Sweater and Floral

Omg you guys, I saw an outfit a few weeks ago that I really loved. I remembered it as being a short, knit sweater layered over a poofy printed miniskirt, with some simple ballerina flats. I absolutely loved the combination and I wanted to try it for myself. I started with the sweater:  it couldn't be too wooly because it is spring right now, and I didn't want to sweat my ass off. I went for a happy color. I browsed my closet for a skirt and I ended up picking this one because I liked the print and the way the cool blue plays off the warm red. When I got down, my boyfriend told me I had to put my shoes on because we had to get to the bakery to get muffins and bread for our Sunday breakfast (yes, this is last sunday's outfit), so I just grabbed the first pair of shoes I saw. I liked the combination, so I kept them on for my outfit pictures.
This was our Sunday breakfast btw! <3

Now I'm posting this outfit, and I wanted to find the outfit that inspired me a few weeks ago to show you guys, and guess what it looked like.

Dude I totally subconsciously mimicked this outfit, I feel so unoriginal right now :(

But it still looks good.

sweater: Pimkie
skirt: H&M
flats: Kimchi & Blue

PS: Tomorrow is the River Island Student event! I'll see you guys there!

PPS: sorry I haven't been dropping by all of your blogs lately, I'm just incredibly busy :(

Brunette Blogging Interview + Flair

Awesome day, people! Remember I told you guys a while back that I got photographed by Flair, one of Belgium's most popular fashion/lifestyle magazines, for their streetstyle section? Well, the issue came out today and here I am!! EXCITING!

They even mentioned my site!! Awesomeness!
I quite like the picture, I look superhappy. Which I obviously was, since I was having my picture taken by Flair magazine! The text just says something like "my hobbies are fashion and I blog my outfits daily, and I got these shoes because they look good with or without tights". I sound a bit like a dork, but I guess I AM sort of a dork.

ALSO, my girl Kim from BrunetteBlogging interviewed me, and the result was posted on her blog today! Go check it out! I thought it was quite a fun interview, and I typed way too much so it will be a nice read if you have some spare time!

I love my outfit today, it reminds me of my alltime hero Erin from Calivintage. And this hat!! I always wanted a wide brimmed hat, but floppy hats are to floppy for me yo. They always fall down too far, blocking my view. Not hot. So this hat is perfect for me!

skirt: T2 vintage
shirt: Zara
wedges: Texto
belt: boyfriend's
watch: Urban Outfitters
nailpolish: H&M
ring: Alex Monroe
hat: H&M 

dude I am wearing  a lot of pieces


Guys, how beautiful is spring? I was inspired by the cherry blossoms of our neighbour when I put together this outfit. Awesome how the blouse and the dress match, and I never even wore them together even though I've had both pieces for like a year!

Stunning right? Every spring I yearn for pastels. I am absolutely sure that spring pastels are like fashion's way of easing into bright colors again after muted winter garments. I don't really have anything interesting to tell you guys, I'm just aimlessly browsing vintage on Etsy. I was just about to check out a GORGEOUS fifties dress but then the price just got upped? I understood because the garment is gorgeous, but still, such a bummer :(

blouse: Vero Moda
dress: H&M
flower wreath: Etsy (Little Honey Pies)
clogs: New Look
ring: Alex Monroe

edit: I contacted the seller of the garment (GORGEOUS right?) I wanted to buy and they lowered the price again: AWESOME! I must have great karma or something! :D Be sure to check out her shop, if the customer's service is this good I have to spread the word!


I've had an interaction on my Tumblr about the thinspo and selfharm pictures that have been flooding my feed. I have a habit of following back everyone that follows me on Tumblr, so I ended up following girls that reblogged pictures like this one:

along with a comment like "I wish my legs looked like this". I cannot comprehend why no one replies to these kinds of posts, expressing how disturbing this is. So I did reply, and this is what I sent into the Tumbler universe:

"Why is tumblr filled with girls reblogging things like this? You DON’T want legs like these, because if you had legs like these it would probably hurt just to walk around. You need fat to protect your body. Just wearing shoes might PERMANENTLY damage your feet. Saying you want legs like these basically like saying you want cancer.
Insecurity won’t go away when you look like a walking corpse. Body diversity is beautiful, and you are more than your looks."

One of my followers, Charlotte, replied: 

"You are so amazing. Thank god for people like you saying things like this."

To which I replied:

":) I’m just trying to make a tiny difference. Don’t know if I will, but I can try. It breaks my heart to see girls reblogging this, or pictures of self harm. Why doesn’t anyone speak up or console these girls? I remember that age where, when someone tells you looks aren’t everything, you just think to yourself “yeah, that’s easy to say when you’re gorgeous yourself” or “yeah right, the ugly girl’s way to make herself feel better”. But it’s not like that at all.
Just look at yourself as your best friend: would you hate your best friend if she didn’t look like a barbiedoll, but rather just like a cool individual? Or your boyfriend: did you fall for his perfect abs or for his PERSONALITY?
You need to be your own best friend, love yourself for who you are, praise the things that make you unique rather than trying to fit a ridiculous mold. Why the hell would anyone deserve hate because they aren’t sickly skinny? Just as bad as racism, sexism or gay-hate. Just because your hate is geared at your own person doesn’t make it right.
I’m not saying that eating disorders are easy. I’m not saying you can just turn an affliction like that on or off just by reading some random girl’s thoughts. But I can only do what I can do, and that is voicing my acceptance of every individual, and my love for their unique shapes. And I hope these people get help."

I'm posting this on my blog because I want to reach all my readers. I accept you guys, every little wrinkle, fat roll, hair in unwanted places, lack of boobs: whatever.  These things do not matter, and they shouldn't control your life. YOU should be in control, and choose which things you allow to control you. I hope this helps someone. Or rather: I hope this helps someone help themselves.

dress: second hand
shoes: don't remember
sheer tights, coat: H&M
headband: don't remember

PS: I'm not 100% sure about this coat with this dress, but some girls suggested wearing leopard with bright colors when I posted my conundrum (somehow I find leopard very hard to style), so I just went ahead and tried it. I'll need to keep looking though :(


Time for my latest EIU editorial!

To some, life is about finding your one true love, be it a partner or a calling. For me, life is about finding myself. Fashion gets a bad rep for being superficial and ephemeral, but style has been my road to freedom and independency for as long as I can remember. Follow me through my formative fashion years as I find myself, one fabulous pair of shoes at a time.

The Early Years: Pretty Princess

I’m sure every person reading this remembers spending hours and hours playing dress up as a kid. Rummaging through old clothes belonging to your mom/grandmom, trying on heels way too big, messing about with old make up, taking in the smells and feels of what being a grown up must feel like. I loved the smell of my mom’s make up bag, the powdery sweetness and how it all alluded to the mystery that is femininity.

And of course, my mom didn’t mind my inclination for dressing up. There was nothing I loved more than having her dress me up in frilly dresses, braid my hair with ribbons and skipping about, tattling away in my own make believe world where I was either a princess, a gypsy, a cat, a ninja or all of the above. My parents let me wear whatever I wanted: I was a very free and creative kid. Proof: the veil I'm wearing with my ballerina dress is actually an old curtain. And I HAD to include the nose-picking picture.

Sadly, it is very hard to maintain that freedom throughout our formative years. Somehow, insecurity and puberty get in the way.

Teenage Wasteland: Awkward Individuality

Being a teenager is all about finding the delicate balance between fitting in and standing out: you don’t want to be bullied, but you are hankering for a sense of identity. Getting dressed is a never ending struggle between who you want to be and who you are expected to be: who you ARE seems to get lost somewhere in the process.
I started out dressing in jeans and band T’s, mixed with hand-me-down hoodies that belonged to my older brothers, like the House of Pain hoodie you see me wearing in the collage. But as I got older, I found my niche: punkrock. Plaid, lace up boots, red and black, distressed denim and safety pins were my code words. At one point I cut my hair short and dyed it bright red, and I wore safetypins through my ears. Sadly, being a teenager also means you don’t like having your picture taken, so it is very hard to find pictures to illustrate my style. 

Everyone should have a few years of reckless abandon, of doing stupid things just because you thought them up, of rebelling just for the sake of rebelling, of feeling incredibly cool and incredibly insecure at the same time. Puberty is a horrible, delightful stage in life, and our doubtful fashion choices and lanky bodies express the awkwardness of this fase.
Don’t even get me started on boy trouble.

And so sorry for flipping you guys the bird!

Matured Style: Return To Femininity

Part 1

Slowly I grew out of puberty and into myself. I didn’t feel the need to try so hard anymore and I went for simple, cute, basic outfits. I cut my hair short again as a way to shed my childhood years, but I allowed myself to let some sweetness enter my wardrobe: florals, pinks, dresses and ballet flats. This was the year I worked in retail to save up for university, so practicallity and comfort were key!

After about a year of mostly wearing typical jeans + cute top + sneakers, I went through a fase where I wore dresses almost exclusively. This is the point in time where I discovered styleblogs, and Chictopia in particular. I was bombarded with inspiration, and the distillation of my own style began. Finding my silhouette was the first step: trying to be comfortable with the shape of my body and how it looked in clothes. I hated my boyish figure in jeans, so dresses were my salvation: I stuck to the safest options, dresses with black tights and boots, not really styling anything but just choosing one piece to create a look. As I said, I kept it safe and easy. This wasn’t maturity of style just yet.

Part 2

I started finding my confidence: I ventured out of my safety zone, mixing prints, combining colors, choosing silhouettes that wouldn’t necessarily “make my best features stand out”. In short, I let go of all the ridiculous little rules and regulations you pick up when reading style magazines, and I started thinking for myself. Who cares if midi skirts should be paired with heels in order not to look like a midget: flats are cute! So what if orange and red clash: I love the vibrancy! Tan isn’t really suitable for a winter-type like me? Whatever, I love my tan trenchcoat. In short: I started having fun with style instead of being concerned with “looking good” or fashion fads.
Also, this collage makes me realize I basically have 2 poses. AWKWARD

Stylevolution: Finding Your Voice

This is what fashion is about. It is a bit like growing up: at first, during your fashion childhood, you are blissfully unaware of the rules that tell you what goes with what: you just wear whatever looks nice to you.

But once fashion puberty hits, you start overthinking it. Insecurity makes your fashion voice break, and you cling to whatever brings you a sense of certainty: silly rules in magazines, trend reports and whatever your style idol is wearing. You fit right into a clique, a fashion-subculture, and you look just like your style-peers.

Slowly, you enter fashion adulthood, as you find your own voice again. Your clothes tell a story, express who you are instead of who you wish you’d be, and you don’t frantically look for tips or confirmations that you’re “doing it right”. You just KNOW you are right, because you are the only one who could do YOU right.

Do you feel like you have found your voice in fashion, or are you still searching? Check out my Chictopia post here!
And let me know what you think :-)


I bought this cute little cardigan a while back, 50% off at H&M. You guys probably know I love a good cardigan, so a vibrant red, printed cardigan? Irresistible. Another very typically "me" outfit with the midi skirt, the navy-red combo and my heart shaped glasses to top it off, but what can I say: this is my style! I actually really like the fact that the older I get, the more I know what I love and what I want to look like. This probably means there will be less variation in what I wear, but that's reality for ya. Right now I am into classics, slightly retro ensembles, modesty and innocent elegance. And midi skirts. Doesn't sound boring to me.


Visually stunning, haunting score, psychologically involving. I liked this movie, and it mesmerized me: Daniel Day-Lewis is one of the most charismatic actors that ever lived. But I couldn't shake the feeling that this movie was trying very hard to be deep and meaningful, while the actual motives behind the actions of the characters seemed almost random. Still, a recommendation because of Day-Lewis' acting and the cinematography, but the story and the characters could've been better.

cardi: H&M
skirt: T2 vintage
clogs: New Look
glasses: Claire's
ring: Alex Monroe