F21 Opening Party!

As you will come to realize after reading this entire post, last night was pretttttttttttttty awesome! The evening started with a mini road trip into tha hood of Brussels and ended with an impromptu Lady Gaga sing-along carparty on the way home with my girl Stéphanie. But lots of awesomeness happened in between those two points, so let me take you on a JOURNEY THROUGH TIME to last night. 

Let's start with a full view on my party outfit: I went for my New Look inspired by F21 inspired by Miu Miu chunky mary janes,  a new daisy printed dress and my favorite floral headwreath! My flower-adorned head was pretty popular during the night, people kept touching and petting the flowers. 

Now, our arrival in THA HOOD! I'm pretty sure that tall building in the background is in fact a jail of some sorts.

My girls Sabina in a lovely rock chick ballerina ensemble, and Stéphanie doing a bit of colorblocking! Luckily, the venue was just around the corner so we didn't get mugged or anything.

Arrival at the pink carpet! FANCY SCHMANCY!

A close up taken by the professional event-photographers of our fab feet. Little did we know we would be cursing our footwear choice a few hours later. I still can't feel my index-toe (yes I totally call it my index-toe!).

Once inside, we hurried into the VIP-zone to meet up with some of our fellow bloggers! Afrodite and Kim are such hot BABES! 

Of course, Steph and me immediately pounced on the cocktailstand. Turns out, cointreaupolitans look delicious but I really don't like them. Don't worry, I finished my glass. I was brought up to be polite and finish my food/drinks!

Now, it was time for the hologram fashionshow!

As you can see, we had our very own Tavi in the person of Nathalie! Her bow was pretty fierce.

Where was I? Oh yeah HOLOGRAMS!

The pictures aren't that great, but you do see the DYNAMICS right? I had hoped for something Star Wars ish where we would be able to walk around the holograms or something, but it was more straightforward like projections. Oh well, pretty nifty anyway! I was loving the cutesy styling on the models: lots of colors, prints and fun details. Very summery!

This water construction ran across the room and there were little plastic ducks to be fishes out: OOH GAMES! Everyone could try it out, and if you'd get a plastic duck with a mark on its belly, you won a prize. Stéph won some awesome bedazzled fake nails, I won nothing :(

the salmon rolls were a disappointment :-( 

The french fries and candy weren't!

Some candy colored nail action

Krizia enjoying her chewing gum (HA! :D)

And getting YET another drink (they don't call us the Snookie and Jwoww of the blogosphere for nothin')

Meeting up with my girl Angie! So glad to see her again :)

Goofin' around frontstage with my classmate, Brenda

The apocalypse? 


The night was ended by the awesome and moustachelicious band TEDDIEDRUM! They sounded like a mix of Das Pop and MGMT and their teddiedrum looked like one of Gaga's dresses, so all was well. Actually really liked their hip-alternative show!

All in all, a lovely night. I particularly enjoyed meeting all the awesome bloggers, readers and cool people (again), and I can't wait for the next time! Hope you enjoyed my event report :-)

dress, shoes: New Look
headwreath: Etsy (little honey pies)
glasses: Claire's

Scarf Top

Hey lovers! We've been experiencing a heatwave the past two days, and ladies in more exotic countries can probably testify for the fact that getting dressed and looking stylish is VERY hard when you feel like your face is melting off.

I basically walked around in my underwear the entire day since I was at home anyway, but I needed to go out at SOME point to do some grocery shopping. This is what I ended up wearing: my palmtree/busstop printed skirt, and a scarf I recently bought as a top. I just tied it around my chest with the knot in front et voila, a fun bandeau top!

Of course I wore a strapless bra underneath to give things some more shape and stability, haha. Whenever I wear pink, I feel like I'm really giving my Katy Perry resemblance a free pass. This is totally something Katy would wear, with a shorter skirt and more boobs probably. But the vibe is really Katy-esque, no? A bit like a grown up, vintage inspired Barbie doll! Makes me want to sing songs about how (California) girls just want to have fun ;-)

scarf worn as top, skirt: T2 vintage
wedges: Sac d'anvers
hat: I am
sunnies: H&M

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Here's me prancing around in my vintage bikini, because it is too hot for more than a bikini! I tried to do that sixties pose with sucked in stomach and a cocked hip but I guess it doesn't work as cheesy-awesome on me since I have more of a boyish figure. Still think it looks fierce though! Only thing missing here: a pool!

Loving the texture going on here, the bikini is this really rich golden yellow and I LOVE it! Especially the CONICAL BOOBS!

Totally looks like my bikini right?? Bikini girls were so fly back then.


So excuse me, but I'm starting my holiday right here right now! I have to enjoy it as much as I can, because I don't have as much free time as usual because........

I'll be interning for three months at Label magazine. HOW AWESOME IS THAT?? Can't wait to get my first peek of real life working at a magazine, I'll be writing articles and they will be published and all that jazz! I feel so grown up right now :-) 

My blog has gotten me so many awesome opportunities, sometimes I just feel so incredibly lucky. I would say I'm blessed, but I have taken the steps to get where I am right now MYSELF, so I'm just very proud of myself actually. And thankful that other people seem to "get" me, because I wouldn't get anywhere without all the amazing readers that see something in me. I love you all.

What are your plans for the summer? Internships, summer jobs, holiday abroad or just enjoying doing nothing at all?

bikini: T2 vintage
sunglasses: Claire's
headband: old

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Finally Floppy

You guys have NO idea how long I've been looking for the right floppy hat to lend a bit of glamour to my daily outfits. I have tried on at least 30 different hats over the years, I kid you not. EVERY time I wondered to myself how anyone ever found a good floppy hat, since every last one I tried on ended up dipping down, obstructing my view and looking like a big frown fixed on top of my head. BUT NOT THIS ONE! I tried it on and it had the perfect dip, the perfect swoop, the perfect flair. And it fits my freakishly tiny head too!! EVERY hat I try on is too big, but not this one. 

But the best part? It only cost me 9,95 euro! I got it at this accessories shop called I Am, one of those places I usually walk right past because I'm not a fan of small trinkets and junk, but I was drawn in because I had some time to waste before catching my train. And there it was: my perfect floppy hat! Love at first sight. I'm 100% sure this hat will be a summer favorite. To top it all off, the sun even came out for a bit that afternoon, so I got a chance to wear it for my pics right away. Enjoy!

I've had this dress for years and years, I think I bought it in 2005 at a sale. I even remember what I wore that day, I went shopping with my mom and my sis and my sis bought this gorgeous brown-purple printed strapless dress and I got this one. We all fell in love with the sixties sailoresque vibe so I just had to get it. And I'm still in love with it today.

dress: mexx
flats: River Island
hat: I am (at least that's what I think the store was called? :-D)
ring: Alex Monroe

For the close observant: an appearance of two of my cats! I'm a little bit in love with the black one. He's sleeping next to me as we speak.

Wish me luck with my last exam tomorrow! I'm not too confident about it, but we'll see. At least the exams will be over tomorrow. FINALLY!

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