Become a Puma Social Hero! Sponsored Post

 Remember my post on the Puma After Hours Athlete event? Well, here's  a follow up for you couchpotato athletes who were even too lazy to show up for the event (yeah, guilty as charged): Puma is holding a facebook contest! Are you stellar at ping pong, foosball, darts or another pubsport? PROVE it to us: shoot a little video with one of those expensive cellphones you probably have (mine only calls and texts :'(), upload it to their facebookpage and get your pubmates to vote for you!! Every social sport will have a top 5 to enter the semifinals, after which a jury will decide who will make it into the national Puma social sports team!! Every winner will get a Puma sponsored outfit, AND the opportunity to attend a Puma party anywhere in Europe with 4 friends! You know you want to try, guys. Nothing to lose, EVERYTHING to win! Be creative, but no nudity plz. Bed sports don't count, even if they're pretty social.

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