Preppy on the rocks

After trying on a gorgeous blazer at work I suddenly realized I sort of like the whole preppy blazer + pretty dress + flats look. It’s such a typical rich studentgirl look and me being somewhat bohemien/alternative and not rich at all, I never really felt like trying the look. But I’m an impulsive girl, and something clicked in my head et voila, I brushed the dust off some old blazer I had lying around and wore it with this schoolgirl slash retro tennis outfit dress I absolutely love but don’t wear often enough. To give it a bit of “me”, I put on my alltime favorite non-heeled shoes and my leopard scarf and I ended up with something the lovechild of a rich prepster turned groupie and a rockstar would wear.
 blazer: pimkie
dress: zara
scarf, socks: h&m
boots: texto
watch: asos

It sounds more over the top than it actually is: I really love these colors together and any outfit I pair with these perfect boots is a favorite in my mind. I love them this much because they aren’t as wide around the ankle as most “tough” ankle boots are, as the wider ones always make my legs look like short sticks. And I love the metal details. Not over the top, just perfect. I’ll cry when these boots get so beat up I can’t wear them anymore, that’s how much I love them.
My gold oversized watch seemed like the perfect accessory to the look, and the entire thing is another version of me trying to look richer than I actually am. Having that goal in the back of my mind is THE best way to get dressed and end up looking classy.
Ok, that’s it! Last day at work starts in a few hours and then I’m going to sort out my new year at campus! Thanks for all the sweet comments, darlings!


  1. This outfit is so cute! and you, too! :)

    following you :) follow me too?

    xx, Channie

  2. You look super cute! I love how you paired motorcycle boots with the look.

  3. Love the scarf! So much so that I've featured it in my latest blog post! Hope you don't mind .. but of course, I can edit if you'd like :)

  4. You look super cute! I love how you paired motorcycle boots with the look.