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Alexa Chung for Madewell

(the lips)
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maybe I'll rediscover all black this fall?

What's New Pussycat

I was wearing my catprint dress with my birdpin because I thought it would be a cute juxtaposition, and then my kitten started being all cuddly and cute and it wouldn’t leave me alone so he ended up in virtually every shot I took, which worked quite well with my cat print dress! So no, I did not plan this but it ended up working nicely.

My bag is absolutely AMAZING, don’t you agree? I told you guys I had been fawning over it over at the Zara online shop for weeks, but it didn’t show up in our Zara, and then suddenly, tuesday, there it was! It really is the perfect bag. I love how it’s brown and black so it goes with both, and it looks so classy and expensive and girly and perfect. I placed it on our dining table and kept glancing over and felt butterflies in my stomach every time I layed eyes on my pretty bag.
I’m also totally enamored by my greasy messy hair. It almost looks like Alexa’s, don’t you agree? Key to perfect Alexa Chung hair: don’t wash it too often.
 dress: H&M
cardi, bag: Zara
birdpin: Asos
shoes: New Look

This is one of my favorite looks I’ve done lately, I just love everything about it: the socks, the shoes, the bag, the cardi, the dress, the cardi, the birdpin, my make up (cat eye, very appropriate): love it all. And yes, I’m wearing nude sheer stockings, it’s just too cold for bare legs but I wanted the bare leg effect with socks. These H&M stockings almost have the same coloring as my own proper legs so they are perfect.

I ended up finishing a project I’d been laying off for months yesterday. I bought an oversized lace top in the sales at H&M (this one ) and I wanted it to be a lot smaller and more cropped but somehow I couldn’t bring myself to actually cutting into the fabric, which is VERY unlike my impulsive self. But yesterday I altered it while watching Fresh Prince of Bel Air reruns, and I love it a lot more now. I’ll be wearing it soon!
I’ve also been mailing with this gorgeous creative girl at Etsy to get myself a perfect flower crown, check out her cute little shop, littlehoneypies – everything she makes is just so pretty and perfect and very moderately priced to boot!
 want!! If you're looking for the perfect floral crown (she also makes other cute hair accessories btw!) for a good price and some great customer's service, check her out! She even helps you with custom items so I couldn't imagine anyone being dissatisfied with what she does!

Did you read my OMG NEW LOOK IS HAVING A MAJOR SALE thingy yesterday? I immediately pounced on that shiz and ORDERED MY VELVET MAXI SKIRT. Can't wait for it to be delivered!

I'm Hungry. Peace out.

Bad luck wind been blowing on my back

Layering to brave the autumn cold. I’m glad I’ve really been into flat shoes lately, this way I don’t feel like I’m compromising my own style for practical purposes when I get dressed for school in the morning. Ha, see what I did there? I made shoes seem like a really big deal. I’m so silly. Whenever the weather gets all dreary on me, bright or printed accessories help me recover my happiness. This warm yellow scarf always does the trick, and is surprisingly versatile.
 dress: H&M
coat, scarf, boots: Pimkie
cardigan: Zara

I’m wearing my combats again. I love them so much, so expect to see me wear them a LOT.

Our orange cat has this really gorgeous tail coated with thick, fluffy fur. Or to be more precise, he USED to have this really gorgeous tail coated with thick, fluffy fur. Wanna know what happened? Silly cat got himself into quite a pickle yesterday. A very smelly pickle. Actually, it wasn’t really a pickle, it probably was manure. Yep, I came home after class and some horrible stench hit my nostrils when I entered the living room. At first, I blamed it on our black kitten because he’s always a little smelly cat, but then our orange cat came near me and it was pretty clear he was the source of the airborne evil. Clumps of brown, stinky, manure like material were caught in his fur, especially his really gorgeous tail coated with thick, fluffy fur. I knew there wasn’t a chance in hell he’d be able to get that off himself, and giving him a bath wasn’t an option either. So I grabbed the kitchen scissors and cut off a lot of hair from the tip of his tail.
Technically, he still has half a really gorgeous tail coated with thick, fluffy fur left.

EDIT: NEW LOOK IS HAVING A MID SEASON SALE!!!! check out their website people, a LOT of stuff is for sale and the prices are reduced severely! :D

Waterloo Sunset

First classes are done! I can’t wait to really start studying, weird right? I guess I’m just one of those geeks who actually LIKE learning new stuff. I tell you, I can find the dullest material interesting if you just let me read myself into it. ANYTHING. My only dislike is courses that teach us about the institutions of the Belgian government. I really cannot motivate myself to learn about that bureaucratic bullshiz.

 jacket, t-shirt: H&M
skirt, hat, boots, belt: Pimkie

Like my outfit? I’m really feeling the nineties hit hard, can you tell? Band Tees (the Boss) go so well with any type of skirt really. And I love how these boots make my legs look long (along with the skirt) even though I’m not even wearing heels. I added the raspberry lipstick and golden yellow beanie for some color, and I’m wearing double denim again. I love how cool double denim makes me feel, all rockabilly and stuff. A very simple, comfortable going-to-classes outfit, but I love every piece I’m wearing.

I searched the shop for the perfect mid calf skirt again and I found NOTHING again, but I DID find the perfect little satchel I had been dreaming of! I’d seen my perfect bag (brown + black so it goes with both, and a real schoolbag shape because I just find that so cute) on the Zara site, here and they didn’t have it in the shop when I checked a few weeks ago, and now they did so it had to come home with me!

A good schoolbag makes going to class so much better, right?

Ain't talking 'bout dub


sweater: pimkie
tights, skirt, belt, boots: H&M

It’s hellacold out here. Normal temperatures for September are somewhere near 18-19-20° celsius, but right now my thermometer (the one on my laptop) is showing a mere 12° celsius. Sigh. Oh well, it just allows me to break out these heart dotted tights again. AND it makes me crave for more longer skirts. I still haven’t found what I’m looking for (not a U2 fan though), I only have that one bodycon dress I turned into a mid calf skirt but I need MORE

My classes start tomorrow, I intend to visit the shops after my first class ends to find what I need. New Look better have that velvet beauty I’m yearning for.

The boyfriend has recovered from the stolen bike incident, he’s happy again. I just healed his booboos with lots of loves. All men are basically kids, right?
Oh, and after watching the first Star Wars movie again, with Luke and Han and Leia and all, I realized that this movie is even more awesome than I remembered. Isn’t it great when your childhood favorites just stay awesome even if you watch them when you’re all growed up?

Strike a Pose

blouse: don't remember
pants, boots, ring: pimkie
scarf: collar I took off of some H&M cardigan
watch: asos

I find myself reaching for pants lately and it is freaking me out. I'm a dresses/skirts person! Seriously, even my boyfriend noticed and askes me about it since he'd just had a conversation with a colleague about the fact that I always wear dresses and skirts. I love how this outfit is sort of totally different than all the other stuff I wear, but it still feels really natural to me. I've become a fan of crop tops with high waisted stuff. Baring your midriff is totally out, but I love it! Almost rebellious.

The boyfriend's mood has improved, and I think we might go out to rent the old Star Wars movies since we haven't seen them in ages. I LOVE the old Star Wars series. One of our tv stations had Indiana Jones friday the past four weeks, broadcasting the entire series, and of course we watched. I LOVE Indiana Jones. Harrison Ford is such a sweetie. The third one is my fave, I don't really care so much for the fourth one and the second one is just misogynist with that horrible female lead.
I'm telling you, studying communication sciences at university has made me all feminist and shiz.

Get me to the farm

I wanted to wear this pretty grey-blueish dress but since it’s fall, temperatures aren’t exactly great for a cute little sundress with bare shoulders. So I put on a blouse underneath and sort of liked the result. Farm fo the win

But our weekend is ruined because my boyfriend’s bike was stolen and he’s in a really really really bad mood now (understatement) so I’m not really happy either. And it’s raining and there’s this stupid fair going on outside and now we’re stuck with really crappy old people music. So Ima leave you guys to go sulk.

 real shoes get muddy!

dress: pimkie
shirt: h&m
ring: Alex Monroe
shoes: sac d'anvers

A Friend With Weed Is Better

AAAAAAH see how lovely the weather is? Why couldn’t August and the start of September be this nice :( My school starts in a few days, stupid sun!
Now, for the outfit. I saw this picture somewhere on the internet months ago and I can’t remember where I found it, but I can remember that it immediately stood out to me.

The whole combination was fresh and original, but very simple and clean at the same time. I loved the proportions, the skort (haha) and the platform wedges and it dug itself a hole deep in the corners of my brain, waiting for a day with nice enough weather to emulate the look. So today’s the day, and here’s my very own version!

It looks better with the long hair and the wider cropped shirt, but this is like that picture mixed with a bit of Diane Kruger. She loves hats and tailored blouses, right? Anyway, I still love the outfit, even if the original is ten times better than mine. Hope you like it too!

For those of you who saw that my New Lengths article was removed from EIU after being approved, and then being re-approved: I made the silly mistake to spell lengths as lenghts in the title on the picture! I swear, everyone has a tiny dyslexic person inside that is fighting to come out.

Oh, and it’s been a while since I thanked everyone: commenters, new followers: love you all!!
 blouse, shorts, belt, hat: H&M
shoes: bershka