I wanna know, have you ever seen the rain


dress: H&M
scarf: Pimkie
shoes, watch: Asos
sweater: Zara

New shoes say hey! These are incredibly comfortable and when you're wearing them, you can feel they're of superior quality: the weight of the shoe, the suppleness of the materials, just great I wanted to pair these with something black (because I love warm browns with black) and this sweater sort of felt natural too because it is the same color give or take as the shoes. Okey they are not the same color of all, but they at are related. Like cousins or something. I do have to get used to the lighter flat shoe thing which has bothered me since I was a teenager: do my feet look ridiculously big in these? I don't even know if I mind, it sort of has a great Pippi Longstockings quality too if your shoes seem slightly big. And Pippi rocks. Which reminds me, I did a facebook note on my favorite fictional characters (art, music, movies, television, books, plays, ...) and this is what I came up with:

1. Lolita (Nabokov)
2. Veronica Mars
3. Catwoman (Batman Returns)
4. Holden Caulfield (The Catcher in the Rye)
5. Alex De Large (A Clockwork Orange)
6. Lady Gaga
7. Indiana Jones
8. mother Joad (The Grapes of Wrath)
9. Patrick Bateman (American Psycho)
10. Peter Pan
11. Setsuko (Grave of the Fireflies)
12. Guts (Berserk)
13. Link (Zelda)
14. Kaoru Kamiya (Rurouni Kenshin)
15. Special Agent Cooper (Twin Peaks)
16. Howl (Howl's Moving Castle)
17. Pippi Langstrump
18. Kikujiro
19. The Dude (The Big Lebowski)
20. Jimmy (Quadrophenia)
21. Gaius Baltar (Battlestar Galactica)
22. Peggy Olson (Mad Men)
23. The Fool (Robin Hobb's The Realm of the Elderlings)
24. Dr. Statham (Green Wing)

25. Chewbacca

I couldn't limit myself to 15, so I didn't. And Chewbacca was added for comic value of course, I love that furball but he isn't my most inspirational character. I prefer Han Solo and Leia <3 I tried to provide a mix of women and men from all sorts of genres, and it sort of bothered me that I KNEW that men probably weren't going to add any women to their lists. Unless she was ultra hot or something. Stupid MALE SEXIST PIGS
Lol. I'm telling you, my university is turning me all bra burning feminist. AND I LIKE IT

What would be some of your picks? Surprise me!

PS: also adding a pic of my new TORPATTOFELN aka clogs.
Adorable, right? Get them here (SALE section)!

PPS: sorry my hand looks so freaky in that second pic

Remember my name

Yesterday’s outfit. Sunday might just be my least inspired day of the week, fashion wise. Especially when it’s freezing cold outside and when your living room just won’t heat up properly. I just wanted to stay warm, so this outfit is entirely practical in nature: my superwarm knit leggings, my superwarm knit sweater, and a knit jacket + my vintage boots for extra layered warmth. And warm I was. Nothing special (again) today, but I the cold doesn’t inspire me as much as other people who look forward to layering each year. I just want to live the easy life, rolling out of bed, putting on a flimsy dress and dance barefoot the entire day. I CAN’T EVEN DANCE BAREFOOT IN MY LIVINGROOM SINCE IT’S SO EFFING COLD!!!
I mean, december hasn’t even started yet. This means we’re probably in for at least 4 months of hellacold weather. I cannot get behind that.
I ordered two pairs of boots from ASOS last week, and one pair of peeptoe clogs from sweden (awesomeness) and one pair of boots and one pair of peeptoe swedish hasbeens-esque clogs just arrived on my doorstep while I was typing this message! Of course I tried them on immediately. The clogs are a bit tight (as expected), but I know they’ll get less tight with wear since they’re real leather and all (anyone got any tips to get them to “widen” faster?) and the boots seem ever so slightly too big on me, but I intended that to happen since they’re winter boots and there’s nothing I hate as much as winter boots that are too tight when I put tights and warm socks on in them. Stops the blood circulation in your feet → cold feet.

So keep a watch out for my new shoes! I can only recommend the clogs (find them here, I bought the red peeptoes on sale!!) since they are SO much cheaper than the real deal (I’ll just have to keep dreaming of real swedish hasbeens) and they seem to be of perfectly nice quality. The boots were an ASOS purchase because they have that 20% off + free delivery thing going on now, so I can only recommend those too! You can find them here :)

Have a nice day :)
 sweater, leggings, ring: H&m
boots: vintage
bag: Zara

Walk this way

Another of my 2 euro vintage purchases: this skirt! I suddenly had a craving for retro schoolgirl-esque skirts, and I bought both a wide skirt for twirling around and an a-line skirt for days when I feel only slightly retro. This really is the winter of skirts, isn’t it? I’m way more into separates than into dresses. Separates just allow me so much more room for my own input and styling skills.
I’m not crazy happy about this outfit, but it’s okey. It’ll have to do. It’s way too cold out here to be crazy creative anyway. It’s freezing during the day right now, and I have a feeling we’re going to have an extremely cold winter. I’m not looking forward to that :( I WANT GLOBAL WARMING

Anyway, I’m going to have my sunday breakfast now. Bye!

 cardi: H&M
shirt: pimkie
tights: old
skirt: think twice vintage
clogs: new look
belt: boyfriend's

Daddy Cool

If I had anything from forever 21, I would have included it here and made this my “holiday sweater” entry for the chictopia contest. But I don’t, so I can’t. I’ll just participate in my mind :D I bought this sweater for 1 euro at my favorite secondhand store! I’ve told you guys before that I’m crazy about all kinds of cheesy holiday sweaters at the moment, so when I saw this one I grabbed it instantly. There was a weird stain on it that looked as if the fabric had been burned or something with an iron, but I chanced it and it turned out to be chocolate, so it came off nicely. I wore this for the first day of ultra cold weather (temperatures of 1°c during the daytime). The dress I’m wearing as a blouse is flannel so superwarm (especially buttoned all the way up, and so is this sweater, so I was good. I actually like the red peeking out from underneath my skirt. The skirt has these cute suspenders, but it was too cold to pose with my sweater off so you’ll just have to use your imagination on that one. This look felt sort of halfway between santa’s little helper and Alexa Chung. I’m really drawing my inspiration from weird places these days.

I’m still so utterly in love with my Lanvin dress. It’s hanging neatly in this fabric shell (you know, the ones that come with formal clothing like tuxedo’s etc, I don’t know the proper name) with a cute Lanvin sketch all over it in my bedroom hallway, and I stare at it lovingly every time I cross that hallway. I can actually look at it when I’m sitting on my toilet. Too much information? Haha
My boyfriend doesn’t hate it as much anymore, he liked the way I styled it. He’s still not sold on the piece of nude fabric, but that’s his problem :D

I’m going to take a shower. Life is good!

 sweater: think twice secondhand
blouse, skirt: pimkie
tights: H&m
boots: texto

Lanvin Love

He told me that what he thought didn’t matter at all if I was in love with this dress, and he dragged me to H&M and bought this for me. Because of all the hassle surrounding it, I wasn’t as happy with it as I could have been. Until I put it on at home before I went to bed. I literally skipped around in my bedroom for like 15 minutes, SO happy I got this dress! I am so grateful and so lucky. This is my very first “designer” piece, and even though I’m anything BUT a designerfetisjist, it still made me feel so special because the dress is special and unique and totally fairytale-like. I felt like Carrie in SATC. This is my most beautiful garment, and it is worth every penny. I’m in love.

I apologize in advance for the buttload of pictures I'm going to post now. But you know you want me to.

kissy for my wonderful boyfriend

this is me being sickenlingly happy

dress: Lanvin (I'm just going to say LANVIN, not lanvin for H&m)
shoes: Zara
necklace, faux fur jacket (used to have a collar but I hated it so I cut it off): H&m
belt: pimkie

The Lanvin Struggle

I took my boyfriend to H&M yesterday to check out the dress because he hadn't even seen it yet, so I put it on and showed it to him. That sort of backfired, because he really didn't like the dress that much. Too poofy, too childish, the nude piece of fabric on top reminded him of granny underwear and the fraying at the hems just looked sloppy to him. I sort of agreed on all charges (I don't even LIKE the promdress silhouette or fraying), but the dress in its entirety still totally clicked in my head. It spoke to me. As a matter of fact, it SANG to me. However, I didn't feel comfortable getting a 200 euro dress I wouldn't be able to wear out that much if my boyfriend hated it, so I said I was going to think about it a bit more. After a few hours of doing homework in the library, I got in the car with my boyfriend and told him I had decided: I wanted the dress. By then, the stores were closed, so we planned on getting it the next day. But his opinion on the dress only deteriorated as the night went on. We even ended up getting into sort of a fight over it because I didn't want the dress if he hated it, and he felt bad because this way, in either of his options, it wouldn't be "right": if he got it for me I wouldn't be as happy with it because he hated it, and if he didn't get it he would've ruined it for me too. I'm always the levelheaded one in discussions, so I just told him we'd sleep on it and not get it if he still hated it in the morning.

This is what ended up happening.

I bought these for myself!

Years and years and years I've been trying on simple black pumps in the hope of finding the perfect black pump that would NOT have my heel slipping out  (I always have to buy heels with straps) or my toes die of a lack of bloodcirculation, and I slipped these on and they were PERFECT. The platform is high and they are nicely cushioned, so these are supercomfy.

and this...


sneak peek of me wearing it in the dressing room

I'll do a proper post tomorrow, I promise!

Did I do the right thing?

Oh, and here's the link to my new article on wintercoats!

Santa's Little Helper

I really wanted to wear my red tights with all white on top because I saw a girl on Lookbook do just that and it struck me as utterly beautiful.

This outfit is SO santa's little helper, no? The black boots, the red tights, the white with the snowflake print and the fur: christmassy! Are you getting into the holiday spirit yet?

My boyfriend sure is: yesterday after class I had the opportunity to check out LanvinxH&M at my nearest shop, and I had my hopes on trying on that one poofy red dress because it sings to me. I figured most of the stuff would still be there since Antwerp is a cool town with great taste, but the prices are too high to just be snapped up in a minute. And I was right: there was a lot left of everything, especially the grey and red poofy dress I wanted to try on, so I took it with me into the dressing rooms. When I saw the pictures online, I wasn't too keen on the frayed detailing of the dresses but let me tell ya: the fabric (heavy silk etc) totally makes up for it, the dresses feel just as expensive as they are. The nude piece of fabric that covers the cleavage when you're wearing the red dress is ultra soft, and the red is just as poofy and vibrant as it looks on the models. So I slipped it on and spent like 15 minutes ooh-ing and ah-ing at my reflection in the mirror. It's just a gorgeous princess/carrie from satc type of garment, but 200 euro is quite a lot for me to pay on something I won't be able to wear all that often, so I had already convinced myself not to get it. You probably expect me to tell you I ended up buying it anyway, but I didn't!

But then I got in the car with my boyfriend after class, and I started telling him how GORGEOUS that dress was and how it was out of my price range, and he asked me how much it was and then he said "and what if I bought it for you?". SAY WHUT

He got a bonus at work and he wants to buy me something. Now, 200 euro is still a lot of money, even when it's a gift, and I'm Dutch (common stereotype about Dutch people is that they don't like spending a lot of money), so even if that dress is calling my name I'm still thinking "what could I spend that 200 euro on that is a bit more practical than this dress?". I could get a pair of fabulous winter boots, or a gorgeous coat. But somehow I feel like those necessities are things I might buy for myself, while this dress really is the type of thing you should get from a loved one. What do you guys think? Should I go and get it after my class ends?

sweater, tights: pimkie
dress: zara
boots: texto
ring: alex monroe
collar: h&m

Leopard Mountain Peasant Song

A very simple outfit today, but somehow I feel like leopard printed coats never really look as good with elaborate ensembles as they do with a very simple backdrop of clothes. It makes me frustrated that I can’t get my head around wearing leopard in a more interesting way though, I always seem to reach for black, white or navy if I want to wear my leopard coat. Do you guys have any tips? I just love to look really elegant with my coat. I love printmixes and lots of color, but it doesn’t work as well with leopard, or that’s how I feel about it. Sigh.
But I suddenly thought this shape of coat would look really cool with my bell bottom high waisted sailor trousers (sailor because of the button fastening on the sides), and I just went with the flow and ended up with this look I’m sort of happy with. I think it’s ultra chic for my day to day life, but not chic enough for my blogging life. Or am I just being silly? This coat actually has a nice story: I had been eyeing it in the first week of last year's winter sales, but it was still 60 euro and I deemed that too much for a coat that doesn't go with everything and left it, hoping to find it marked down a bit more one of the next weeks. But then I kept thinking about how GORGEOUS it was and I went back as soon as possible, finding the store remarkably LACKING ANY coat of this sort. It was gone. I mobilized all the people I knew who lived near a Zara store and asked them to go check it out for me, but it was gone everywhere. I even went with my boyfriend to some stupid meeting he had to go to in some far away town to check the Zara over there, but NOTHING. I was really really sad and my boyfriend told me "well, that'll teach you to leave clothes you love behind" (and he's surprised I have too many shoes). But yet here it is, on me, being all kinds of faux furry and warm and cozy and leopardy. How did I get it? First I searched ebay, and I found it. But for a higher price (100 euro give or take). I felt so stupid, but almost bought it because I had been obsessing about it for weeks by this point. But my sensible side got the best of me again, and I left it. And then, some time later, I had actually forgotten about the coat. And I wandered into Zara because my class had ended early and my train wasn't due yet. And THERE

I think I literally heard the choirs from the heavens when I saw like 5 of these back in my Zara (isn't it funny how we call stores ours?). I saw some old ladies moving towards it, so I used my young legs to be faster and grabbed the medium and the small, finally settling on the medium because fur, faux or not, needs to sit a little oversized in my opinion. Best part? It was marked down to 30 euro. Good things come for girls who wait. And there you have it. I'll never let this coat go.

I’m so so so happy I bought these clogs btw. I never would’ve thought they’d look good with so many outfits. I love how they instantly lend some quirky “I don’t care” seventies quality to any look, so they were perfect for this outfit too. And they were pretty warm on my toes, being real leather and all!

I’m getting into the christmas spirit by listening to the Fleet Foxes. I’ll link you up 

lovely, right?
Do you guys have some holiday favorites? I love cheesy stuff too btw. 

Today’s Lanvin for H&m day, right? I’m going to class this afternoon, and I’ll be dropping by H&m in a jiffy too to see if there’s anything left to fondle. I’d just really love to try on that red poofy dress once in my life :(

Okay, that’s it! Enjoy your day, hope it isn’t as rainy as mine!
 coat: Zara
top: H&M
trousers: COS
clogs: New Look