokesperson) because I fell in love with that one picture of Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe. 

How good are those retro 50s-60s casual housewife type of plaid pants? SO good right?? Betty Draper knows what's up too.

I might take mine in a tiny bit at the bottom. House frau pants should be tapered imo. Perfect with my vintage collegiate cardi and patent loafers! My boyfriend keeps repeating my trousers are punk, but I think they are totally 50s-60s retro. It's all in the styling, right?

In fact, I used to wear pants like these back in highschool with doc martens, safety pins and chains and shiz and I'm totally going to do that again one of these days. PUNK WILL NEVER DIE <3

sweater, polo, trousers: T2 vintage (GOSH)
loafers: New Look
headband: old, don't remember
ring: Alex Monroe

PS: check out my dip dye being featured here! My hair is famous! Have a nice weekend and don't forget to check out my previous post, please chime in on my rant about blog bashing.

Plaid, Denim and Toggle Coat and Blog-Hating

So this is what I wore to class last week, on Friday to be exact. No reason to talk about the items as, well, there isn't a real story behind them that I haven't told you guys yet recently, and you don't need me to tell you this is a plaid shirt, now do you? HA! 

My face looked les dorky in real life. At least I hope so. I'm one of those people who look hella tired if they have to get up early, even if they slept like 8 hours. I'm pretty sure my lifetime (ok just 20- odd years) of owning multiple cats has poisoned me with their need for sleep and laziness. THANKS A LOT CATS

I'm such a weirdo.

Have any of you read that GOMI blog-hating-blogs yet? It always saddens me when I see how much some people thrive on negativity. I don't get it: sure, some things annoy me. I don't like every blog out there. In fact, I think some bloggers wear fug outfits. However, I am aware of the fact that my opinions, ideas and tastes are completely arbitrary. There isn't some universal standard as to what is pretty/stylish/fashionable/whatever, so who am I to judge? Why would I be so cocky as to think the whole world wants to know about me hating x or y? Opinions are like assholes, you know. Everybody's got one. Yeah I know that saying is way overplayed but it's totally true.

I don't get why someone would start a blog just to spew hatred on other people, let alone how a blog like that attracts so many haters-on. Turns out, once again, negativity is more popular than positivity. It might be a very unoriginal comeback to call all the haters jealous, but most of the time they are. Basic logic: if you don't like a blog or the stuff a blogger wears, you just shouldn't follow the blog as the internet is HUGE and you are bound to found something you DO like. However, if you keep coming back just to be annoyed at how fug the blogger looks, you are probably doing so because you somehow feel as if this particular blogger doesn't deserve the popularity. Hence -> jealousy. Lemme break it to ya: you are not the boss of the internet/good taste, and you don't decide what is good or bad.

As someone who has had negative periods of time in her life (yes I was a bitchy teenager once, thank god I grew out of it), let me tell you: life is so much more rewarding and satisfying if you just ignore the things that bother you or put the stupidity of your frustrations in perspective by thinking about the fact that you are probably hurting someone by bitching about them. Sure, bitching can be fun, gossiping with friends is a popular guilty pleasure. But when you go out of your way to publicly bash someone, does the "fun" part really weigh out the "I'm probably really hurting someone now" part? And no, just saying that "they should know that by putting themselves out there, they are asking for judgment" doesn't entitle you to anything. If someone gets hurt, you are still responsible, whether you want to be or not.

My tips: grow out of it, put yourself in the other person's shoes, ignore the annoying offender if she/he isn't hurting you personally and start focusing on the positive things in life. Heck, I might just start reading some Chicken Soup for the Soul books or call my Age of Aquarius enthousiast mom on the phone just to balance out all the bitchiness I have read over there. Positivity for the win!


 coat, shirt: T2 vintage
skirt: Zara
boots: Texto
tights: H&M
belt: Boyfriend's
ring: Alex Monroe

70's A line Mini

I have been stalking etsy for corduroy everything for a few weeks now, but nothing awesome yet inexpensive struck my fancy. I had this idea in my mind of a seventies type of skirt with buttons going down the front and an A-line shape, preferably mini-length. When etsy doesn't give me what I want, I go to Think Twice. God I have mentioned that store in my last three posts, I'm so boring! Anyway, I got this skirt there. It used to be just above kneelength so I just cut off a few inches and I love how it ended up looking! I don't think I'm going to hem it unless the fraying goes crazy, but I kinda like the messy look. Goes with my grainy pictures. Yeah, I'm going to act like that was an intentional hipster effect. FO SHO

When I put this outfit together I was thinking about a streetstyle look that made the rounds a few months ago, it was this gorgeous, clean faced, long haired asian woman in a suede patchwork mini skirt, bare legs, brogues and a retro kind of purse, but I can't find the picture :(

No, wait, I found it, yeay! Oh internet how I love thee

So yeah, this skirt got my crave going. My skirt isn't nearly as eye catching, but I really love the shape, fabric and buttons. I just added some color and print with my top and tights so I still think the outfit has the same vibe even if I didn't copy it all the way.

top: Forever 21
skirt: T2 vintage
socks, cardi: H&M
boots: ASOS