Crisp White Shirt and Red Stripes

Ola chicas! I have enjoyed a quiet day of eating good food (read on for some pizzaporn), working and having fun with my housemates (PILLOWFIGHT). Sadly, my cats seem to have misplaced my camera's remote control so now I'm kinda bummed about that. Buy a new one or look for it some more? I can't really miss it, taking pictures with timer is such a pain in the ass, and I think I've looked everywhere. My stupid cats must have been playing with it so it could be anywhere right now, since my cats are known to grab things in their mouths and take it with them to wherever their kittenmittens will take them. GAH

Anyway, these are pictures of a few days ago when the weather was quite nice. Some last days of semi-summer must be enjoyed to the fullest! I grabbed my crazy cd-head-french-nautical-guys skirt and paired it with something simple yet interesting: my sleeveless white shirt with a blue rose printed collar. It's all in the details, and lord knows I dig my attention grabbing collars! A little birdie at my internship told me these standout collars will get even trendier next summer, so yeay, I'm ahead of the pack!

Not to brag or anything, but did you notice my skin looking especially healthy the past few weeks? I have been looking for a better make up routine for my skin, trying out some different kinds of foundations and powders and I finally settled on a mix of Maybelline satin liquid foundation and Nivea foundation (to get as close as possible to my own complexion), finished off with some transparent mineral powder and I'm really loving it. It looks so natural and sometimes I really seem to glow! Of course, the proof is in the pictures. 



Same place, roughly same time of day and same light. I find it astonishing how my face reflects SO much more light, and how much clearer and smoother my skin looks (pay attention to my forehead especially). My new make up makes me look photoshopped! :-D I have a deep set eyes which equals dark circles under my eyes and very sensitive skin, prone to redness, blotchiness and flaking on my forehead. I ALWAYS wear make up because I hate how uneven my skintone is without it, so finding the right skincare and make up is a big deal to me. I want to take care of what I got yo!

shirt, skirt: T2
espadrilles: New Look - I've been wearing these non stop, SO comfy and cute and only cost me 7 euro! wish I had gotten them in all the different colors
ring: Alex Monroe

Ending wittttth foodporn! Pizza from our FAVORITE pizzaplace, Quattro Stagioni in the Roomstraat in Lokeren. Seriously, everyone remotely close to Lokeren should just go and get pizza there as they are the best pizzas I have eaten all my life, and SO affordable! I ordered the Americana: two pizzas on top of each other. Because the only thing better than one pizza is two pizzas fo sho


  1. I love how you styled the skirt this time! The blouse is so cute, and the collar is awesome. Your skin does look great! My forehead has totally broken out in spots lately and I don't know what to do! I hardly ever get spots, and I don't put nay face makeup on so I'm really confused :( HELP

    Oh em gee, I am practically dribbling over the pizza. MOVING TO BELGIUM FOR T2 AND PIZZA!!!

  2. that little detail on your collar is too cute!

    jess // LF

  3. I can't believe your cats misplaced your remote!! Ridiculous kitties. I love this look, definitely a very perfect summer look, that skirt is realllly pretty. Your skin definitely looks gorgeous, I'm gunna try starting to cut out more artificial sugars starting tomorrow (ya know after I finish this iced flavoured latte haha). I think for me that will be the big thing to help, I've allllways had skin problems, but it's been getting better with age and skin care routine.
    That pizza looks deliiiicious, making me reallly hungry

  4. Love the new makeup - looks lovely. Also love that little knot in your shirt, I should do that more often.

    C x

  5. Wow, the makeup makes a huge difference. You glow! Which Maybelline foundation are you using?

    <3 jen @ Stuff Jen Did

  6. I love that skirt!!
    I really need to refine my skincare routine *sigh* haha...I was good for a while and sorta stopped.
    and that pizza looks delish!

  7. I absolutely love the print of your skirt, and the roses on your collar too!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  8. Lovely outfit! Ik heb ook altijd problemen om make-up te vinden die bij mij past, moeilijk om een kleur te vinden die mij niet oranje doet lijken! Jij ziet er echt supergoed uit :)

  9. I'm coming over to eat some pizza with you. Watch out. As payment, I will help find your remote.

  10. Your skin does look glowing and amazing-- I wear makeup all the time too due to uneven skin tone. Do you think it's the foundation, the mineral powder or a combination of the two that works so well?

    I'm also in love with the slightly zany print of your skirt and I'd be wearing those shoes every day too!

  11. your skin does look quite flawless!! i love your fresh outfit, so summery!! and now i want pizza,

  12. I really love this outfit... that's one of my favourite of your skirts fo sho. And the make-up does seem really great. I need to buy a new one as am currently literally scraping out the bottle with my little finger, and I also have super-uneven skin. What do you keep the blended mixture in?

  13. I love the top you're wearing, the collar is so adorable. And I love pizzas too, but I prefer to make them myself. Although these look delicious ;) xo

  14. 2 pizza's op elkaar? ieuw! :) Ik hou meer van een simpele pizza. Like the shirt, see you tonight ladyfriend!

  15. Damn , I would take that pizza to bed with me yuuuum :P Love this outfit and those shoes look puuurrrfect. One question for you, with regards to the remote, can you just buy one off the internet, for any camera model? I guess my question is would any camera take a remote or is it only exclusive of reflex ones? I ask cos mine is a "bridge" one, in between reflex and a pocket one, and I hate, HATE, HATE taking pictures on self-timing, it's such a pain, takes ages and it makes me detest taking pictures of myself even more :P

  16. Owww, I love the skirt print! And the print on the collar - that's just a combination too good to be true. Where do you find interesting clothes in Holland, actually? I'm getting sick of the ubiquitous grey and cream a la Vero Moda...
    (YUM! I had pizza last night too. But it came in a frozen box from Albery Heijn. NOT THE SAME)

  17. Yummie..Pizza!
    en leuke rok btw!

  18. Whow je huid ziet er inderdaad heel mooi uit met je nieuwe make-up routine. Ik moet ook elke dag make-up dragen want mijn huid is ook verre van perfect. Ik ben recent met het 3 stappen plan van clinique begonnen om mijn huid te verzorgen en ik gebruik ook een clinique foundation. Ik heb ook al nivea foundation gebruikt en ik hou er wel van af en toe eens te wisselen van foundation.
    Je outfit is fantastisch!

  19. The colour on that blouse is so pretty. I should probably make the effort to find better makeup products for my face but I honestly don't know where to start. There are SO many products and brands and... ugh. My mother wore NO makeup, ever, and I have no older female siblings so I had no one to teach me and I am still rather lost at 22. Oops? What you're using looks great though. I should try some new stuff out...

  20. the pattern on your skirt is PRECIOUS!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  21. Everytime I lose something (which is quite often), I always ask Saint Anthony of Padua to help me find it. I don't think he cares if the asker is Catholic or not. Love the skirt.

  22. SUPER cute outfit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am glad you enjoyed eating good food and being trendy in the collar dept. haha.

  23. Hola guapa, what a long time without seeing your lovely posts. Somehow your blog got lost in Bloggers mess.
    Loving your skirt.