Chic and the city

I’m a smalltown girl. Probably not the best way to start my entry for this chic citygirl entry for Olsenboye, but I am. I’ve always lived in small towns. I love the peace and quiet, and being close to nature. I love having some space. Don’t get me wrong, I am not scared of the city at all: Belgium is a very small country where there is always a city nearby: Belgium is pretty much one big suburb. I’m just a half hour drive away from two big cities. I’m a child of two worlds, so to speak. Even more so if you consider my attitude: I have my feet in the mud of my farmer’s village, but my head in the clouds of international cities. That duality is expressed in my footwear: I’m wearing farm-appropriate clogs, but they are bright red and have impractical peeptoes. I’m just half a city girl.
I do not think like a smalltown girl. I love how there’s all kinds of things going on around you when you are in a city. I love the melting pot of people, cultures, styles and feelings one experiences in a city. If you have a big personality, you’ll need a big city to accomodate your needs. My outfit represents that interesting mix by layering prints. A checkered coat, a fairisle printed sweater, a plaid skirt and striped tights (not that you can tell here, the light is too bright with the snow and all).
Apart from all this intellectualized hoo-ha, my outfit is comfortable enough to wear on a daytrip to a city, stylish enough to blend in, and unique enough to stand out just a tiny bit. After all, being inspired by bustling citylife is fine and all, but the most inspiring thing about living in a city is that it allows people to develop their own personality and look because of that typical openminded urban diversity.
My clogged feet stand in Sweden, my hips are clad in London Punk, my top half is kept warm by a nordic knit and the look is pulled together by my swing style New York factory girl coat. I'm all over the place :)

I haven’t traveled much in my life, and just a few months ago I missed out on an amazing opportunity to visit NYC after winning a chictopia contest because my international passport had expired and I was notified too late to fix it before the event I was supposed to attend took place. I told myself that another day would come, with another contest, maybe even more amazing than that one I missed out on. I believe good things come to you if you are a positive person. And it did: Olsenboye’s city chic contest is even more amazing than the one I missed out on, so I’m hoping with all my heart that I’ll be able to broaden my perspective on the world with the help of Olsenboye.
So girls and boys, if you like my outfit, picture and what I’m saying: don’t forget to favorite my entry! If you can get me there, you can get me anywhere!

 sweater, coat: H&M
tights: pimkie
skirt: vintage
shoes: Lotta from Stockholm

DON'T FORGET TO FAVE IF YOU LOVE MY LOOK! And if you really want to help me, visit my chictopia url because pageviews count too (I think): here!


  1. dear, i love your nail colour...
    looks great! =)

  2. Lovely tartan skirt.

  3. lovely blog (:

  4. Great look - that sucks about the trip to NYC!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  5. Sorry to hear about the NYC thing!

    Love your shoes!

  6. super cute photos! love your nails and ring

  7. adorable! love the pops of red & that sweater is so great!!

  8. oh my goodness that sucks about the trip!!i hope you win this one, the sweater is so cute!!

  9. je outfit maakt me blij ♥ Mooi dat rood & je aqua nagels!

  10. lovely writeup and classic annebeth :)

  11. Nice outfit and I like your smile on the third photo :)

    have a nice day!

  12. die trui heb ik ook! schattige sandaaltjes, maar krijg je geen natte voeten, haha?