Whenever I do my nails like this, I just can't stop looking at my hands, marvelling at the glittery splendor. I cannot stress enough how easy it is to create this look, and how perfect your nails will look with a minimum of effort. Seriously, try it out! I explained it here

I bought this skirt last week for 7 euros in the T2 monthly sales. The merchandise was marked down 30%, but next week their down to 2 and then 1 euro, so I can't wait to go check it out again. Nothing is quite as awesome as rifling through someone else's discarded treasures, picking up unique pieces and separating the dirt from the delicacies. This one stood out to me because of the silky fabric, vibrant colors and pleats. It reminded me of one of those elegant old lady scarves. The other pieces I picked up were an elegant black/white polkadotted dress and a summery full skirt with palmtrees and busstops on it. It sounds bonkers but it looks awesome. At least I think so! :-D

At first I was a bit apprehensive about styling this skirt, but I just went ahead and piled on another print and more red. I love how the colors in this skirt return in the sweater, lipstick and shoes. Sometimes it's hard to make a look really come together in a harmonious end result, but I feel like this one did.

skirt: T2 vintage
sweater: Pimkie
shoes: River Island
headband: don't remember
ring: Alex Monroe

PS: for those of you who are still sad about missing out on the Lanvinxh&m collection: I found a site selling cheap knockoffs that seem to look almost just as good!

Work is Out party

Hi lovers! Sorry for not posting yesterday night, but I was on a lovely night out with my girl Camille. We had lots of fun NOT studying, prepping, doing our make up, being harassed by my cats (the ginger one is in love with my friend), picking outfits, giggling and hanging out like totally cool rebel chicks drinking tea with honey. I settled on a feminine, retro look with my space nails(step by step explanation here), statement rings, leopard, tall heels, lace and winged eyeliner, while my friend went with a modern 70s elegance in her high waisted trousers and ruffled blouse. 
Just before we left I had one of my "OOH lets try something" moments and threw, pulled and folded my hair in a totally random and messy version of the french twist.  I have been drooling over french twists for as long as I can remember, but my hair has never been the right length: back when it was layerless and long, it was TOO long (waistlength), and when I cut it in layers, it just wouldn't stay up. When I went even shorter the french twist was totally out of the question, so this is really the first time in my life my hair is the right cut and length to go for it and I love it! I'm even wearing my hair up like this again today.

 GOSH she's such a babe.

We were invited by Emma Gelaude, fulltime babe, model and stylist, to join her at the Culture Club in Ghent where she held her Work is Out event and gave out styling advice after having her guests enjoy a SERIOUSLY yummy walking dinner! I chowed down on a lovely pasta with white wine and salmon sauce and vegetarian lasagne (my mouth is watering again, just typing this out!). There was also tiramisu, fresh bread and all kinds of other Italian inspired cuisine. LORD knows I would happily go to any event that offered me a yummy dinner, so I was delighted. Once again I ate everything before remembering to take pictures, sorry!

champagne and tiramisu!

we only had ONE alcoholic beverage, I promise!

Emma hard at work handing out styling advice

Us giving our footsies some well needed rest. Shoes KILL!

I had a lovely time destressing, thanks Emma for inviting us! Hope you are having a lovely friday night, and hope you enjoyed the Royal wedding ;-) Kate looked lovely if you ask me, I loved the McQueen goes Grace Kelly. Talk about a fairytale!

dress, shoes: Zara
bag, belt: Pimkie
coat: H&M
cross ring: ASOS
buttercup ring: Alex Monroe

Casual Parka

First and foremost: I will be doing a tutorial on my faux fringe one of these days, as some people have been asking about it :) I might even do a vlog ozkgzmeghzilzzomg! Expect lots of awkwardness and my deliciously sexy Dutch accent speaking English.

Second: I was riding the bus this morning to go to class, and it just dawned on me how incredibly happy I am at this point in life. The increased recognition I'm getting for my blog makes me feel so content. I'm getting to that point in life where I finally understand and feel that following a certain professional route, proving my worth in the work I put out (both in university and through my blog) and generally expressing myself, honing and using my skills WILL satisfy me and make me happy. Before, I never got that kind of satisfaction in the more professional parts of my life, leading me to conclude I just wasn't a very ambitious person. Maybe I am in fact ambitious. I'm proud of who I am and what I do. My mind has been bubbling with ideas, inspiration and dreams I wish to push into reality one day. And I feel like I will in fact get there someday. 

I might just be on the way to accomplishment.

Thirdly: I did not wear yesterday's bustiertop to class! :D I wore it to sit in our garden, soaking up the sun. I would wear it on a trip to the park or to the beach, and last year I wore it to go shopping once on a very hot day. But I would feel a bit bare if I wore it to class or to work. Not that I find it too slutty or that I would disapprove of it on another girl. It's just that I would constantly be fidgeting to see if my boobs were in the right place, and feel way too selfconscious. I'd wear it with a cardigan though!

Fourthly (does this even exist?): I just got my first "hate" comment today! I don't really know how to take it. I mean, the comment was fairly politely worded, but the things that were said were pretty mean. The commenter basically told me I fail at fashion and should find my own style instead of being a slave to fashion that succumbs to cheap knockoffs that look like crap. And also, according to her I look like a teenager that's still grasping for individuality. She did recommend me on my ballsiness, and the fact that I dare to experiment! And that I might become a stylish woman one day, even if I am not there yet. It didn't hurt me, but it did rattle me a bit. I have a hard time imagining other people's motives when they are very different from mine: maybe the girl in question just doesn't really know about netiquette and didn't intend it to come across as an insult. Or maybe she just thought I looked a damn fool. I can respect that, fashion is very subjective and my outfits can get pretty out there. But it seems weird to me that you would see yourself as an authority on style, entitled to tell other people what they should and should not wear? Eh, whatever floats her boat. 

blouse, parka: H&M
jeggings: Pimkie
bag: Zara
sandals: Sac d'Anvers
watch: ASOS
ring: Alex Monroe
nailpolish: Model's Own @ River Island

Everything I'm wearing is supercheap by the way. Except for my ring. I'm sorry, angry commenter, I'm not rich. Please forgive me!

EDIT: just got back after a night out with a friend, and it's wayyyy too late to do a post, so you'll have to wait a day longer, sorry! Also, I got another anon comment, this time about me dedicating half a post to the hater thingy and I don't know whether the commenter will read my reply, so I'm copy-pasting it here: 

@ anonymous: I did in fact think twice before writing a post about it. On one hand because I had posted about this before in a way that wouldn't be consistent with the way I was about to post about it now, and on the other hand because "internettrolls" only want you to pay attention to them, which makes it kinda dumb to give into it.

However, I chose to continue with my post because I am honest and real, and because priorities and attitudes may change when you ARE confronted by something. Before, I didn't really know what it was like to get one, which obviously influenced the way I thought about the issue.
Also, I do feel like the way I addressed it was different from the way I had seen it being addressed on other blogs. Not as "ooh I'm so sad and the commenter is evil". I actually really stand by the part where I say that maybe I misinterpreted her, or that maybe we just have different tastes, which is OK. I wasn't being sarcastic, I put things in perspective. I get where you're coming from, because I thought about it myself, but I do think you're sort of overreacting. I didn't dedicate half a post to it (it was CLEARLY slightly less than half a post :D), and I didn't do all the things I dislike in other bloggers that talk about the issue. So my opinion changed a bit, but not so much as to render me a total hypocrite, just a normal girl with a fickle mind :)

I did think it was about cheap fashion btw and it was the part about the cheapness of my clothes that annoyed me the most, so that's the part I focused on.

Barbie Girl

Really late with today's post, but I was being a good girl studying my ass off for the upcoming exams! Okey, I was also eating chips (wokkels <3) and watching tv, but STILL! It's the effort that counts, right? RIGHT?

Guys I am still in love with my faux bangs or faux fringe, as Wangari called them in the comments. Alliterations make everything better! The hair, the bustier top and the pastel shades totally make me feel like a retro barbie girl, and I'm totally loving it. Love is an understatement. A bit over the top maybe, but it makes me SO GIDDY! 
I spent my day catching up with my lovely lady lum.. uhm I mean friends, checking out boys that were strolling by and catching up on schoolwork in the library. A perfect first day of school after Easter break!

bustier top: H&M
skirt: T2 vintage
shoes: Sac d'Anvers
orange nailpolish: Catrice
blue nailpolish: Model's Own @ River Island
lipstick: Hema

Faux Bangs

Guys, I just found my new favorite hairstyle: faux bangs!! I had been experimenting with ponytails since my hair has been getting longer and since I'm a huge fan of everything Peggy Olson does/wears. I love the retro fifties cheerleading wholesome girl vibe a short ponytail gives off, but I didn't like it with all my hair pulled back so I suddenly had this flash of inspiration where I thought HEY I could do this and this and it would look like I have bangs! So I put that shiz together and BAM there you have it, my new hairstyle! I am in love, it makes me look so retro. Also, like Katy Perry. Bitch totally stole my look though, I had that hairstyle back when I was 17. Now I really want a big barreled curling iron to make my ponytail do that flippy thingy.


Back to school tomorrow, I actually kinda look forward to seeing my classmates again! Hope the weather stays nice, hanging out is just that much more fun when the sun is a-shining.

I wore this outfit to go to the easter fair just across our street. I hate the stupid rides because I even get hurt in the autoscooters, but I love the junkfood they sell there. Hamburgers with onions and ketchup, hotdogs and these:

Anyone have any idea what these are called in English? We dutchies always eat them on New Year's Eve or at fairs. I loooove em. Fatty, fried doughballs with sugar, OMnomnom.

dress: H&M
glasses: Claire's
clogs: New Look
ribbon as belt: came with a Mango dress
orange nailpolish: Catrice
blue nailpolish: Model's Own @ River Island