Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

These past few months I have definitely been falling hard for colored tights. I hardly ever reach for plain black ones lately, I feel like black tights are the easy way out. Almost EVERY possible outfit is better if you try something more interesting in the tights division, you just have to get the hang of it really. Especially darker or more muted/neutral colors are easy to wear. These dark red ones are SUPER versatile, and I really love wearing warm tones in the wintertime. Something about having red-clad thighs makes your legs feel slightly less like they're freezing off. It's all in the mind. Another nice tip to tackle statement tights is to try and pair colors within the same color family. For example, my floral dress has a similar shade of dark red in it, so it really pulls the look together. And it looks less "HEY LOOK AT MY TIGHTS" than going the obvious route of pairing bright tights with lots of black. A lot more sophisticated too. Another idea is to combine different textures, which can provide a nice bit of contrast: tweeds with lace tights, or flowy chiffon with thick knit ones. Looks very interesting!
So to sum up:
  • dark/muted/neutral colors
  • combine colors instead of going for color with black
  • juxtaposing textures looks very chic

I was slightly overwhelmed (in a good way!) with all the attention my last post got! I don't think I ever had a blogpost with this much feedback. I'm SO glad when I get other people's opinions and when they make me feel like what I've said actually made sense, haha. I just wanted to clear some things up: I did not mean that you always have to be happy clappy online. Of course there is room for a bit of nagging and venting. But when you cross the line from either writing an entertaining post about minor annoyances or a touching, heartfelt post about things that matter, to writing a post about things that actually DON'T matter in a way that comes across as if you're feeling very sorry for yourself, I can't sympathize. Haha that last sentence is ridiculously muddled, isn't it? But you probably get the picture. Don't take yourself TOO seriously and try to keep some perspective. And OWN your frustrations: for a large part, you are the one that controls to what extent you allow things to frustrate you!

MOVIE RECOMMENDATION OF THE DAY: Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

I guess we can all agree I seem to have a very dude-tastic taste in film. That's what you get when you grow up with two older brothers. Anyway: Lock, Stock is a hell of a ride. Plottwists aplenty, lovely cockney accents (a major weakness of mine), more thrills than your average rollercoasterride and more than two smoking barrels of laughs. A total recommendation if you like a bit of action, or if you are a Tarantino fan.

tights, dress: Pimkie
necklace: Urban Outfitters
boots: Zara
cardi: H&M
belt: boyfriend's

PS: I'm watching a very old movie, The Giant Claw, about a bird from space that terrorizes earth or something. It looks RIDICULOUSLY AWESOME or AWESOMELY RIDICULOUS. Either way, I love it.

OMG I just googled it:


PPS:  The new Swedish Hasbeens stuff is really blowing my mind. I want it all!
I really love the slight granny vibe they give off.


  1. I've never seen that movie, I'll have to check it out. Loving the red tights! I wore some brown patterned tights today but it turned out to be the wrong outfit choice because nature dumped another snowstorm on us...Cute florals in the dress too! And I'm totally in love with the hair :)

  2. Dude-tastic taste in films is the best. I've never been much of a chick flick kind of girl, but the past couple of years I've been with my boyfriend I'm officially much more male and snobby in my film choices. We only disagree on one, The Fall (by Tarsim, I think). I can't gush about it enough, but for some reason he hates it. I would recommend it to you, or anyone really, since everyone else I've shown it to has been as enamored as I was.

    BTW, I totes copied a recent outfit of yours today. If you take a look, let me know what you think!


  3. I want a pair of red clogs SOOO badly. Never gonna happen (too expensive), but it's fun to daydream about them.

    I feel the same way about colorful tights, although I still opt for black when I'm already wearing something loud or need to look extra classy. I really want some burgundy tights... It's just hard to bring myself to buy MORE colored tights when they're already totally taking over my sock drawer!

    I'm pretty sure I've already said this, but I love the brown-based outfits you've been wearing lately! It suits you very nicely.


  4. Oh my god LSandtwo smoking barrels are just awesome.. I watched it and didn't like it first but then it gradually grew into me... love your dress so much!!

  5. I love how you combined it :)


  6. Adorable outfit. I love the red tights paired with that dress, and the booties + belt are fab! I am with you ...I am loving this whole coloured tights trend; will be wearing some in my next two posts.

    Thank you for the outfit inspiration; really enjoying your blog! xx veronika

  7. nice outfit! :D


  8. LOVE the outfit! I want to steal that dress, haha :D I need to be braver with tights...the only "crazy" colors I have are navy blue and burgundy...haha...

  9. love this look dear! i love how you wore red tights with brown shoes...its just genius!!! you rock!

    Only the Marvelous

  10. three things:

    1.i just watched kill bill the other day and quentin is really a genius.

    2.i notice your penchants for colored tights, makes me wanna buy some for myself.

    3.regarding the blog feedback and what not. to each his own and you actually make sense all the time. love that you make me think when i drop by your blog. :)

  11. fantastic post! i love the red tights on you as well

  12. Also a good recommendation if you're a Jason Statham fan ;)

  13. I seriously can't get enough of this outfit! The floral dress is gorgeous with those bright tights and that cardigan. now I NEED some tights like that! I want to see that movie now too

  14. i LOVE your outfit!
    its so you, and your shoes are amazing!!


    wolves and sparklers

  15. I love that you are wearing red tights, last night I was thinking about how i really want a pair of red or any vibrant hued tights. Read my mind! love them with the dress
    Scrapbook de la Emma

  16. I love your red tights, I wish I could pull off something like that!

  17. pretty pretty floral dress...cannot stop being obsessed by them. Loving you new hair so much too! About Lock and Stock, I preferred Snatch, still trying to understand Brad Pitt's accent every time!

    Still in London so cannot visit you site as often, but Im loving it here, today I'm off to Brighton, love from the English coast! xxx

  18. this is very pretty! i love the subtle colour of the cardi and the bright tights, it's a really pretty look for these cold days! Your hair is cute too! I have no idea what to do with mine!! Haa love it xx

  19. I love Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels! At first, when my friend wanted me to see it a couple of years ago I was like, meeeeeh I don't want to see this, but then it suddenly went awesomycool.
    Also, nice outfit

  20. Haha that Claw film looks both immense...i must watch. Lock, Stock is one of my all time faves. Have you seen Snatch too? Bradley Pitts doing a seriously dodgy Irish accent is legendary.

    Agree wholeheartedly with your last post. I think 'owning your frustrations' and being in control of what bothers you is the key to rising above the petty bitchiness that seems to occur in both the blogging and 'real' world. It's refreshing to see such positive attitude towards it all.
    :) x

  21. AAACK! I love your shoes! So cool!

  22. Wow, you totally pull off the red tights here! Lovely lovely outfit dear, the dress and cardi and shoes look very cute!
    Haha this old movie looks hilarious, I love these old effects and how these movies did well without computer animations :)

  23. wow i love the way you have styled the outfit

  24. saw this post on another site and thought of you



  25. Laura: thanks so much for thinking of me! :D

  26. Gorgeous outfit dear!

    Thanks for your sweet comment! Your blog is amazing! Following! Follow back? <3

  27. Seeing your looks makes me want to branch out in color!!! I have to confess, I do wear my black tights alot! Because they are so easy! But, you look Great! The red tights totally compliment your hair:)

  28. I am in love with your whole outfit, I love coloured tights, I don't wear them enough. i definitely need me some red ones, plus I have been coveting boots in that colour and a funky long necklace! happy wednesday ;)

  29. omg the hair!! I FORGOT about the hair :D looks totally awesome!! I love it :)

    I love your dress, the color of the tights and everything you are wearing here!! You look AMAZING!!

  30. Een van mijn favoriete outfits van je meid, echtwaar! xx

  31. fantastic movie- one of my favorites

    even better look!

  32. great tip on the tights! i have a friend who is always wearing super bright tights with very elegant clothes and she always looks amazing :) you pull it off very well too!
    i am going to try and combine a light airy dress with knitted grey tights... !
    lock stock and two smoking barrels used to be one of one favourite movies in my early teenage years :) (i sound so old! ha)
    and that bird looks really really creepy...